12 professions, which became more accessible with the advent of the Internet

Perhaps your parents told you in childhood that can become anything when I grow up. In those days, as it seems, the old was much more interesting, despite the weight of time, crises, social conflicts, the fall of empires. However, our heads dropped a crisis that is not going to end. But we were more fortunate than their parents. Be sure of this. Even now, even in this period of life, when you can not determine your destiny, you have a much better start than any of your ancestors. Don’t believe? But it should be.

To start your creative and professional way, you need only one condition – access to the Internet. You do not hold down your city, and the country also has no concrete curtain. Information is growing every second, consumers are willing to pay for it, also becomes greater. The Internet is a miracle, which gives countless possibilities.

Today, all really depends on you. Now there is no war, and international tensions – a lot what’s the reason for headlines. You need to make the leap, believe in yourself, your business, your abilities and your project. You are really lucky, we in confirmation of his words built the list of professions that have become more accessible in the moment when came the world wide web.

1. Musician

First, you’re enough of a computer to record any music with proper skill. Secondly, the Internet has given you the opportunity to share their creativity and, therefore, to look for potential clients or employers. All you need is its representation in social networks, personal website for music promotion and gift of gab that will help arrange your gigs in local clubs and bars. You can write Jingles for radio stations or songs for films. The music market is huge and everyone will be able to bite off a piece. Cake for everybody. Of course, many believe that the Internet killed the music industry, but, in our opinion, it has become more available.

2. Antiques

Perhaps you imagine this old man in horn-rimmed glasses when it comes to antique dealers. But now, Antiques are a hot commodity to be bought as specialized forums and open sites. If you feel the spirit of haggling, try to engage in the purchase and sale. Some very rare items into the hands of antique dealers is not a chance for a penny, and they cost a fortune.

3. Writer

Writing is a thankless and difficult. Many authors blame the Internet that the sale of books has fallen dramatically in recent years. But we prefer to see the positive aspects. For example, now authors can easily unite among themselves, that opens up many new possibilities. Besides, there are lots of online publishers, which may not make you a man, a prominent bestsellers packs, but at least give the experience with readers. The rest is, of course, the routine, although instrumentation is now much more than before.

4. Blogger

But bloggers are a separate sect in the doorways of the Internet. There’s good, there’s bad, there are moronic – for every taste. But to deny the fact that blogging in itself is a lesson, promising, fairly meaningless. And financial expenses from you is clearly not required. Made a YouTube channel, washed down with a couple of reviews – that you joined. However, you must be able to attract an audience. And here we advise you to be honest with the audience and «blogerati» where you have to wonder.

5. Director

Want to make a movie? To create horror-thrash in the spirit of the 70’s? An impossible task for man, if he lives in a provincial town, and even in Russia. No money, no crew, no actors. But with the coming of the great and mighty Internet everything has become easier. You can easily find people who will agree to participate in the project for free. With sponsors, frankly, harder. We will need your ingenuity and perseverance. But, most importantly, shoot your low-budget movie really. And before that, admit it, this was not.

6. Model

Well, it’s for friends. Lately they more reading, more writing to us by mail and encouraging their questions. And if in case, the last time we reviewed probably thousands of models. And many of them got all of nowhere, from the depths of the network. Got himself a girl profile instagram, post their beefy buttocks – and voila! model world-class advertises energy drinks or all sorts of mixtures for bulk. In General, the beauty now is easier to make than before.

7. Photographer

If among our readers there is a photographer, he understands what the hell he would expect if he had no possibility of access to the network. Most of the orders through the Internet! Educational lessons on the Internet! Information technology – the Internet! In General, the picture is quite a dynamic industry, and that settles it. You have to be aware of everything, and is unlikely to be limited to specialized print periodicals.

8. Traveler

Before tramps begging and begging, they now earn more than most experienced clerks in banks. But the fact that «people on the sofa» it’s nice to contemplate the beauty of the world, without leaving home. For this and need professional travellers that give colorful content in the form of reports, photos and critical articles about other countries. A lot of folks make. Besides, this is an excellent option to withdraw from some of everyday life.

9. Graphic designer

Need guys, important and desirable. They can say, to survive without a network generally cannot. All their customers are there, and all the tools, all the work. Besides, on the Internet you can find articles, training videos, and any other information of graphic design.

10. Artist

They never get old. However, now they are not painting the walls of the Sistine chapel, but rather, draw a design for what you can buy. Some, of course, and paintings haggling. For the latter there are many interesting sites and sites of domestic and foreign destinations, which help to sell their work. Just create a profile, send photos of the paintings are in good quality and expect a miracle. If you have a direct hand and a good market sense, then your stuff will buy.

11. Teacher

What can you do? Know how cool to play the harmonica? Or perfectly cooked Italian pizza? It seems to us that any man in something so successful. And this «something» could be monetized. Just teach his art to another guy. Formulate your program design your course, clearly demonstrate your skills and take payment from those who still thought it was interesting. However, the basics of teaching is also better to learn.

12. Inventor

Platform to raise funds for different utility and different stuff opened the eyes of many brainy characters, who did not know what to use their brains. If you came up with some brilliant little thing, or a revolutionary device for the control of cockroaches, then you have a great chance to show his invention to the world, to raise funds for the prototype and then start mass production. When has this happened before? Everything was resolved cones in large corporations or in government. And now you can help ordinary people who believe in you.

And it’s cool!

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