12 Russian films that turned the film industry

Let’s dive into the magical world of cinema. Yes, how did you know – a favorite of Russian cinema! Do not rush to throw stones at the author for choosing the theme! So, the domestic film industry is full of vices. But among the chaff comedies like «Pregnant» pearls, recognized worldwide. The only negative: they were removed a very long time. Let’s look at films that not only brought excitement among the Western public, but was innovative for its time, and influenced foreign «kinodela».

1. «Battleship «Potemkin»»


Dir. Sergei Eisenstein, 1925.

As they say, it’s a classic, it is necessary to know. Eisenstein abroad is generally very fond, some of the fans is still alive, and the film has long been considered the pinnacle of cinema and has been repeatedly recognized as the best film of all time. Moreover, according to the version of the film Academy of the USA. And all because of Sergei Mikhailovich managed to create the story from which even the modern sophisticated audience still shiver. And imagine what it was in 1925… It was a kind of «Titanic»: people were crying over the legendary Odessa steps is not less than over the death of Jack. And ill-fated propaganda Minister Goebbels even said that after watching the movie I want to be a Bolshevik. But a movie about the mutiny. But how impressive! Oh, and about the influence on American filmmakers to say, I think, would be superfluous. At least the scene with the wheelchair rolls down the stairs, then beat a hundred films and cartoons.

You know what’s the secret? The fact that I constantly drove the film to perfection. The night before the premiere, he personally painted on more than a hundred black-and-white shots of the flag on the armored cruiser in red. But when this footage was shown, the audience gave the team a standing ovation. Impressed, garbage!

2. «Alexander Nevsky»


Dir. Sergei Eisenstein, 1938

Another thing from the Maestro. The level of epicness even higher than the «Battleship». But the effect is even no need to talk, see for yourself how American cinema mercilessly licking techniques from the film:

in «Conan the barbarian» armour of villains inspired by the armor of the knights from «Alexander Nevsky»;

– in the series «Blade of the witch» the witch dreams the story of the bracelet; however, the creators did not hesitate to use shots with the battle of lake Peipus;

– notable British metallurgy with Iron Maiden used the footage as a video for the song «Hallowed Be Thy Name», no one asked or not.

Well, about the battle of the forces of Light and Darkness in «Night Watch» and say nothing.

You can admire the punctuality of Peter Jackson, but even in those days, when the film industry was sharpened by the industry, for greater naturalism, even the armor was made of steel. In General, I tried to make it look like it’s not a film and shooting of this battle. However, the battle scene on the lake was filmed in the summer in the yard of «Mosfilm», and instead of ice floes used painted boards. But it seems that the real ice. Here it is, a brilliant camera work and the magic of the silver screen! Without chromates, comrade! All natural.

The film caused a huge wave of patriotism and admiration not only in Union but also in Europe. Needless to say, how inspired the phrase during the great Patriotic war: «Who to us with sword will go by the sword shall die». That’s when the film played in all theaters, and Eisenstein was awarded the country’s largest Stalin prize – 100000 rubles!

3. «The Cranes Are Flying»


Dir. Michael Kalatozov 1957

Film Michael Kalatozova at the time struck many people by his sincerity and tragedy and forced to watch on Soviet citizens, as people. And this in the midst of the Cold War.

And this movie was full of cinematography and directorial innovations. For example, no one worked with the camera that rides on a circular rail. And here is a key scene when the main character dies, and before his eyes the chaotic swirl of birch, filmed that way. Or the repetition of key images of the cranes. In the beginning they fly in the peaceful sky above the lovers, and at the end of the souls of the dead soldiers. The same frame has different contents, emotions, that is, on the gap.

The plot of the movie seems to be simple: half of the characters dies and the other half is going through personal adversity. But each story was truly experienced by the actors and played at the highest level, what left the deepest tragedy that never dreamed of the ancient authors. And closeups here are strong, clear and emotional that some photographers could not achieve this, and looked with envy on the operator.

The film won the Palme d’or at Cannes – the biggest success of the national cinema. Neither before nor after such a success at this festival, our picture was not received. However, where it is known under the name «When storks fly». All done with the goal of adequate perception of the picture viewer. Just in French slang, a «crane» means «prostitute». And yet think about the main character…

4. «Ballad of a soldier»


Dir. Grigori chukhraj, 1958

Do a ballad. The young soldier does in the war feat and gets a vacation for six days. It is clear, he goes to my mom! But it’s a noble Russian soldiers, and on the way he stops to help people, save the children and find love. What about mum? For her he has time only for a few minutes, but this is enough. He comes back with a firm promise to return, but the fascist bullet is not allowed to keep it. Very strong and emotional scene.

Starring Vladimir Ivashov was one of the first sex symbols of a generation. Although at the time there was no such thing as sex, so was limited to modest, but no less significant «the idol generation».

The film has collected a record harvest of awards at festivals worldwide: 101 prize, including a special jury prize in Cannes. And for best original screenplay, the film was even nominated for «Oscar».

5. «Andrei Rublev»


Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1966

But Tarkovsky! Well, where do without it, still it is the most talked about and popular Russian Director in the West.

Dirty, cold, dark Russian middle ages, around the shit and the mud on the left, sneaky princes, a right – Tatars. In General, very sad and unhappy. Any decent faces in the whole vast Russia, all think not about the purity of the soul, and how to survive. But there was one smart guy by the name of Andrei Rublev, the artist, who is in search of a ray of light in the darkness found the beam inside.

In the atheistic Soviet Union, this picture was extremely difficult. Therefore, Tarkovsky went through all the charm of bureaucracy. His painting mixed with mud, which in the film a lot, and he has been called. All annoyed by the Director’s desire to naturalism, which was his obsession. If the script stinks, so the audience should feel. If someone is hurt, the viewer needs the pain to feel. It was said that for the sake of naturalism he burned alive a cow, but the cow to give any comments has refused.

But despite the fact that the audience, to put it mildly, freaking out from what I have seen, the film went down in history. And the Western audience it was interesting and surprising to observe how miserable puts his country a great Director.

6. «War and peace»


Dir. Sergey Bondarchuk, 1967

In the entire history of cinema was more than 10 film adaptations of the popular novel by Leo Tolstoy. However, this can rightly be considered the best. Father Fyodor Bondarchuk until more was perceived as an actor who gained world recognition for the «Destiny of man», although he played not a secondary role of Pierre Bezukhov. But the film adaptation of the epic Tolstoy he went thorough. 6 years lasted shooting! And in terms of techniques and directorial finds the film was ahead of its time. Even a nice new Zealand innovator Peter Jackson said, saying, I repent, licked Bondarchuk. And the battle scenes so far ahead of its time that Hollywood is still doing that movie battles and panoramic shooting.

However great was not only the part that is about war, but one that is of the world. Thanks to the actors, but everyone looked in their costumes, uniforms and dance in uncomfortable boots like themselves from the 19th century. And all because Bondarciuc claimed those who did not know how to fence or to stay in the saddle. Want to be a Nicky Rostov? Come take fencing lessons! Accustomed to the Western pathos, the audience was very impressed. Well, a wide international and national audience like the lack of philosophical reasoning, which was full of this reading, it was not any conversations with the oak, and the like. As a result, for all his ordeal, the Academy gave the film an Oscar for best foreign language film.

7. «The Color Of Pomegranates»


Dir. Sergei Parajanov, 1968

Sergei Parajanov was far more severe fate than that of his paintings. Very distinctive and irritating the Soviet regime, he was accused of homosexuality and sent to prison. And you know what they do in prison? Okay, let’s not, ask Jay and silent Bob.

So, to the film. Unique painting! Soviet surrealism, even in the art house.

The theme is medieval poet Sayat-Nova. This character lived in the Caucasus, sang songs, wrote poetry, entertained Queen. But no one knew who he was and where. Therefore, the people had nothing to do began to throw him about rumors and legends. And here is a Parajanov film is a biography of a real historical person, but assembled from fragments of these legends, like pomegranate seeds, form a single fruit. The film is full of surreal scenes on the level of Salvador Dali. So the movie was well received in the West, even despite the fact that no one’s heard anything about this Sayat-Nova.

By the way, if you watch a Madonna video for the song «Bedtime Story», we can see a marked resemblance. The only difference is that the clip was filmed for $ 5 million, and Parajanov created the painting for much more modest money. Excerpts from the movie used in the clip «God Is God» band «Juno Reactor». And health!

8. «Ordinary fascism»

Dir. Mikhail Romm, 1965

And here is the documentary! The Director went through thousands of feet of archival films Ministry of propaganda of the Third Reich that the Soviet army was borrowed from the Germans in 1945, cut some of them the most vivid scenes to show the world the bestial face of fascism.

In addition, methods that filled the movie were innovative for the time. For example, slow-motion replays of important moments. Now without them it is impossible to imagine not one football broadcast, and then it was something on the level of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space.

Or here’s another. Acts as some kind of Goebbels from the podium, tells you how many millions of enemies must be destroyed, and here again! – freeze-frame: a curved face of a fascist, and the voice continues to call for mass murder… to be honest, it is creepy even accustomed to all the fans of Lady Gaga. Now you can see this technique in any film, filmed in the 70-80’s. In the film, many shots from which the hair stand on end. Without exaggeration, even after all this time and many shot amazing movies, this film looks very impressive.

And most importantly, Romm was not shot staged shots – all on the basis of the materials obtained. No fraud – everything is fair. For which he thanks a lot!

9. «Russian ark»


Dir. Sergey Sokurov, 2002

Amazing movie one of the best contemporary Russian Directors Alexander Sokurov.

The film, made without any glue. Imagine 87 minutes in the Hermitage, which is presented not as a modern Museum, but as a place where more than two centuries flowed the life of the Russian tsars and tsarinas. Here they are all shown in the film. In a home environment, so to speak.

In fact, it is chinaspecial, during which the actors rush through the beautiful corridors of the Palace, conduct the ceremony and just live. Before you remove in one go all 87 minutes, rehearsed six months. To remove managed only from the third time – the first two artists were wrong.

In America, the film was greeted very warmly and gathered a record for Russian art-house $ 7 million, as well as many awards from festivals of all kinds.

In addition, the «Russian ark» – the only post-Soviet film, which appears in the list of the best films in history, compiled every 10 years based on the survey of 846 the most famous film critics in the world. Even eminent Directors were amazed at such idea – one breath to absorb the flow of time.

10. «Stalker»


Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979

And again, Tarkovsky – and where without it!

Tarkovsky’s films always left a mark in a foreign audience, what is much more profound than domestic. Too, the Soviet audience was simple: he would «Love and pigeons» view, not an existential throwing.

The movie, filmed on the novel by Strugatsky brothers, will always cause a lot of controversy, because the books themselves are. The film is set in a fictional time and space, the so-called zone. The characters have no names – only nicknames. Tarkovsky himself said about this picture, he legally touched on the transcendental.

Largely due to the same dirty, dull atmosphere and wonderful acting, the film has left its mark in world cinema. In particular, the old Von Trier, impressed with SIM creation, removed «the Element of crime». A well-known British musician Brian Williams from the ambient-project «Lustmord», inspired by a painting Tarkovsky, in 1995, recorded in collaboration with Robert rich album «Stalker».

From awards to mention is the special jury prize in Cannes. In the Union the film was not accepted. In addition to the sharp criticism, the picture was another test: when film developing is almost completely killed the first option, and retake the picture three times, with three different operators and art Directors. It is unknown whether the end result is better, but the cultural European audience was impressed by what he saw.

11. «Man with a movie camera»


Dir. Dziga Vertov, 1929.

A person with such a kind of alias (in the world David Kaufman) takes an experimental film, which surveys thousands of film critics around the world, took the 8th place in the list of best films of all times and peoples, and recognized as the best documentary film in history according to the British «Sight & Sound». Coincidence? I don’t think!

Dziga and his brother, the operator of the masterpiece of Mikhail Kaufman, loved experimenting with film. Once the six months was walking down the street with a camera, gave the resulting material Vertov’s wife, so she mounted the film as she likes. So came the film «Kinoglaz-2». A «Man with a movie camera» is one solid experiment that is not enough, as you can see. If the film Sakurova filmed without editing, this film – a solid installation, sometimes vying for the title of a psychedelic. And what is convenient – actors is not needed. The authors removed all that they are interested in: streets, houses, people and grass – using all sorts of mounting equipment.

The main mounting speed: each scene lasts just enough to sustain her, without blinking. The viewer blinked – everything on the screen, a new action. Suddenly, and very avant-garde, like everything in the 20-ies. Experts point out that here for the first time in the movie used imagery of the story in the reflection. This trick is subsequently removed in thrillers, when the show, like someone sneaking up to the hero, and it shows in the mirror.

The Director was not fond of scripts, filmed intuitive. The audience appreciated. Anyway showered with enthusiastic speeches that the author invites you to perceive chinoiserien from the point of view of the Director himself is a mysterious man with a movie camera like Daisosho «Ulysses» is an involuntary witness and participant of life. Maybe the citizen of Kaufman didn’t think anything and just played? Who knows. Look and decide for yourself. The film is not a problem to find on the Internet. Now the methods of installation will not surprise even the feeble-minded child, but the picture is still somehow mesmerizing.

12. «Hedgehog in the fog»


Dir. Michael Norstein, 1975

I agree, in our country, he is remembered mostly for the desperate blackamoor scream: «Osadchaya!» And some draw an analogy between fog and smoke of grasses, explaining the originality of the cartoon. But whether you like this masterpiece or not, and 140 critics from all over the world recognized as the best in history. A classic of Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazaki was called a «Hedgehog in the fog» among his favorite works, even admitting Norstein, as an artist, painter, domestic master cooler. Ruthless even family Guy made a parody of the cartoon in the episode «Spies Reminiscent of Us».

Some will say that is the most magical and unusual cartoon at least in the post-Soviet space. And we agree with them. Many Western animators are striking techniques used in «Hedgehog». And he Norstein, a sly smile, shows how regulate the density of the mist, approaching or distancing ordinary tracing paper.

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