12 tips for Firefox


The famous «Fox» browser long been one of the three most popular. One like its reliability and safety, others comfort, although many consider it too long and too picky. As with any browser, in Firefox there are their hacks that can be used to make it work even better.

1. Hotkeys

You can work faster without changing your settings, after reviewing several frequently used keyboard shortcuts. But don’t try to memorize all of them, just use most common. This elegant, simple way you can significantly reduce the time to execute commands with a single tap of your finger on the keyboard.

Spacebar – page down

Ctrl + F – find

Ctrl + T – new tab

F5 – refresh

F11 – full screen

In fact, not difficult to guess, teams are much more. They are all painted on the support site Mozilla.

2. Read in full

By pressing F11 you can use the screen that is called, on full. Very convenient, especially when you read, say, manygoodtips.com with a netbook.

To really focus on reading, get in mode with a simple click on the book symbol in the address bar. I find it very useful for reading long articles. Click on it again to return to normal mode. Unfortunately, to access the mode one button on the keyboard is impossible, because the button is still not appointed.

3. Cache

The easiest way to make a visit to the web-sites faster – use the cache memory. If you visit a lot of websites which often let the browser cache, the meaning never changes (image headers, for example), you will have to download.

Cache configuration can be found in the «Settings» section. But do not have to dig the mouse, by setting the parameters. It is enough to enter «the benefits of # put forward in the address bar, and you will have happiness.

You can also clear cache using the button «Clear now» from this page. This should be done in cases where some sites do not load correctly.

4. Personalization

Firefox has an amazing and unrivalled personalization possibilities through add-ons. Use Ctrl-Shift or the menu button on the right to get there.

There are two main types of add-ons themes and functions. A very useful thing when you need to spice up the look of your browser and solve the problem with stale old cache.

5. Look how you like

You can choose the search engine used in the search box, clicking on the drop-down magnifying glass in the search box. For those who do not like to use English Google, preferring Yandex. Or for reactionaries, the old-fashioned use Rambler.

To do this, go to Settings, choose default search engine (address bar) and one that will appear in the drop-down menu.

6. Spell check

Here’s a useful browser, on all hands out of boredom. But here you need to «pokoldovat». Introduce about.config, then double click the line layout.spellcheckDefault and enter «2» in the popup window.

This means that spell check will work on all text fields. Brand at all.

7. A little about the tabs

If you don’t want to create a new tab before looking for something new, you need to go back into the favorite settings and change the browser.search.openintab – installation for the automatic creation of one of the search results. Just double-click the line to toggle a Boolean from false to true.

8. Pipeling

Pipeling allows Firefox to send multiple requests to the data servers and do not configure the default one. It relies on the support sites, so you can just experiment and return to the default settings, if any improvement is not observed. The real difference is visible in some of the major networks and blogs WordPress.

9. Memory consumption

Firefox can provide a lot of detailed reports about memory usage. By the way, spends it, he is also in the mind. It is believed that Firefox does not spare the memory and in every way it scores, but it is rather a myth. Nevertheless, there is one way to immediately return the memory that was freed before closing the tab.

To do this, enter in the address bar «memory» and in the field of free memory, press «minimize memory usage».

10. Safe mode

If Firefox does not work, you added something and the browser stalled, there is one thing that will help solve the problem: safe mode. You can get into safe mode or hold down the shift key, or via the menu bar of the three. Click on the question mark help and choose «Restart with add-ons.»

11. Update

There’s a nice button, called «Update Firefox». To enjoy it you need only as a last resort, as it will disconnect and return all settings back to default. So, if you want to clean things up and make changes, push it, do not hesitate.

12. Backup

The best way to get Firefox back to a good condition is a backup of your profile folder. The easiest way to do this is to press the button that is above the Troubleshooting information page. Once the folder is open, close Firefox.

After that it is recommended to copy the entire folder to a safe place, even a flash drive. The folder will have a difficult name and will be stored under Profiles.

If you need to restore the backup, just copy the entire folder back, overwriting the corrupted folder.

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