12 reasons why Android is better than iOS

Let’s just mention, dude: no one can confidently say that the iPhone really better than Android and Vice versa: no one can convincingly persuade you that Android is cool, iPhone is a waste of money. When it comes to smartphones, we need to understand that any criteria is a relative thing, it all depends on your needs, expectations and budget. So don’t think that we guys are trying to convince you to buy a phone on Android. We just decided to focus on the benefits that have smartphones with this OS: who knows, maybe you change your mind to spend money on an expensive masterpiece from Apple and decide that Android is a rational alternative.

12. Standard micro-USB cable

than Android better than iPhone

We have nothing against Apple. We in the editorial, of course, there are the owners rope s, iPods and MacBook s — where without them. But there is in most of these rope s one problem (besides price, of course) is that they use Apple VSC cables. Apple refuse to use a normal micro USB connectors and thereby complicate our lives, and in addition to that and emptying our wallet. Imagine: you have to have a special charger, cable to connect to the computer and anything else but stuff from Apple is expensive. And one more thing: the company is paying designers and engineers for that they the whole thing developed, and the value of their work is included in the price of its iPhone. Not very, right?

But if you have Android handset, you can connect it to your computer in one of the 15 micro USB cables that are already lying around your house. But if suddenly you lost the charger or the cable, there is nothing easier than to walk to the nearest shop and buy the necessary thing, the most for a few hundred rubles. And this is a serious advantage, agree?

11. Good old stylus

what is the Android better than the iPhone

Apple founder Steve jobs said: «If you see a stylus, get rid of him.» And it can be understood that if the engineering team is not able to create an interface that does not require additional tools, it can truly be regarded as a misfortune.

Of course, this can be viewed in another way. Chip Apple interface, intuitive. And what input methods clearer than handwritten? Still the world is full of people who think that writing something by hand is much faster than typing on the keyboard. Subsequently they may change their minds, but right now, why not give these guys what they want?

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note II come with a stylus, and Android well supports this interface. But iPhone is not.

10. Vibration when pressing

what is the Android better than the iPhone

Do you like it when the phone responds to your every touch vibration? Me. It’s not that big a deal, but for some, this vibration is so important, especially for those who have only recently started to use the virtual keyboard and wants to be sure that indeed something clicked. But if this feature you don’t like it turn it off and be done with it.

But on the iPhone such you have no choice. It’s not buzzing when you press on it.

9. A simple exchange of information

12 prichin why android is better than iphone 0474122440

For any exchange of information is standardized. Where ever you are: in the browser, the photo gallery, the player, you can click on the «Share» button – and immediately in front of you will present a solid (even exhaustive) list of social networks and other things: Twitter, Facebook, e-mail – that only your heart desires.

8. The ability to customize your desktop

why is Android better than iPhone

You always want at hand were always certain widgets? On Android you can customize everything to your liking. You can arrange icons as you please, and nothing for you it will not.

IPhone? Sorry, dude. Only the standard icons. What is it? You don’t want to all appear on the desktop? You want to position them in a different order? Ha ha ha! Yeah, you can stuff them in folders, but folders remain on the desktop. Get used to it.

7. The ability to choose the keyboard

why is Android better than iPhone

Perhaps you need time to get used to the virtual keyboard. There is an option that is installed on your phone version not really suit you. That would be cool if there were other keyboards with a different placement of the letters, another intelligent way of introduction, right?

If you have Android handset, you can try to install another keyboard. And if you don’t like another one. And if does not go – well, buy a phone with a normal keyboard.

If you have an iPhone then you’ll have to get used to the fact that there are. Of course, it’s a good keyboard, but if you want to experiment, then this idea will have to give.

6. You can attach any file

12 prichin why android is better than iphone 0720276917

This iPhone bug is so crazy that he could be in first place on our list.

See, dude, if you have iPhone, you cannot attach any file that you want. Yes, you read it right. And the function itself, which is understood even your 75-year-old grandmother, there becomes a problem. You can attach videos or images with one click, but if you want to send, for example, a table, you have to go into it and press on «share» – well, not funny?

But the thing is that the Gmail client is also leaky, with regard to applications. So if you have Gmail, sorry, dude. But if you have a machine on Android, the Gmail client continues to be bad, but the standard interface can attach stuff. Well, even so.

5. Near field communication

why is Android better than iPhone

In the promo video Samsung Galaxy S3 you probably saw the moment when dudes bring their phones to each other and share files? And all because Android supports near field communication (Near Field Communication). Its development is not yet completely finished, so the programs have limited functions. While it is possible to throw each other pictures and music – but it’s not very interesting. But in the near future with the help of this system you can pay off the money from the electronic purse is not perfect?

What iPhone? But it does not yet support this technology. Maybe they just decided to wait until it will turn into something really worthwhile. But we run the risk to lag behind the progress if buy iPhone.

4. Additional memory

why is Android better than iPhone

You don’t have enough built into your iPhone 64 GB of memory? And don’t worry. Just plug it in the micro SD USB flash drive, and… Oh, wait, iPhone does not support additional memory card. So content with what you have. But on Android this is not a problem. Yay!

3. Replaceable battery

why is Android better than iPhone

Not all Android phones can hold a charge well to remember the same Samsung Galaxy S3. But they are at least replaceable battery, and if it does fail, it can be replaced with another. Is it possible to buy extra batteries, charge them and carry the stock – for example, if you’re on the road. But if the battery wears out on the iPhone, there’s nothing you can do about it.

2. Screen larger or smaller

why is Android better than iPhone

Apple worked so hard to make the iPhone 5 screen is bigger – but he came out not so much longer, how much longer. This desktop fits more icons, but on viewing media files, it is almost not reflected.

Samsung Galaxy S3? Here he has in truth big screen. And the same with the HTC One, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid Razr and LG Optimus – they all have screens larger than the iPhone 5.

What if you don’t want a giant screen? Well, okay. Plenty of Android phones with smaller screen.

1. A simple interface on a PC

why is Android better than iPhone

When you connect your Android smartphone to your computer, you can dig into its contents as a normal folder on your hard drive. If you want to reset or delete music, photos, videos or documents, just grab the icon and pull – and it’s in the bag. And even the iMac can do the same thing if you download the app for Android (as we have in the photo).

What about the iPhone? Well, good luck to you, man. You can add media files (pictures, videos, music) through iTunes – and this seems to be simple. Simple, but not quite, because the creators saw fit to make iTunes unnecessarily complex.

But if you want to reset your iPhone other files? I’m sorry, buddy. You have to feel like an idiot: nothing happens.

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