12 ways to drive him crazy in bed

how to drive him crazy in bed

This is a logical continuation of the post about 15 things to do in bed with girls. You will be surprised how girls are conservative and at the same time elegant. Better start to talk to her about her fantasies, boundaries and limits, and then go to the bedroom. You can start a conversation on this subject over lunch, on the road, under all circumstances, when you are alone. Talk about this during sex or in front of other people is, as you know, a bad idea. And now our 12 ideas.

1. Whether the main. Look at the movie with James Dean. No, not the star of the last century, and with the porn star. Tough name, right? Probably in the life of James Dean is a very witty type. He does not like the usual porn star in our submission, and it only decorates. Girls, according to polls, really like this dude and what he does and how does in the movie. Friends often fantasize that their man is with them as well.

2. Before his orgasm ask the girl where she wants you ejaculated. Let her give you in the right direction, you obey. Incidentally, they often enjoy the process.

3. Try not to cum too fast. Sometimes you can afford it, like «you’re so hot that I have no strength». But in most cases this time it is best to delay to please not only himself but her. You have sex for the pleasure of both of you. We can help you.

4. Invite her into the shower with him, or surprise her obazavil followed her into the bathroom. This is a very good choice when you are going to a family barbecue, a wedding or a bar — anywhere. Usually, all of these things with the foam and water over more interesting things.

5. Talk to her about her fantasies. If she’s not sure about anything, ask her questions like «have You ever wanted to have sex on the kitchen table? In a public place? In the back seat? On the washing machine?» or something specific: «what if we add some food like whipped cream?», «How do you treat anal, oral, tantric sex, BDSM, etc.?» Be very trusting and helpful, even spread it like it is!

6. Oral sex. So, we already wrote about this. Just do it. For example, today is her day. About a technique you already know. Tell her it’s delicious. It is important to feel confident. The more she relaxes, the stronger will be her orgasm, and she will never forget.

7. Kiss her during sex. Firmly. Slowly. Passionately. Use the same question! But don’t kounavi.

8. Spank it, lightly pull on the hair, push her legs wider, almost to choke it all effortlessly. Very sexy things. Only talk about this first, and if she doesn’t mind — try. Most importantly — don’t hurt. There is a difference between aggression, which you kept under your control, and things that really scare and hurt her.

9. Aggression is only relevant in the bedroom and if it had previously discussed. You have to be sure that she approves of the idea. No need to be too extreme when you decide on it the first time. Tune into her vibe, but to be proactive you must.

10. A convenient and pleasant position, doggie-style, missionary position and the spoons position) are always welcome. They take women the pressure, and she doesn’t have to be too aggressive, jumping on you, that is urine. Due to the anatomical features of the jump on you it is much harder than you try for her being on top.

11. Divide sex and porn. While you don’t get to know each other and it does not seriously discuss, it is not necessary to reconstruct the bedroom scene from your favorite porn and just to insist on its revision. Only if she says she likes it and she wants to watch it with you. Otherwise, sorry, to watch porn have alone, and when you are together, experience the moment, any busy only his partner. Let her feel that no one in the world more beautiful and sexier than her.

12. Don’t make her have anal sex. We told you about posture, and in a few weeks, I undertake to give you some tips on how to convince a girl to have anal sex.