16-year-old schoolgirl tried to commit suicide after the call of the devil

Students sometimes cause much blushing, dude, especially when they are doing nonsense. Sad but true.

In recent years, the number of suicides among students has increased markedly. Not so long ago, October 22, in the Krasnoyarsk region, the College student tried to commit suicide by falling out the window. Previously she was drunk on beer and wine, took out a notebook with occult writings (in their occult value of I strongly believe, man, students),laid out candles, knives and drawings from all sorts of different pentagramme. Also, before you attempt to settle scores with a life of the schoolgirl wrote his last words in the diary. The meaning of the last words of the little chernoknizhnyi not disclosed.

In fact, human rights activists are sounding the alarm: the number of suicides among students over the past year. Recently, 10 Oct hanged 15-year-old schoolboy, 15 October Vagayskaya district of the Tyumen region has committed suicide 15-the summer schoolgirl by hanging.

Pretty frustrating man.