25 most brutal prisons in the world

While in some prisons, life is quite comfortable and many come with TVs, ping pong and other entertainment, as well as the generous portions of food, there are numerous prisons (primarily in developing countries), which is rightfully called «hell on earth». Of course, there are those who would say that prisoners should have thought twice before he went to the crime. But remember, most of the worst prisons in the world are not in democratic countries with fair courts, and prisons are not only murderers and rapists, but also political prisoners.

1. Prison Carandirú, Brazil

In 1992 at the Carandirú tragedy, the riots, who staged the prisoners over the fact that the guards called a mass shooting, thus glorifying the prison insanely high number of casualties: 1,300 deaths in 46 years. The prison was closed in 2002 due to the campaigns of Amnesty International as a result of gross violations of human rights.

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2. Military prison of Tadmor, Syria

Known as the most oppressive prison in the world. In June 1980, President Hafez al-Assad ordered the killings of all prisoners as retaliation for the attempt on his life, taken «the Muslim brotherhood». The massacre that lasted for 2 weeks, claimed the lives of about 800-2 400 residents of the prison. Also, this prison is famous for torturing prisoners.

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3. The Prison Is Bang Kwang, Thailand

This is the worst prison in all of Thailand, there is a lot of foreign prisoners and the inhabitants of death row. It is known that overcrowded, not manned and has deplorable living conditions. Many of the prisoners go crazy from the stress after the first month in detention.

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4. Prison ADX Florence Supermax, Colorado

This prison was built in response to the terrorist attacks committed against the guards and workers in other prisons in America. Since prisoners are isolated from the staff and can’t go anywhere, they suffer from psychological torture, leading some to commit suicide.

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5. El Rodeo, Venezuela

During the presidency of Hugo Chavez increased the level of crime, and the Venezuelan prison was full of prisoners 50 000 people, two thirds of which are still awaiting sentencing. June 12, 2011, the day visitors, El Rodeo there was a bloody massacre between rival gangs that led to the siege, which lasted for a whole month.

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6. La Sabaneta, Venezuela

In one of the most brutal correctional facilities in South America, violence is a daily occurrence. Besides that the prison is full of diseases, lack of nutrition and care, virtually no medical services, and employees are poorly paid, are also left to fend for themselves, and they can kill each other.

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7. The Prison Of Diyarbakir, Turkey

One of the most sadistic institutions in the world that has the largest number of human rights violations per prisoner. There are many facts of physical and mental torture, this prison has also gained notoriety for its unlivable conditions, sexual abuse of prisoners and even imprisonment of children for life. In protest, the prisoners were on hunger strike, committed suicide, and even set himself on fire.

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8. Central prison of Gitarama, Rwanda

This prison is the real hell on earth, all prisoners were doomed to eat, sleep, live, rot and die in very cramped conditions: four men per square yard (91 cm) in a brick box without a roof. Among dysentery and despair, prisoners stand close together in all weather conditions, choking on the smoke from fireplaces and suffering from gangrene. They even eat each other in a state of despair.

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9. Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA

«The rock» or «Devil’s Island» is a prison hell that was built in the 20-ies of the last century and was designed in such a way that escape was impossible. Because the people have lost contact with the outside world, they were left under the supervision of the arrogant guards, who were obliged to comply with the prisoners in complete silence: they were forbidden not only to talk to each other, but also to show emotions.

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10. Camp 22, North Korea

The infamous Hoeryong camp, which drew the attention of the international community in 2012 after his boss moved to the side of China. The camp was an isolated prison for political prisoners and operated since 1965. Three generations of dissident families have been imprisoned in this prison, to completely remove the ‘root’. In addition, the camp residents were subjected to extraordinary torture and experiments in which they were Guinea pigs in a laboratory for testing biological weapons such as anthrax; the testing of bombs etc.

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11. La Sante, Paris

Strangely enough, the name of La Santa means ‘health’, but prison is not a good place for mental and physical well being of the inmates as they are forced to live in sad conditions in overcrowded cells with rats and lice. Indeed a hellhole, but this understaffed prison, torture and violence can cause a person to lose the mind. Out of sheer desperation, 122 prisoners committed suicide in 2002 and 73 in 2003.

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12. Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia

With this approach, as in this prison, in Georgia can be one of the lowest crime rates in Europe — and it’s all due to epidemics of tuberculosis, wild treatment of prisoners and a strong sexual harassment in prison.

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13. Prison San Quentin, CA

The oldest prison in the state was opened in July 1852. In our time there is the largest death row for male prisoners in the United States. In the 30-ies of XX century, the prison was dominated by rampant corruption, inter-racial riots became a normal occurrence and were encouraged by the guards.

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14. Prison Rikers island, new York

One of the most notorious prisons of America, which is characterized by beatings, stabbings, and brutal treatment not only guards, but also prisoners with each other. A hotbed of violence and aggression, she got the attention of the media in 2007, when the 18-year-old prisoner was beaten until he lost consciousness other prisoners, teenagers, while the guards looked on. She is also known for its cruel treatment of mentally ill prisoners, who often resort to suicide.

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15. San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru

The most severe prison in South America, it was built with the expectation of 2,500 prisoners, but is currently within its old walls contains 7,000 people. In Lurigancho, the inmates can sell anything — from gadgets, DVDs, and other, including drugs. Cockfighting is common, as well as visiting prostitutes known as «nurses». Inmates are adrift, wandering around the facility, committing murder and other acts of violence.

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16. Prison island Nickle, White lake, Russia

This is the Russian version of Alcatraz, the prison isolated in the middle of White lake. It was built for the most dangerous prisoners. They are not afraid of violence by guards and by other prisoners because of their limited life is in the cells in complete isolation, without toilets and sinks. People become exhausted and go crazy.

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17. The Black beach prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Infamous human rights violations of the prison, whose name became synonymous with cruelty: inadequate nutrition, overcrowding and a large number of rats. Here, prisoners often die from chronic diseases. They are in constant fear of torture and prolonged beatings, which cause a number of deaths.

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18. Prison Nairobi, Kenya

Built in 1911 for 800 prisoners, combining the in 2003 to 3,000 people, this prison is one of the busiest in the world. In addition to overcrowding, there is a problem with hygiene, sanitation and General living conditions. In the air of prison cells always hangs a strong smell of sweat, human waste, dirt and debris.

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19. Butyrka prison, Moscow, Russia

The biggest Central prison known for its brutality. It held 20,000 inmates during the great purge and thousands of them were executed after investigations. Butyrka administration also resorted to violence every time the inmates tried to protest against something. In addition to the problem of overcrowding (100 inmates in cells designed for only 10 people), in this prison very hot in summer and also has problems with epidemics of dangerous diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis.

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20. Supermax, Kamiti, Nairobi, Kenya

Situated on a plot of 1200 acres, this prison became famous in connection with an indescribable squalor in which the prisoners live. Prison, where a large number of contain political prisoners, has earned a bad reputation for beating prisoners to death, malnutrition; cholera and plague in this prison is a normal phenomenon.

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21. Vladimir Central prison, Russia

Built in 1783, this prison was notorious for the concentration of political prisoners in the Soviet Union. Currently, crowded and disease-infested prison is famous for its sadistic abuse of the guards. Prisoners removed from their cells and beaten to such an extent that back they need to bring, and some sacrificed to death. In addition, the guards forced the prisoners to beat each other.

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22. Camp 1391, Northern Israel

Camp 1391 is designed for dangerous prisoners in Northern Israel, located about an hour’s drive from tel Aviv. The existence of this prison community was not known until 2003, and most information about it remains classified, though Israel’s Supreme court decided to provide some information about the prison.

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23. The Montelupich Prison, Poland

One of the worst Nazi camps in Poland, was used by the Gestapo throughout the Second world war to accommodate political prisoners, victims of the Gestapo, deserters, British and Soviet spies. From 1940 to 1944 through the prison walls were 50 000 prisoners, where medieval torture was used as the primary method of interrogation. After the Second world war, the camp became a Soviet prison where Polish soldiers have been killed and tortured by the NKVD.

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24. Correctional facility Attica, new York

Built in 1930, Supermax/Supermax contains the most dangerous criminals in the world. However, it became notorious in connection with the riots on 9 September 1971, when prisoners demanded better living conditions and political rights. The 2,200 inmates rebelled and seized the prison taking 33 staff members hostage. Within four days of negotiations resulted in the death of 39 people including 10 guards and civilian employees.

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25. Stanley Prison, Hong Kong

One of the six objects of strict regime in Hong Kong built in 1937, it was a popular place of execution before the Hong Kong government lifted capital punishment in 1990. In the period between 1946 and 1966 the years, about 122 criminals were executed on the gallows of the prison. She became part of the internment camp Stanley during the Japanese occupation as a place of torture and execution where 600 prisoners were killed. Refugees from China who tried to cross the border were also imprisoned in this prison, in connection with which its population grew to 3,000 prisoners.

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