12 the most frequent complications and how to overcome them

12 the most frequent complications with girls

We all like Myl about the uniqueness of snowflakes. To think that we are exceptional, we are special, that our problems are unique. But no, man. Repeatable. Repeatable and quite often, periodically, in most parts of the globe. Today we put together a medley of the most common problems with the girls and tried to give a quick and satisfactory solution for every problem.

1. Why am I nervous around women?

You’re nervous approaching women, because you’re a man, you’re tense and you’re attracted to the opposite sex. And yet you are nervous because in my mind you lose different implausible scenarios of development of events. Scenarios in which you’re sure to fail. You are nervous and afraid of failure. If you want to be more relaxed next to a woman, don’t focus on your thoughts about what happens — better concentrate on their desires. How would you like it to happen? This attitude and use it to fuel their confidence.

2. Why can’t I approach a girl?

You can’t approach a friend because you’re afraid to fail. Are you afraid that some of the mouth will give you the brush-off and it completely destroys your self esteem, besides humiliating you in front of friends.

Until you learn to accept and allow the probability to be rebuffed (this is a normal part of life, you will inevitably have to deal with it), and you’ll be afraid.

3. How do I get the girl?

No one in this world, no man, a successful player and even God himself will not be able to tell you how to get this girl.

What can I do to help, so this is just to say that you will never attain the same girl, if you think that she is special (and you think because you care about this question). Until you realize that in the world there are thousands of girls much sexier, smarter, and better, in principle, and they are waiting for your attention, you will never understand why you do not get on with this friend.

And even more, until you will not achieve success with ten more sexy girls you will never be able to get this and never will know what you’re doing wrong.

And the girl herself special, only because you think so. For myself and any other dude she’s just another regular friend. To think that she is somehow different from the others, is dangerous: you start to communicate with her otherwise, suggesting that the conventional techniques of seduction working for other friends, it won’t work. You get it only when you learn to look at it as a human.

4. What’s the best way to get women?

It’s a pointless question, but it is still very often asked by guys themselves and each other. There’s no better way. What works for one not work for another and Vice versa. The most fruitful is just to be pleasant, sociable, good man, exudes confidence and attracts women with its natural behavior. Once you become that guy, this will be the very best way.

5. How do I win back my ex?

The best way (I’m not kidding) to get back your ex-girlfriend is to change and remain in her mind, she noticed the changes.

Think about it. She left you because you did something wrong. People don’t change, so it has no waiting. At least, it is considered that do not change. If you can change yourself, become more confident, will look different, to dress, to behave otherwise, it would mean that you’ve changed or that she missed you something cool.

And since we’re being honest, dude, I can tell you that no woman worth her to change. It’s just my broken penny — and you can do what you see fit.

6. How do I get her phone number?

There are a million ways to take the girl’s room, this should not become a problem. The question is not how to get the phone number, how to get a real number. Girls often write on a piece of paper randonnee numbers to have them behind, and it is a problem.

To obtain the real number — so never approach a girl that interests you. You have to show their best side, demonstrate interest, and be attractive — to make such a performance. Just be normal and then ask for the number. Works in 99% of cases. Rooms are real.

7. How to start a conversation?

You won’t believe, but the world’s best way to start a conversation, one that never failed me is the usual: «hi, I’m Bob. What’s your name?»

This usually works, except in those cases where the situation itself makes you more a good idea. Personally to me this never happened. Or almost never.

8. Why I can’t go to the next level?

Because you can not Express their sexual desires. Most women don’t automatically assume that you want to have sex with them. Why so many losers are still languishing in the friend zone.

Think of it this way. Women don’t get it, and if you’re not able to show them what you want, they automatically begin to assume that you want to be friends with them. I bet the world is much less friendly dudes than women think.

Keep this in mind: you need to show your friend that she’s interested in you as a woman, not a buddy. Good time and good conversation mean nothing if you don’t try to touch her, to kiss her, to take her to bed or to do their business before reaching the bed. Afraid of failing, when everything is so well composed»? This can result in wasted time.

If she’s only interested in conversation with you, better to understand it as early as possible, right? If you don’t get to the point, you will begin to wonder «How do I get the girl?», and I already told you what to do.

9. When is the best time to kiss?

There is no better time. I’ve kissed girls after thirty seconds of kissing them for the first time in second before to remove clothing. Always in different ways.

Ideally, it is necessary to rouse interest to you (it all depends on the specific situation). I would advise to kiss her at the first meeting (not first date): it will help to get a real phone number and can bring you closer for the evening. So much faster you will reach the final base.

To further complicate this issue, here’s a way. Break the conversation in the middle and say, «Wait.» When it stops to tell you something important, pull her close and kiss. It usually works with girls that you’re and so interesting. If you do this with all the girls in a row, no success to speak of.

10. Where do I take her on a first date?

A dark place where you can order drinks where there are sofas. Sit beside her and not opposite her. Don’t ever go to cafes and restaurants — all the places where we eat. You need to be near her, to touch her (legs, arms, face) and kiss her during the date. And again: it will make you closer and move you any closer to her bedroom.

11. What if she’s not answering my calls or texts?

First, calm down and be cool.

Think about the reasons why she’s not answering texts. Maybe she’s in the bathroom, she’s busy with work, she sleeps, she’s somewhere hanging out and doesn’t hear the phone.

If she doesn’t answer for a long time, the question arises: she gave you this number? Remember how you took the phone from her. Do you think she cheated? If in doubt, most likely it is not in vain. Try calling again, and if it’s useless, she slipped away from you. Here’s the lesson: it’s better this room than about ten.

If you are convinced that she gave the right number, think: maybe she has someone there, and in the morning she woke up, wondering how she even was able to leave my room to some dude at the bar? There is a possibility that she changed her mind and doesn’t want to have no business with you. Never mind: let you cherish the thought of that girl in a relationship almost cheated on you with your friend. Now wait till tonight and again go on the hunt. All is not lost!

12. Why do I keep dismissing?

You constantly get shot down because you approach girls and really want them to like you. If you really wonder what the applause.

If you constantly get shot down and you can’t succeed with girls, you need to evaluate yourself and to change your strategy.

How do you approach these girls? How do you start a conversation? Like I suggested? I’m willing to bet that at least one of the six girls talks to you, if you start the conversation simple and perfectly applicable way, I was talking about.

You’re too pushy? It can also be the cause.

Your breath stinks? This, too, is worth considering.

You’re very good yourself and are only suitable for girls that look like Scarlett Johansson? Come down to earth!

Failure is the key to success. The only way not to get rejected is not to approach women. But you’ll never be able to sleep alone. Every time you sew, you realize that some strategy is not working. Use this knowledge, and soon everything will work out.

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