12 popular drinks that can say a lot about us girls

Suppose you are at the stage of Dating. First, second, third — doesn’t matter. You came into the club or bar in a relaxed weekday with a specific purpose: to drink and to sharpen fritters on a variety of topics in order to impress each other, show off and continue your relationship. It’s time to order drinks, and we know that women always see any signs that they are about something they say, but they absolutely do not understand. And here you ordered something and it is all for you to decide. And what did she decide? Today we look at 12 popular drinks and reaction of the girls when you order. You haven’t started to drink, and the girl has something.

1. Domestic beer

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A bro and operate on the proven scheme: order a domestic beer (not produced in Russia, namely local type «Bakanskoe», «Baltika», «Zhiguli»), because there is a big chance that it is more or less fresh. What says most girls such an order? The guy’s a bore. Man, eating in a nice bar domestic beer, boring, unremarkable, and unable to appreciate something good, without any pretensions, ambitions and fulfillment. This guy will not appreciate a large and beautiful world of the theatre, good literature and poetry, it is superficial. But reliable. Not strange, many girls think that guys who bought domestic beer is cheap, reliable and unpretentious in life. So if a girl like that her betrothed will be delighted by the slightly overcooked potatoes, it will not confuse your choice. Have in mind cheap beer, and not some expensive beer of a local brewer or a small private brewery.

2. Margarita

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If you seriously think that ordering a Margarita will make you in the eyes of the girls experienced connoisseur of alcoholic beverages and the romantic lover of beauty, then, first, tell me, why do you think of this? And secondly, the girl will consider you a boring office worker, which is nothing else more attractive and original than «Margarita», to imagine just not. Some girls, by the way, you know, think women order cocktails of mom’s sons, who do not know how to drink. Strange nonsense.

3. Scotch

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It all depends on your age, friend. If you’re a respected man older than 35 years, the girl may think that you have exquisite taste, but in something you, of course, the bastard (women are strange). If you’re under that age, the girl’s eyes, you bastard, trying to seem refined. But if she likes you, you probably will show her sweet and thoughtful guy that knows a lot about good drinks.

4. Imported beer (bottled here)

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Do you think it was a little better than others. A little, but this is enough. Are you trying to show himself as a man with good taste, but you’re not more storey for girls than those who prefer domestic beer. Superficial Blowjob, small shag, the movie with pretensions — you might be a little better than drinking domestic beer. Grostete.

5. Several varieties of wines

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But wine lovers girls more or less respected. Especially those over night order several different glasses of wine. Usually some girls think that the guys who bought a few wines for the evening, a little older than they think. But this does not mean that they are less cool. Now don’t tell me you can’t stand beer and other different kinds of wine, and then immediately turn into the girl’s eyes an old bore Ted Mosby.

6. Vodka with cranberry

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It is not strange, but for many girls, this drink means that you’re maturing. Or want to drink in Dublino, or can’t stand the taste of alcohol. Or you have a fake ID and you’re 17.

7. Martini

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You might think that Martini makes you look more masculine, a La James bond or look like a brooding introvert. But in fact the girl perceives you as an extrovert who wants to attract attention to himself. And, most likely, as a snob!

8. Rum Cola

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Hard version of a domestic beer drinker. Or a bit more hard — fan of imported beer. You don’t want to get out of the comfort zone or you lack imagination. You are not able to perceive the taste of alcohol, so you have something to disguise it. Usually girls think you’re boring and quite happy with it.

9. Gin and tonic

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Usually this bro girls trust the most. It’s a little more sophisticated guys than the previous one, but not such snobs as fans of the Martini. Although many women believe a gin and tonic is absolutely disgusting thing, and have something against people drinking.


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For girls, that she is not against to drink this whiskey, you’re a real stand-up guy who knows what salt is, and knows how to have fun. You are able to enjoy simple things and at the same time is not against of good quality alcohol, cinema and literature. And you can honestly it. So think about us girls.

11. Expensive high-quality imported beer on tap and in bottles

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You as a fan of imported beer, but on steroids. And here everything depends on the situation and your behavior: either you will be perceived as the guy from the previous paragraph, if you’ll behave, or will become girl a snob like a fan of martinis. If you look with this pretentious beer snob and resemble a hipster for girls this automatically means that you are superficial, do not want to have a relationship to man, not capable to do crazy things, bro, which will not get out of the comfort zone, ever, ever being pretentious office worker. You are one and don’t believe in the institution of marriage.

12. A shot of tequila (another)

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Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (Repeat for 4-6 hours). Here is what it says about you, girl.

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