2-in-1: the perfectionist and procrastinator in one bottle

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2014_f2dPHhAErTQF0Lying on the couch and dream of greater things has become common as almost any young man. At the same time we want to change the world and have a little lie down. Unbelievable, but true. How to understand that you’re a lazy revolutionary?

1. It looks like almost all of your initiative:

«Oh, so this is the best idea that ever came into a man’s head!» — «I agree, this is harder than I thought.» — On this would have to work hard». — «Oh, bad idea, besides boring.» — *impasse — «It would be good to bring it down to at least learn something.» — «Well, I’m finished. Turned out badly, but not as bad as I thought.»

2. Now explain

So you stop trying, when you realize that the first time it may not go flawlessly. First you don’t succeed — you have lost interest in the case permanently.

3. Panic before the deadline

And so each time. When approaching a deadline, you find that nothing else did, and go crazy. Anyone has ever managed to do so many things in such a short time?

4. Do you know why you do not have time?

Because the residual one third of the time you spend on complaints about what kind of horror belongs to you and attempts to maximally delay the beginning of work. You don’t have time, but still don’t want to take up the case. No way.

5. Panic attack

All because you have to work, and you don’t want — and the unwillingness crush you into a pancake. You don’t want to work not because you’re lazy, but because to yourself beforehand: «I still can’t do is now and ever».

6. Introspection

Digging yourself, you understand that your desire for perfection is rooted incredibly deeply in love with you. And here begins: actually you just can’t do the job, you’re a bad person, helpless, powerless, completely devoid of ambition, and even worse. Perfectionism has come to grips with procrastination.

7. Understanding their own lack of organization

If you will bring the matter to the end, you’ll realize funny and yet sad thing. The job you spent twice as much time than necessary to any other person. Interestingly, it is the desire of perfection, or because you’re lazy? (Optional return to predydushie points).

8. To put our business your way

You put off one thing for another: he decided that the best rest is change of activity. And what is the result? The new task you’ve done as imperfect as the previous one. And what kind of person you are? Why do you have all from time to time not glued?

9. You have a lot of goals

And no desire to work until they achieve it. In the abstract you talk like it would be good to write a book, to open a gift shop to learn Chinese, but don’t start writing, don’t go for the courses and continue to work in the same place as before.

10. Fatherly speech about your potential

They hammer the last nail in the coffin of your self-worth, which the next minute will be buried deep under ground. «You have so much potential, and you’re not using it». «You bury your talents in the ground.» If only they knew you say that to yourself every day!

11. You did it excellent

In school you should study for straight a’s, but instead, you enthusiastically engaged in interesting subjects. On your favorite lessons you praised and were described as talented (perhaps because you tried very hard to seem so). Other classes have served you only to practice the skill to yawn with my mouth closed.

12. It’s hard to find a girl

There are many options, girlfriend pay attention to you and sometimes even themselves call somewhere to go, but something interferes. What? You find in any sweet and intelligent lady small flaw, which negates all its advantages. Noticing him, you can’t treat it with care and respect.

13. You have big plans

Oh yeah, you have a whole list of interesting activities that you will take… later. The list of exercises, projects from the category of «Do it yourself», a list of books that you should read, and movies to watch, abysmal plans. But it all takes a lot of time…

14. A unique way to tell about yourself

Disadvantages you could lay the poem. You talk about them with enthusiasm, and therefore, everyone expects you only the lowest results. In all. Serious cases you don’t charge.

15. Dream job

You offered it and you turned it down. Blame your irrational fear: what if I get fired because I can’t do this, suddenly I do not have qualification, if I’m disappointed?

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