12 ways to end a crappy day

In the good old days of Led Zeppelin sang about what is «good times and bad». Just never know what awaits you in the morning, or you Wake up cheerful, rosy-cheeked and happy and ready for new discoveries, or sleepy, evil as the Antichrist, and gaunt as a bitch. And maybe coming to the work of your wonderful mood and vivacity of spirit will rapidly wash away the cold shower of the claims of the authorities. And instead of the planned «go home early» waiting for you «to stay late to redo it». Shitty mood, with the sky pouring rain, and an umbrella you are, as always, did not take, because in the morning the sun was shining. Wet, angry, resentful, received a reprimand for being late, you can’t think about work – much more important than the friend, stunned by the news of her pregnancy (guess who will be Pope?), and right testicle, which gets worse and worse. The doctor, as usual, no time and desire too; probably some small change, even though it had ballooned to the size of ping-pong. Perhaps you can do with plantain and conspiracy. And the doctor immediately prescribed an operation and a bunch of expensive drugs.

And what to do in such moments? To go into a loop – you have nothing to save. For everything else there’s our tips on how to do better with a bad day.

1. Analyze

Sit down. Relax. Just don’t do anything. Dedicate 5 minutes of each other, bring thoughts in order and think about how you can change the situation. May resign? Take a day off? No, a parasite, in the wrong direction thoughts went. Think about how to resolve everything. Calmly and without nerves. If the place is not sit, walk: blood will better circulate, at the same time the situation will change – so sober it seems.

2. Philosophy

Look at the source of the trouble, as a small beetle. What do you do with the little bug that climbs on your leg while you’re sitting on «the porcelain throne»? You push, at best, removed from the legs. So here, found all his troubles aside. Believe that everything can be solved, calm down. Work issues can be solved in a couple of hours, lack of sleep, you can catch up, and everything else will come with time. Is this a problem that someone got nasty? Of course not, because Hama can kill, to maim, to abuse his family. From one visualization punitive measures to feel better, only it is not necessary to lead, you’re not an American student. Amputation of the genitals is a problem, for everything else there’s the right attitude.

You’re still going to die. So there is nothing to worry about, life is too short to worry about this. Remember this wisdom, and life will be adjusted immediately.

3. Computer

Those who are far from sports, physical attempts to replace the computer and computer games. Of course, there is a danger that after losing the mood will fly away forever, but this is unlikely. Rather, the ice rink in the «Dot» or «FIFA» will throw out the accumulated nerve, aggression and at least somewhere to feel like a winner. This is not a slow chess game, the computer will give you the missing in the everyday life of the drive. But be careful: this is a very tricky thing, suck. Your grandmother, afraid this has become, like fire, is absolutely right: «be Stupefied, blinded, irradiated and society will be lost!»

4. Media distraction

You need to be distracted. Strongly, specifically and thoroughly. For this, in fact, was created by «YouTube», «4chan» and other boobtubes, which robs us of a lot of time. See, even a video where a bearded, homeless-looking «waiter» eats mushrooms, can significantly lift the spirits, if the nurse yelled. Well, let’s not forget about these pleasures of life, like favorite music, what the hell, favorite books. However, with the books harder if they start reading, while all is not read, will not rest. So with music, videos, stupid pictures, great articles one small, but very proud of the magazine easier and faster to establish good spirits.

5. Call a friend

Call a friend, let him hear your snot. Although it is not necessary solivet, better, on the contrary, to change the subject. Bradley Cooper once told me that immediately after the death of his father, the first person he called was Zach Galifianakis. «I don’t remember what he said, but after a few seconds we were both laughing like crazy,» the most striking example of friendly understanding and mutual support. Better, of course, to meet with friends, but not always. Anyway, there are friends with whom it is better to communicate remotely.

6. Shopping

Promise yourself to buy something. Sounds a bit look like a lady, I admit, but the feeling of something special great uplifting. Just thinking that somewhere out there you will find a delicious, juicy Shawarma, the right consistency, firm, tasty and not dry, gives a light vegetable Park, the operability increases. Screw it, you’re working like a hare under the «Energizer», just to get know the divine ambrosia…

Of course, you can promise yourself more specific things, for example, Plau Station the game on him, the same camera, the purchase of which you were constantly delayed, shaggy collectible action figure Chewbacca, but with this sort of thing more difficult, they need a lot of money. Although sometimes a trip to the store to «check prices» allows you to forget resentments and anxieties. There is a new concern: how to scrape together the funds?

7. Magic sovsemnedavno

Elementary laziness, a kind of pit stop on the road of life. Just don’t do anything, forget it all, get down, leave it for later. Bring your ravaged psyche to normal «magic doing nothing.» And let the whole world wait!..

Warning! Recommended strictly preddepressivnye condition.

8. Break hobby

We don’t know what’s your hobby: do you knit crochet or do a pedicure colleagues, watch football, or poking around in your car – Yes, actually, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that now these need to be addressed. Right now.

9. Physical activity

Some argue that their feelings lead exercise. Than to break the skull Defiler potentially Hello, better do some weights and spill their rage and hatred with sweat. To knock out of stupidity, not his evil little head, and punching bag, to vent evil on loved ones, and on the treadmill, spending the evening nursing a plan of revenge, and selfless being wrung out. Someone becomes easier after the split. We you can not judge, if only the sport helped. As he said, Ramzan Kadyrov, «long live sport, sport, sport and more sport. Allahu Akbar!»

10. Masturbation

No, well, then you twitch, eh? Let’s not play the fool, is one of the best inventions of mankind – impulsive bulkhead of fuse on the graceful finish from the mind or prohibited by law video (but don’t get carried away). Better, of course, enhances the mood of the girl, preferably their own. If you’re lucky, it won’t make the brain female follies and pretensions. Then you need to perform other movements, we will not paint that, you’re not a boy, I guess.

11. Delicious and great to drink

«Going home on the tram. Coming home – thumped» – sung in a good old song. A proven solution to all problems. Available and permitted by law, unlike the «healing Powder», which was sung by Fyodor Chistyakov, after which «the sad retreat, and longing pass away.»

Just consider: if a lot of drinking on the ass of the scales will grow. And in another icy glass of life-giving water under appropriate, caressing the taste buds the appetizer becomes the impetus is not something that a day for life. And not have to do this at home. Bar is also nice. Even at work, if you really have a fierce madman.

12. Tuum

Ancient spiritual practices claim to the concave curve of the chakra in place, we need to shout loudly. In fact, a cry from ancient times brought a human feeling: the soldiers before the battle, your character in «Skyrim», Nicolas cage. Just don’t do it in public – not understand. But if the neighbors are angry, tell me you’re a actor voice. They are using the Creek, so to speak, all their clear articulation of the pipe. Practically has calmed down and all around again seem strange to elves.

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