16 of the most talked-about events of 2016

As the nobles in 1916 year, «That the 16th was not very good. I hope that the 17th will be easier.» Remembering the story, with horror, realize how they were wrong. However, we still have hope that everything will cost. So remember last year before he finally was fed up and with a sinking heart, let’s celebrate the new. Here are a few of the memorable events of the year.

1 premiere Thoughts

This year we had especially tight, but thank God that we have such a fun and wise Prime Minister. When there was no money, he gave us wise advice: stay and be in a good mood. When teachers complained about low salaries, the wisest have judged according to conscience: if you really want money, you have to go into business, and to teach the children is calling for it money do not take. And at the end of the year Dmitry Medvedev has decided that it is worthless in a harsh hour to slurp a bad «American» when you can drink exactly the same, but warming patriotism «Russian». So the morning of Jan raise a Cup of refreshing, Russian to to survive another year without money. For enterprising teachers, of course.

2 cinematic works

Year movie in Russia was marked by the release of the worst human acts which can be attributed to mortal sin. And write: «do Not make crappy animation, where the eyes flow». «Children against wizards» or «ROC vs Hogwarts» or «Orthodox vs Crowley» or «you will flow out of the eye from the crappy animation, and derive the brain from the idiotic stories» project that was done for many years, which threatened foreign distributors and disobedient children. But the distributors made sure that ass hedgehog will not be intimidated, but the children began to experience a variety of psychological illnesses, panic attacks, poor coordination, poor sleep and a complete disappointment in religion. However, thank God that movie came out so ridiculous — this once again underlines the absurdity of the idea to remove such a «hit». Well, if he was good — what good was that?

In other news, «movie»: it removed a lot of dross like «Super Beaver», a lot of good movies like «Rag» and is extremely doubtful, the laborious and long-awaited project about Panfilov. Too there are a lot of controversial, since individuals who the whole mess and ending with content. And why the national project, the money that was going on Kikstarter, shown in cinemas for money?

But we have made a good series called «Method». In the background came out in January for a new episode of «Sherlock», our creation looks brilliant.

But what pleased a great movie? For example, the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio, which in our country has almost believe his and affectionately called leney finally received the long-awaited and well-deserved Oscar for his best film. But in the absence of strong opponents and people’s wrath, the Academy could not do otherwise. Now «innocently deprived» is likely to be considered not less talented Tom hardy. However, it is believed that it so long to marinate, like Leon, don’t be.

However, we have strayed from the topic of «Oscar» and look at the modern film market. Earlier there were suspicions regarding the fact that he is terminally ill, but this year the disease was confirmed. Now, to drop quality cash film, not necessarily grieve on the script and concept, just remove the clichéd kinogeroyami slag, to make a great trailer to actively promote it wherever you need, and even arrive in distant Russia to some of Ivan — and voila, your movie category R, the order of disappointed fans got more money than a new episode of «Star wars». And it is desirable to get more stars, Pets of the target audience, as in «suicide Squad». Everything is decided by the box office, the name and trailer. This is enough to recoup the movie with Ben Affleck as Batman.3 Blocking a vicious

Someone said «Finally» someone: «Yes you ohreneli!», but the fact remains — the country was left without Linkedin. Supposedly the network collects and transmits information about citizens who are not users of damned bad to the CIA. So deal with it and don’t know how you’ll live.

And we will go and cry over the closure of Rutracker, YouPorn, PornHub. And it seems to be okay, and everything seems to be perfectly understood, that sooner or later it will happen, especially since porn sites and trackers as my hair is Perelman. But the fact that we’ve left out something, makes the heart vibrate in an alarming despair. That porn sites get blocked, clear — for posting pornographic content. But favorite «tracker» fell victim to the illegal distribution of books Darya Dontsova. Clearly, this was the only reason, but it is impossible not to recall the Golden words of the Golden Kami-Bullet with a gun: «Drop that shit until it dumped you».

4 Another day without a ban

Roskomnadzor, thank you for another day without the ban. Package of Spring, thank you for not adopted. Or rather, deferred. And we thought, wondered how they look idiotic laws that are contrary to the principles of a democratic society. And so it looks.

What kind of package? By law, all will be obliged to retain information about the transmission and processing of text messages, images, sound files and videos users. Intelligence agencies will be able to access this data, if it is necessary for investigation or national security. Simply put, all your personal data on the first request will be provided to the authorities, and then everything will be in the hands of the judicial system to accuse you of promoting terrorism or not. It is difficult to say why this law is needed primarily to control the population or to valid counter-terrorism. But until the time when the criminal liability comes from 14 years, and for the justification of terrorism and the failure to inform will be held criminally responsible, is long. Will this pandemonium, we get bored at the blissful days of «scoop.» If you are already planted for the wrong repost from three years ago. But in the meantime sleep well, dear friend, but the CPU in the LAN — forget it. Wean, citizen.

5 Culture is a palimpsest

This year Sergey Shnurov became convinced that the era of video has completely taken over the universe and culture. Smart Sergey understood that the prestige of the group, which floated above the clouds and Kirkorov, still need to improve. Some songs just will not work, you need something else, something unusual and hypovase… Just make the clip! Large clip — mockingly ironic, but very much life! If there is a good clip, and the song don’t need to bother! Most importantly, the chorus to think that bit into the memory. Something close to all… what is the problem with women? The dream of expensive belongings. What we have are expensive? Exactly, louboutins. About and sing.

So there was a clip that week was humming and all. The f word was replaced by a decent way, the song entered into rotation on radio, and the gorgeous cinematic clip, which was the reason for the great popularity of the songs got millions of views in just a few days. It was a new level no one has ever achieved such success.

However, then «Leningrad» with its helmsman, it would seem, decided to perform a year his entire plan on the clips. Next came no less iconic, and in some ways, and better song «In St. Petersburg to drink», which craves the attention of the unrecognized geniuses of the St. Petersburg rock-club terribly offended. They say, dishonors native of St. Petersburg «Peter’s creation», and the clip went. Tried to ban, but who the fuck needs? As the deputies who had tried to convict an acknowledged alcoholic, in the promotion of alcohol-based fuel, but it did not.

And it would seem that all is well, but went the clips, and songs were secondary. «Points Sobchak» and «the Monkey and the eagle» seemed trite and uninteresting. Like a clip of a nearly forgotten group Uma2rman, which had tried to go on the trail of the «Leningrad», but failed, too much secondary seemed to be their role model.

It would seem that «Leningrad» has managed to write a hit this year, but not so clear. For many youth, a major hit of the year after all become the sweet warbling of the Rostov rapper Peak: «Pacemaker» is the main hit of the summer, and most of all it is a summer hit becomes a hit. Highly intellectual elite, of which quite a bit is definitely a major song of the year thunder-hit the prophet the rank of Battle «Island». Isn’t the world heard anything more beautiful phrase «Obmaa-Ani-Ani-Ani-oneee»? The rest (60%) will give the palm to «Louboutins».

Speaking of rap. I hasten to congratulate you all: the so-called underground, it became a part of popular culture. At once with music for the poor, he became a «great music», all of a sudden began to find double and punchy gold gems of literature. What does it mean? This means that Tom daring turnips, which we loved, coming to an end, he will rosasolis in General thicker secondary and trivial. Oxy have Urgant is okay, but the Oxy in the Olympic — this is the way Basta, that is a complete rolling. We are waiting for the same thing and indie music, raged everywhere about 5 years ago. And all thanks to whom? Thanks to bloggers, of course. Exactly YouTube pulled underground from the lowlands and introduced to the public on a silver platter.

6 All through the Vine

Life should be lived so that you criticized Yury Loza. The author of the immortal smash hit about «Daddy’s «the Zhiguli»» the word beat simply everything, starting with the Rolling Stones and ending with the clip of «Man-shit», where she danced Vasily Utkin. However, it is believed that if you hooked the author of the smash hit on the small raft, then you’re doing the right thing. And his examples, which amounts to narcissism — a great self-promotion and advertising show Zahara prilepina. And Yuri sells a sofa.

7 the year of the underdog

According to the Eastern calendar it was the year of the monkey, and the sports calendar — the year of the mythical creatures from bookmakers called the underdog. Beggar «Rostov» first fought for the championship, and then actually without a coach, and ears in debt, broke into the Champions League to demonstrate there is a decent game and, for example, to defeat Bayern Munich. A little earlier modest «Leicester», driven by a coach with a reputation as the «eternal second» and the guy who some time ago played in the lower leagues, won the championship of England, where the competition is so high, that no «I Want to Meladze» will not be compared. Won not strained, and in the case, beautiful and inspired. And that raged this summer’s European Championship was won by the team that the whole tournament showed ugly game (well, except for the semi-finals). Remains to be glad for Cristiano Ronaldo, who with tears and craftsmanship have won this victory for his team. Long-awaited victory. And that, deserved or not, judge for yourself. Anyway, Iceland and Hungary showed a much more likable team than Portugal as a whole for the entire tournament.

That summer there was another feast of sporting spirit called the Olympic Games. The most ridiculous, uninteresting, disorganized and scandalous. Okay, our country, which as a result of a doping scandal have lost half the team, and not waited for the first place in the overall standings, so the world didn’t care about what happened in Rio. Speaking of doping. This year, he fully became an instrument of political struggle between the West and Russia. First fell to Sharapova, and then track and field team. However, some athletes allow themselves to arrogant statements like «Without me, the gold medal of silver,» for which he received from the government 4 million rubles compensation, because the evil guys are not allowed to make money on the Olympics.8 Tram-pam-pam

Say, the year of the underdog. The first Trump, he’s a Giant Douche version of South Park were nothing but a bored man who decided to play politics. But everything has gone so far that now they turn to him not only as Mr. President. No one ever really believed that the odious billionaire will be able to bypass the Shit Sandwich, she’s Hillary Clinton. Even the creators of «South Park», which happened in a panic to remake the series, timed for the elections. And all thanks to the ridiculous electoral system, which implies a is not the victory of the majority. When the American Constitution devised the electoral College which was to vote for candidates instead of the illiterate population. These States and influenced Donald. In America, the chaos, the hysteria in America, the results of the election wanted to see, but, much to his dismay, found voices that Trump will not count.

In this story the most fun is the reaction of some of our fellow citizens. It was nice to see at the helm of trump, and not oskotinilis Hillary. Just because Hilary is a cause of serious antipathy, wild dislike. But count on the fact that trump will make concessions and be more flexible, silly. About Obama just said, but how it turned out. The trump will protect the interests of the country, this is not an undercover agent. And he will be our friend or enemy — it depends on the position of Russia. This I say to you, dear Ernest Makarenko.

9 Pokemon-pokemoncate

In the summer they become so native that they are not even Word underlines in red. Every self-respecting smartphone owner have at least once tried to catch amazing creatures. Authorities sounded the alarm, began to talk about how it is dangerous from the point of view of his own life (because you can gamble and get hit by a car) and public security (because the damn app reads location information. Some went further and with the help of Japanese animals decided to arrange a provocation of the law on insulting the feelings of believers. That’s one greedy HYIP useless blogger first made a video about how he catches the pokémon in the temple, ostensibly checking whether because of their fishing in places of worship can get on the bench. It turned out, now he’s sitting in jail and awaiting trial. He was released under house arrest, but was bored by the big challenges Ruslan has violated the conditions and was forced to return to prison in the home.

10 Imperial war

First you tell us that Erdogan has your President stuck a knife in the back, and you intuitively begin to despise the villain, which even the former mayor of London wrote obscene verses. You’re beginning to stock up on biscuits and memoirs of General Skobelev, suddenly Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the best friend of the Russian people. A downed aircraft and abusive exchange of «pleasantries» is neznanke happened. Now, it turns out, all my Patriotic energy needs to be channeled to help the brotherly Syrian people. «What?» you can ask. And that’s all.

11 Immigrant question

In Europe a living hell, and a crowd of vicious immigrants is filled with historic towns, raping the local population and doing every immigrant lawlessness. What can I say: thousands of years ago, the German immigrants assimilated in the territories of the former Roman Empire. Spain, Italy, England, France bear the imprint of German. Impact on the gene pool and Huns with Slavs. And who not only affected. Now happens exactly the same intervention, just that the conquest is not enforced, but voluntary, and it lasts for quite some time. The issue with immigrants only worsened the process. Right before our eyes, Europe is irrevocably changing, religious and genetically. The Europe that we knew before, it soon will be. It’s not globalization, it is Islamization, and it is good for you or not, dear Ibrahim, it is not our business. Fear that we have no idea what impact this fresh for the future and the values that Europe is sold out for centuries.

12 the life of the network

Gratuti. My uvazhenie. Tell me, Mr. Dodez has blessed you with sufficient content of calcium in the body? If not, vzhuh — you calcium. The most important thing in our lives? To a lot of calcium was Alexey Panin behind. Although he now prefers dogs.

In General, the Internet this year, there were a lot of funny memes and events. For example, the anger of don Cossack and just a wonderful person Dmitry Dibrova. As they say, you want to cut swords in half — don’t tell Groves that the Soviet Union has made a man of him, otherwise you’re a miserable ass.

In another blogosphere and its leaders existed in the usual way: realizing that their work quickly becomes boring, they resorted to the old way to attract attention to the scandal. The whole year passed under the sign «hype and scandal.» Bloggers were arguing with bloggers, with known jury members show «Voice», with other well-known performers for sloppy phrase «shaggy schmuck». But the highlight was not even the arrest of autoblogger how to check engine temperature, which undertook to fight with those that followed the path Sokolovsky, a «versus» between bloggers Khovansky and Larin. Dramatic and vysokogorny. This attracted a wave of interest in the very concept of the battle rounds that some TS later regretted it. For example, Purulent, which threatened the Chechens for unflattering punchy against girls of Ichkeria.

But now, every blogger considers himself a rapper, and rappers have become bloggers. The same Khovanskii with Larin scored in the reading texts fine (although Havana turned out better), and major rappers and speakers like Big Russian Boss became bloggers. And perhaps it was the best thing that happened to the blogosphere this year.

13 Pskov schoolchildren

Very dramatic situation, which is not laughter, but rather sadness. Yes, stupid, but how beautiful is gone. Itself is a dramatic love story from the time of Bonnie and Clyde, Brezhnev and Honecker. The most insulting that all chose to blame the incident on a computer game, and not education. In principle, as in the case with the Pskov revaderchi.14 Solid tragedy

This year, as ever, there were a lot of tragedies, ranging from the shooting of a gay bar in Orlando and ending with all kinds of explosions and crashing into the crowd trucks. Only in some cases on TV was talking about the collapse of Western values that provoked the tragedy, and in others, the unfortunate victims of terror, from which to defend themselves. Again the plane fell, and the hopelessness of a sample of drinking counterfeit hawthorn led to a massive drop in the population. Nothing funny, the number of poisoned (and it is more than a hundred people, most of whom were poisoned lethal) says only how bad it is.

15 Science and technology

But our lives gradually enter sex work, which can solve some problems alone. In London, for example, opened a cafe with the works of meatcicle. Is this not a miracle?! However, thank God, is not the only scientific breakthroughs this year, not so bad. In the end, we got more technology ApplePay, which already has got a «Samsung». So, the days of the plastic card almost over. By the way, «Samsung», which literally said 2016 fireworks from your own equipment. Exploded not only smartphones, but also a washing machine. I hope that on 31 December they will celebrate some powerful explosion.

16 Fallen heroes

Died sweet vastavatele Christmas and beautiful love Kyriakos Georgios Panayiotou, known as George Michael; Princess Leia — in the world Carrie Fisher; great romantic cloudy days and the owner of the magical voice of Leonard Cohen; the great Greg lake — a man who showed that the bass guitar is 4 strings, and a complete tool. We already wrote about them, and unfortunately, managed to cover all. Eternal memory.

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