20 life hacks which will help to gain social status

Are you a nice suit, a fancy tie, you’re all so good and right, and that means it’s time to conquer career peaks and place in society. For this, alas, will have to be the more slippery type, and in addition, to learn the secrets of communication. However, you can do only by the secrets they can to please everyone else.

1 Each new meeting like old


Our brain is an incredibly complex instrument. Our relationship with him — the simultaneous love and hate. We think we can control it, but the reality is exactly the opposite, it dictates our actions.

Most often, we find it difficult to feel comfortable among strangers because our brain tries to limit us from unknown things. And suddenly the pensioner threat!?

But it is very frustrating when we are trying to be socially active and want to meet new people.

Therefore, before each such meeting tunes in to her as though you know the person for quite some time. This will significantly increase the likelihood that you will appeal to people and they will show you at least some interest. By the way, in dealing with the girls it works too.

2 Feet and rotate the torso speak volumes

There is no thing more ugly than when you are disturbed in the middle of a conversation. Don’t ever do that. It shows that you have zero knowledge of social dynamics, and can also lead to unpleasant situations.

When you get to talking to a group of people, pay attention to their bodies. If during the conversation they returned to you just the trunk and not legs, they are in the process of serious conversation.

If the return and torso, and legs, as they say you are welcome to our hut. This is very important, because the right timing in such situations may put you in an advantageous position. Especially if the conversation was boring for both sides.3 Not to convince others that they are wrong

We’ve all been in situations where out of nowhere, the conversation escalated into an argument. If you don’t like such dramatic consequences, it is suggested to avoid such situations. Let you pocket the most compelling arguments in the world, but usually people are irritated when someone tells them that they are wrong.

So, if you feel that a dispute with another person creates tension, it is better to give, still more benefit. What’s the source? Friend will agree, and calm down.

4 When you need a favor just ask


There is nothing better than to force another person to do something for us. Or because we are lazy or because we really need help to complete the job.

Social dynamics usually found that no one likes freeloaders. So when you need a favor, start your sentence with: «I need your help».

In most cases, people will accept and help. This is because we don’t like the feeling of guilt arising from a particularly conscientious citizens.

5 Rephrase what they just said We love to test other people. Most of our actions are the result of our audit.

So how do you make people love you? Give them what they asked for, of course.

A simple example is when you’re in a conversation with another person talk about some important things for them. After he finished, paraphrasing what he said, his words, and expressed its concern about this issue. This will force the interlocutor to think that you’re a good listener and is truly interested in your conversation. This behavior reflects the essence of the test.

6 Nod myself to listen to

As a rule, we expect a positive response. Whether it’s selling or trying to convince someone to agree with us, we always want to finish the job in our favor.

And actually, to make it much easier than it sounds, you just need to nod at a time as you present your message. People usually repeat the given movement mimicking, so they are likely to also nod during a conversation. This will allow to communicate to their brains that they agree with you.7 Want to draw attention to themselves — put your hands on your chest

Usually when we are in the middle of a conversation, especially if we are talking about something very important to us, we rarely pay attention to whether the interlocutor is listening, just pretend. There is nothing worse than the person who goes into prostration until you tell him something important.

Instead of wasting time on this bastard, do the following: put the hands on the chest, it’s strained it and come back to life, and therefore forced to listen to you.

8 Repeat the person’s name during conversation


Many have trouble remembering other people’s names. Many don’t even listen when people they are not issued.

But remembering names is very important (so as to apply to a person by name), you hate when I forget or confuse your name? So find a reason to make his name a few times right after it falls. For example:

«Hello, my name is Alex»

— «Nice to meet you, Alex, I’m in the cinema. So, Alex, you know Seeds?»

Keep repeating his name throughout the conversation.

9 Look in the eyes to tell you all

As the great Kama Bullet: «be strong, Be bold». So if you’re not satisfied with the answer, or did he seem a little too short — continue to stare in the eyes. This will create certain pressure on him, and he will be convinced that you are exactly the person that usually gets what he wants. Most importantly, keep eye contact.

10 People usually focus on emotion, not knowledge

This is very useful not only in public speeches, but in private conversations. Whenever you introduce new people, it is likely that they know that you’re going to say.

This is not a problem. Even if you want to talk about the most mundane topics, make sure your speech evokes emotions. The most effective is the excitement, laughter and intrigue. If you want to be memorable, focus on these three emotions.11 self-Confidence is more important than knowledge

Two young candidate going to apply for the same vacancy. The first of them has a doctorate, two master’s degrees and a badge for winning the drawing competition. The second has only a bachelor’s degree. The first candidate is shy, uptight, antsy, and the second has amazing posture, self-confidence, expressed great interest in his work, and even looking during the interview right in the eye.

Who do you think got the job?

12 Believe in your potential and dreams


No one becomes an expert in something overnight. However, when you’re still getting them, your brain starts to work differently. In simple words, you start to believe in what you believe in. Let’s say you’ve got it in your head that you are attractive — you’ll think is really attractive.

13 Less words «I think», «I believe» to be more convincing

It makes no sense to dwell on this point in more detail, suffice it to say that these words do not cause the person of trust.

14 Clean and organized working environment increases productivity

Look around you at your workplace. Is it okay? If not, take a few minutes to clean it and put everything in its place. You’ll feel updated and fresh, and along with the inspiration of arguing.

That’s why most large companies pays so much attention to creating the best working environment for its employees? They know that can stimulate and bring happiness to their subordinates.15 Laughter will help to figure out who and what this team

Pay attention to people who look at each other when the whole group laughs at the joke. People instinctively look at the person closest in this group.

16 Or excited to hit

Always keep that in mind. The excitement is contagious, people love gambling and excitement.

17 body Language helps to win the respect


If you want to win the respect of some big bumps, first pay attention to his body language and behaviour. If he is impetuous, and profusely gesticulating guy — then be that guy, don’t be shy. People are always drawn to those who like them.

18 In any provocative situation is the control of your emotions

Haters and trolls are everywhere. The more you feed them their behavior on the provocation, the stronger they become. Never lose temper and never argue with them. A dispute is a waste of energy.

19 Warm hands, posture and eye contact — the key to success

Keep a straight posture and walk like a leader, then others will respect you much more. Do not keep hands in pockets. If you do not know what to do with them, better make a chest.

Keep your hands warm. If during the handshake you warm hand, something to do with you becoming more generous and supportive. Obviously, to win the favor you will be much easier.

You’ve heard it a thousand times. Here 1001st – never lose eye contact! It’s like to lose confidence. 20 the Effect of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin once said: «the Man who did someone a favor, most likely, did it with the expectation to benefit from it in the future.» So, take your time to ask a favor, try to make you asked.

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