24 simple advice that will change your body and your life

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2014_ADOzskmDVICiOKnow weight loss should not be complicated. You’re not a sixteen year old schoolgirl, under which periodically break the scales. You don’t fit a rigid diet, because you lose two days later and ordered a pizza and a liter of beer at home. We’ll give you some tips using which you will be able to seamlessly get rid of excess weight.

1. Drink water

This rule you need to remember before eating. It is best to drink water before and after 2 hours after a meal. Simple pure water you drink before food, prevents the increase in insulin levels.

2. Eat from small plates

This will often suggest losing weight ladies, and it really works. The diameter is perfect for you plates 20 cm. So you can consume less food than usual.

3. Do not hurry

Spend on eating at least 15 minutes. Slowly, chew your food, you can even enjoy the process. So you can trick your body and cause a feeling of fullness.

4. Don’t give in

It’s hard, but try not to succumb to his desires. Wanted pies – wait at least 20 minutes, maybe the desire will evaporate.

5. Love the stairs

Do you prefer to ride the Elevator than to walk a few floors by foot. It’s time to get rid of this habit. Climbing the stairs, you on average burn 10 calories per minute. If you always ignore the Elevator (except when you need to lift the piano on the 15th floor), about a year will lose a couple of kilograms.

6. Watch your emotions

Your emotional state depends on the amount of food consumed. So, if depressed, try to watch what you eat. Better yet, call a friend and take him for a walk or just pour someone’s soul.

7. Don’t forget about the dream

About the quality of sleep. You should sleep at least 7 hours a day. Tired you can skip a workout and become addicted to snacking.

8. Dress properly

Often try to resort to tight clothes, even the walls of his home. When wearing something baggy, you do not notice the shortcomings of his body. In turn, a tight shirt can force you to think about clumsiness and polnovatogo your figure.

9. Take away food

Ate? Great! Now get up and hide the food away. Her scent could trigger you in the next feeding period.

10. Find incentive

You will be more likely to lose weight if you find inspiration. Just imagine, she’ll jump you friend, when you see your uploaded and not covered with fat the body.

11. Get the benefits of TV

Watching TV is not always bad. Zomboyaschik can help you with the correction, if while watching your favorite shows you’ll perform the exercises. At least during the commercials, perform squats. You have enough to start and 20 minutes is about 10 rollers.

12. Eat

We often remind you about that important to your body’s food intake. Have Breakfast within one hour of waking – this will increase the metabolism.

13. Pack a lunch

Not otovarivatsya in the local supermarket near the office. Cheaper, tastier and healthier to take food from home. Your friend certainly has a lot of thermoses, ask her in the morning to pack a lunch. Grab at least buckwheat with chicken or something like that.

14. Eat after six

Or even, after nine. Most importantly, keep your distance: between the last meal and your morning awakening should not be less than 12 hours. If I Wake up at 7 in the morning, the last meal should be at 19:00.

15. Avoid salt

Your food should not be tasteless, but why overdo it with the salt? Salt causes bloating, which is not very good, as you know.

16. Do not confuse

You have heard more than once that we often confuse the feeling of thirst and hunger. It’s actually so, so before eating the raw sausage, listen to your body. Maybe you just need to drink some tea or water?

17. Choose juicy products

Melon, tomatoes, celery, peppers – all these products are very juicy, consequently they have a lot of liquid. With them, you can eat and relieve yourself from bloating.

18. Eat apples

They are delicious and love your body. They suppress you hunger with the help of an enzyme called pectin. Pectin, in turn, helps control blood sugar levels.

19. Eat sweet every day

Yes, we were not mistaken. But don’t get too excited. You can afford to eat a few pieces of bitter(!) chocolate a day. This will help to avoid eating a whole box of cookies before the end of the week. At least we would hope so.

20. Lay off the sugar

It’s like warm on her shoulder blonde bitch sooner or later you’ll realize that she’s doing something black. Try if possible to replace sugar with honey sweets with fruit.

21. Replace butter and mayonnaise

Often smear ketchup on your sandwich? Let’s come up with an alternative to mayonnaise? We can offer to use a cheese sauce, hummus or chopped avocado.

22. Keep the water

You should always be a bottle of clean drinking water. Preferably, if it is a glass bottle, if it is healthier to drink than plastic. Or rather, less harmful.

23. Get warmed up

Don’t sit all 8 hours devoted to work. Periodically get up from your Desk to walk or even poprisedat.

24. Food as a way of communication

Make a meal the whole event. Better to eat with your friends and family than with a soulless telly. When watching a movie or reading, you’re not watching the amount of food consumed with friends, it will be at least on the order of fun.

These are simple tips can easily remove a couple, and even more extra pounds with your fat ass. There is nothing complicated and all of these items can easily become your useful habits.

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