12 ways to get myself under control

Scientists say that people who can control themselves who do not act on the first impulse, much happier. In addition, it was found that self-control is associated with weight control, education, finances and relationships with people. Here’s 12 ways to get myself under control, and to control their actions and desires.

1. To control the level of sugar in the blood

Low blood sugar is directly linked to low self-control, in particular if it falls sharply or rises. The blood sugar level jumps, when food with a high glycemic index (e.g., sweets) is in your body because sugar is quickly absorbed into the blood and its content in it quickly rises. If there are fewer sweets, it stabilizes the blood sugar levels and teeth healthy.

2. Eliminate the temptation

Think about your weaknesses and don’t indulge them, be hard. Can not overcome their habit to drink wine and eat its cheese? Avoid areas of the supermarket where they are sold, or admit finally that you better not keep a house these products. When you eliminate temptations, you’re not going to succumb to them.

3. Plan in case of temptation

If you can’t avoid if prepared in advance, think any kind of plan. Go to the bar, bring a limited amount of money and leave the cards at home. This can be difficult because at such moments, like the feel of freedom. But if you distsipliniruesh yourself now, later you won’t have to regret.

4. Assistant

People who struggle with themselves, do so more successfully if they help their strong-willed comrades. Social interaction motivated by our desires and lead us in the way, when we lose control. If your friend is planning a budget, you begin to plan with her.

5. Encourage yourself

It is easier to sacrifice something now for some big rewards if we something for that reward. So set for yourself a system of rewards for what you have conquered your temptation. If you that week I went to the gym, relax, and let yourself what you wanted — go to a movie, for example.

6. And punish yourself.

For the development of self-control incentives must go hand-in-hand with a system of fines. The threat of punishment as well motivated as the prospect of reward, when we move to the goal. Method of carrot and stick, you know. For example, if you were slow on the workouts, give up going to the club, which is scheduled for the end of the week.

7. Focus not only on goals but on means

Developed self-control involves more abstract than concrete thinking. Focus on the full picture by painting in front of you your goal. Why are you doing this? Not only what you do and how. When you have a complete understanding of your goals, you are much easier to bring them to life.

8. Stay positive

Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. An optimistic look at their own capabilities and ability to resist temptation will give you strength. If you think you can easily do without a pizza with salami, just think that it’s really not worth the effort: just don’t take her in the supermarket, and all. And you will succeed!

9. Avoid stress factors

This is no surprise: stress makes it difficult to control himself. For example, if the Bedlam, you are experiencing psychological hunger and stress-eating. Try to avoid sources of stress, find time to have another think about my goals, clear my brain and get my thoughts in order.

10. Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is associated with self-control. You know when sleep-deprived, you all wrong, all annoying, it’s infuriating, about all forget. But in sleep the cells regenerate, stabiliziruemost the level of sugar in the blood, as you gather strength for a future day.

11. Inspirational

Find what inspires you for new achievements. From which you get the greatest pleasure? Love Jogging? To play the guitar? Hiking? Every day take time to do the things that will breathe in you positive emotions, because they will lead you to your goals and reduce stress.

12. Practice

Remember, we all have weekends and sometimes off course. Sometimes you can give up the slack. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Then you will return to your exercise program to your diet to your courses tomorrow. Self-control is something that is acquired with practice. The more bad habits you quit, the easier for you to control yourself. When you start to move towards the goal: close or far, you will understand that the satisfaction of success is much nicer than submission to temptations.