12 reasons why you’re not happy holiday

Why are you so sad sit, enjoy the upcoming holiday? How is «in the mood»? Eat a tangerine, another bump Christmas Bazaar. It doesn’t help. Then let’s think that you are plunged into despair. Why before the holiday you feel sad and barely slip into depression.

1 Human crowds everywhere

After 20-th of all sharply reminded that it is necessary to buy the Brut for the action in Dixie», a jar of olives (and awkward: the guests will come, and no olives), and gifts to all family, friends and those whom it is impossible not to congratulate. Resulting in a disrupted circuit with a Horde of women and men of all ages and faiths fills shopping malls, leaving a handsome profit, half-empty shelves and all kinds of germs. The crowd moves along the route «work-Mall-home» 24 hours a day, making hell on the road. Omnipresent, gleaming gold teeth, a naked sneezing, guided by the motto «we Need to buy…».

To characterize this period, the word «pile». To see these ugly, angry people that filled a whole city, it’s disgusting and unpleasant, and the reason for that one. Near the cash registers all poverty and without that annoying humanity seems to be sorely swollen. Nasty people in the way you normally ride, normally bought and normally treat this holiday because if not for him — it would have been much easier.

But there is one basic output: can be purchased for the holidays, and discount items are always in all hypermarkets. Gifts are better to buy in advance, and not two days before the holiday. If possible, it is better than mass purchase goods that are advantageous to buy in supermarkets in late November, when the spacious halls of the not so many dirty marks from dirty shoes. And the products of lesser rank may be bought in native kiosk around the corner.

2 Very athletic

Found such type of people who recently abandoned bad habits and began to live according to the precepts of weights and protein. Their lives are clearly described mode, in which nothing ever disturbed, neither the amount eaten chicken Breasts or a regular trip to the gym or sleep duration. To alcohol they are more than cool, to the holiday feast — with undisguised contempt. They have nothing to do at the holiday table with drunken relatives. I give gifts to them and not to them, so no point in feast for them there. Moreover, it is again to break the regime. And while the whole country is in a festive coma, they live under the regime. Them festival did not bring anything good, only the cost of the gifts and the tree.

3 new year’s eve collapse

The end of the year — time, crazy career centuries. Era of lack of sleep and work out. The thought of a prolonged vacation warms the soul, and therefore all work, not sparing himself. Work in full swing, how in the hell forge before Armageddon, no one is spared neither himself nor others, all moving in pace «gait three crosses», I hasten to execute the order, working to clean up debris, close a report, to solve problems. It turns out that last month produced exclusively in the workplace. And regardless of any moral strength remains. Everyone knows that the end of the year is hell, but at the end of the year the New year, and here is one faced by others and the innocent festival becomes a victim of job responsibilities.4 Lose profit

And here is another situation, which, judging by the questions sent to our editorial office, potentially for about 50% of our readers. Just in the letters a indicate that the dream to open a business and become big leaders. Well, the Director, try to enjoy these holidays to the fullest, because if the Lord will hear your prayers and I will send you a candle factory near Ryazan, or even the service center, you’ll hate these lazy 9 days. The country is a vacation, and for you and people like you, it is simple, the loss of potential money and a passive stasis. Businessman performance feeds and daily work. So be afraid of these days.

5 Holiday’s not worth it

Well, because you Mature in mind managed to understand a simple truth: Christmas tale — marketing, show and joy — the imitation of habit. Just opened: the New year is a magical time in which everything, from small Chukchi boy to the daughter of the mayor of Pskov, extremely pleased. And at this time I decided to spend money on the table, despite the fact that most of it will remain intact. Why? Just because you have, just because it’s accepted, and few of these traditions are violated. And after just a disappointment that the miracle did not happen, and that new year’s eve again be able to surprise you. Nothing. Because you’re too old.

6 Not the tradition

There is an opinion that the New year is a family holiday. But the fact that not all families in this day reigned joy, warmth and comfort. Someone’s parents were drunken alcoholics, and celebration did not, someone from the religious or ethnic reasons it was postponed for another month. And someone was family and comfort and tradition, but do not have the money to cover a large table and all gifts to buy. He therefore differed only by the presence of Christmas trees and programs on TV. And these flashbacks from childhood not much contribute to the manifestation of love.

7 Loneliness

Lying down with a glass of Brut under the tree, counting the occurrence of Kolya Baskov on different channels for a new year’s eve, is able to bring a normal person to suicide. To see something normal, to play games, or go and get to drunken passers-by, of course, much more interesting, but then what is this day different from all others?

Loneliness and lack of company for the New year is the most popular reason to hate this holiday. Tellingly, many of the annoying not so much the absence of company, but as the crowd of friends, circling around the block where the cubicle next «Princess».

And in order to continue this does not happen, start looking for a company for a month, dokapyvayas to all of their friends. 40% will pretend that I forgot about you; 50% say that they themselves had sent; 2% will send thee fuck, and the remaining 8% say, «Yes, come, dude, will be a big party. Only booze take.» And if not friends, we urgently need to solve this problem.8 Not the company

However, there is a danger of running into bad company. In the sense that to meet with them in the New Year arhislozhno. For example, the whole family gathered at one table, proclaims corny toasts and discusses the behavior of the stars on TV. You get tired over the years of coexistence, but this time everything is much more serious as the last level in old video games, which like and was similar to the others but was pretty difficult. Worse — the only company in which someone murdered somebody.

9 Too much to think about. Too much to pay

Have to manage to find money for gifts, to close the session last week to find the money to chip in on the festive table, and do not forget to find a company. All you need to do on time, or at worst, as always, at the last moment. Of course, you can start to do in advance, but worries it won’t take. Still too many things to consider. And even more things you need to pay. And when there is no money — there is no mood of, such laws. All holiday tables, gifts, joy — all passes by.

10 Personal failures

It’s a shame when a couple of days before the holiday, you’ll know that you have reduced or quit. I would like to advise not to despair and believe that in the future things will get better, but you probably can’t do this now.

11 New year at work

You’ve waited, planned and agreed it was one to note, as you delight in stunning news: on the night of the 31st at the first you work. And all and disaster. Still tolerable if someone is there, and drunk a couple of drinks wouldn’t hurt. However, if you sit alone, and can not drink, because God forbid — call it down the drain. God bless him, with the mood, it is strange that after this you still don’t want to live.

12 an Unpleasant aftertaste

Much worse when on December 31, few hours before the chimes, you’ll know about the death of their loved ones. It seems that it is not necessary to describe the internal state at such moments. The worst that unpleasant memory of the sad events extends throughout life. It’s all ruined, and holiday is associated not with Christmas tree and fun, and that is a tragedy. There’s nothing that can’t be helped, only time and friends are able to somehow break the cycle.

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