12 Survivors Roll Up Survival Kits — set that will help you survive anything

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Of course, each and bro that can survive a serious situation like a zombie Apocalypse and other troubles. But not every bro is a master of survival, which transcend all and that can make a garbage bow, arrows and a gift to my woman. In any case, even the master of survival can always use the good old survival kit. And now we’ll show you it’s just a Royal version. This 12 Survivors Roll Up Survival Kits.

In fact, it is everything you need for a successful way out of the impasse. If you know how to use it. And yet it is very conveniently packaged. In this huge bag 12 storage compartments of nonsense closed by zippers and Velcro. The bag is easily attached to a backpack tourist.

The kit includes a blanket, a cloak type poncho, 8 elastic bandages, 4 sterile packs of gauze pads and compresses, 2 packs of wet wipes, 4 packs of antiseptic swabs, 4 packets of pills against alcohol, 1 pair gloves, 10 adhesive plasters, 1 breathing mask for mouth to mouth 1 pair of tweezers 1 adhesive plaster tape with zinc oxide, 2 elastic harness with Adjusters, 1 pair surgical scissors 1 bandage.

Tools for outdoor survival can be attributed, axe, multitool, folding knife, knife the knife. Multitool includes a bottle opener, two screwdrivers, file, knife blade, awl and corkscrew.

The whole set is Packed in a nylon bag that can withstand any weather problems. The cost is $ 100. And it was awesome!

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