12 iconic villains

When you were a kid, you couldn’t scare anything, even with the lights off in the room and that brought a lot of trouble. Big brother was watching some primitive horror, which were broadcast on a second-rate TV channels every evening, they seem to be eerily scary. Even while watching a movie about tomatoes-murderers and it exuded a chill. But it was interesting. Now when seeing this movie you feel not fear, but some nostalgia. Unknown monsters you forgotten, survived only those who left its bright trail of blood in history and culture. Halloween is coming – it’s time for them to remember, just in between costume selection and harvesting of Halloween pumpkins.We present to you, man, a list of the coolest evil characters of all times and peoples. Can be part of it in the comments, because all mention almost impossible.


And opens our list of the guy from the «Saw» film. Slipped a series or not, is not for us to decide, but the fact that it seriously affected the state of Affairs in the Thriller genre is pointless to deny. What a cool designer, or as it is called, John Kramer? He is like us in his humanity, because you can always survive if you fall in his «game». It all depends on your own brain, your decision. But as people in the mass do not differ special intelligence, they usually die just a little bit. If you choose the best technician and the best psychologist in the world of horror, they would no doubt John Kramer. And they say, humanitarian and technical education are incompatible – that’s nonsense!


Fell in love with. Married. Reanimirovat the master «supernatural horror» this story, «Herbert West – the resurrector of the dead», where the author, our beloved H. p. Lovecraft, raises the issue of the looting of graves, followed by resurrection of dead bodies, and all for the sake of immortality. The reading chic. Then the film came out in 1985, and after two sequels and even a comic book. All this has become a classic. A Reanimator for a long time became a favorite character of burial grounds, and young physicians. In General, guys fun is fun, even their supervisor Dr. hill got.


If you are afraid of Fridays falling on the 13th number, then we know why. All about Jason, right? We would not want to be in the same room as the antihero of the film series «Friday the 13th». Jason delights us with 80-th year, then came the first film with him. Later came a lot of sequels and sequels, some of them are a piece of shit. But the image of the killer is such a stupid and crazy mother’s son – all came to taste. It is unlikely this guy would be able to write your diploma, but he did a great job would work where you need to wield a big and sharp machete. This guy is the complete opposite of John Kramer. My only superpowers bestowed on them.

Freddy Krueger

Probably the most canonical bastard in all of horror cinema. This guy stalked us at night, even when we were quite young. Sucks to realize that as soon as you close your eyes, you can Wake up with a slit throat. «A nightmare on elm street,» however, evokes only pleasant memories. This anti-hero can be called the most trendy result: he has a gorgeous red sweater in the dark stripes, fashion and body burns, and the hat is great.

By the way, know who fulfilled Freddie? None other than an ordinary cat, his claws tore the Creator of the character the upholstery of a new sofa. Unfortunately, the author of this wonderfully nightmarish creations have become 30 Aug 2015. Wes Craven, Director of many cool horror films, has died. Turning another bright page in the world movie.

The killer (Ghost face)

What’s your favorite horror movie?Also the creation of Wes Craven. The image of the killer from «Scream» is perhaps the most recognizable image of slasher films. And the plot of the first film we can tell, even if you Wake us up at three in the morning. It is strange that in the mid-90s (the film was released in 1996), this slasher made a lot of noise because of its cruelty and immorality. Now we won’t see in the film, something shocking. The bar has been raised or, on the contrary, fell. «Scream» tried to remove from distribution, but nothing from the guardians of morality failed, and we got a great movie that spawned a cult series of «scary movie». In General, the killer of the film series «Scream» every time is different, he wears a cool mask of a Ghost and loves to unreasonable calling girls on the phone. All anything, but then he takes a knife and goes to cut them.

In the film, by the way, is full of references to such works as «Nightmare on elm street», «Halloween» John Carpener and even «Clerks».


He was born in Paris cesspool under the counter of the fish market. Dumped in a bunch of fish slime, the baby experienced her first incomparable shock. Due to incredible nervous shock, he tried to tear away all the external smells.Graceful Jean Baptiste Grenouille knows a lot about fragrances. And now he has become a good consultant in the perfume stores, but then it was the eighteenth century, and besides the pretentiousness of architecture and wigs, Paris was a dump. And the stores was not so much a good perfume and less. So the guy decided to make your own unique odors. He was a «special» child, as they say now. And the process of perfume making was also quite «special». Writer Patrick Suskind gave the world a unique murderer who was a real plague in Mecca perfume masters – Grasse. If you want to make the most wonderful perfume that can be in this world, how to do without murder 13 wonderful residents of this city?


It is usually referred to simply as «the girl from the ring». To be honest, this is a rare case when as adults we were scared of some creature in the TV. The original film comes from Japan and based on the novel by koji Suzuki. The American version looks a little familiar, but the original is, in our opinion, will be much better. It has less action, but more psychological pressure. Samara itself was a good girl once, but she is not very well managed family. As a result, the child was in the well, grew angry, became a living hell and started to terrorize people with the help of a cursed videotape. In the cursed film shows some of the author’s short film, probably with a «deep» sense after viewing the phone rings and a spooky voice announces that you will die in 7 days. Unpleasant situation, an original story and a lovely girlfriend with cadaverous skin color and increased hairiness.

Sweeney Todd

The demon Barber of Flitt Street. I think that this beauty came up with Tim Burton? Generally no, it is not so. Sweeney Todd appeared God knows when, in the nineteenth century, the stories about him passed from mouth to mouth at the beginning of this decadent century. After they began to print stories about him in the magazine «string of pearls», it was published from 1846 to 1847. They published the story about the Barber who killed their visitors and dead bodies dumped into the basement through a clever hatch. Then progressive hair was picking the pockets of corpses, Mrs. Lovett (her pie shop were connected by an underground passage to the Barber shop) make the filling for their pies. Well, then people started to make films and the first film adaptation, she is the only one lost, there was a bearded 1926. Then came the film adaptation of this remarkable story is about a sophisticated Barber in 1928, 1936, 1970, 1997, 2006 and finally in 2007. Johnny Depp, of course, was brighter than the other. In addition, the musicals always win aesthetically. By the way, now fashionably Barber shops open and more bakeries too. Don’t thank for the idea, man.

Jack The Ripper

A real historical figure. Loved prostitutes, in a certain way, of course. And we it for it is not praise, they should be treated gently. The London cops were also not happy with the Ripper, but to catch it and failed. And it seems that he killed not so many beautiful maidens (he is credited with the death of 5-6 girls), but he became a real star in the world of serial murder. Now we imagine a gentleman in a cloak, hat and cane in his hands, and also a small portfolio where are all the necessary surgical supplies.

Who he was is not known. Someone says a butcher, someone that is a doctor, well, the most plausible version belongs to Russell Edwards. In 2014, he said that Jack the Ripper was a Barber, an immigrant from the Russian Empire, Aaron Kosminskoya. In proof of his words he published the results of a DNA analysis. At the time of the crimes Kosminskoya was 23, while he was involved as a defendant in the case, but his guilt was not proven. However, he died in a psychiatric hospital.

In the culture of the Ripper left a bright trail. About it made a lot of movies, and wrote many books. Special love to Jack distinguished master of suspense, Robert Bloch, who often wrote stories on the theme of London killer.


There is another bad guy from real life, which found its reflection in modern culture. His name is «zodiac», and real name nobody knows, not even known exactly how many he killed people, but one thing is clear: the number of victims has long exceeded ten. He hunted at the end of the era of love,» that is, in the 60 years of the twentieth century. In California, his case is still considered open, and his personality became the prototype of many characters in the movie. Even in Dirty Harry, 1971, was his zodiac, his name was, however, «Scorpion». But perhaps the best adaptation on this theme is the film David Fincher, 2007, which is named for the nickname of this maniac.

How is it different from other psychopaths? It’s simple: the zodiac were constantly in contact with the press, left provocative notes everywhere (even on corpses), his DNA is known to police, but he is still at large. Although it may have long died of old age. This dude was just playing with the police and was smarter than them. He also loved the puzzles, very interesting, which, however, could mean a lot. For example, the number of dead. From letters it is clear that the zodiac was a cultural guy, versed in Opera, and even had its own logo – a circle and cross inside, goes beyond it. The killer often complained that his sign of wear on the street. The murders themselves can not be called original.


The best argument in favor of the fact that with children it is better to wait. Many parents think that the light they produced real satanic incarnation. And sometimes it was not their fault. You can be a good father, but the Devil has other plans. It happened with Damien, whom we see in the film series the omen. He is already since the childhood the real Antichrist, what will happen when he grows up? If you want to know its history, that is, the series of original films, but the remake of 2006 is quite level. However, the animal is better not to watch, hamster looks very natural. There is also a series of games about Damien, which was released not so long ago. If you do not what to play, then you can try, but we would put these games in a folder called «average does».

Jack TORRANCE (The Hotel » The Overlook)

Honey, give me the bat. I won’t hurt you, no… I’ll just blow your brains out!King gave us the book «the Shining», Stanley Kubrick has given us a remarkable film. Both great things that we recommend.

Jack Torrence, a good man, father and husband who has a drinking problem. But he could hold back his inner demons, while at home. However, the new job has changed him. Mr. Torrence along with a family is hired as the caretaker at the overlook hotel, where everything breathes the stories of the past, and each room carries a history, is often terrible and awful. The «worst» room in the hotel is room 237. It was going on some kind of grinder. But ghosts are nothing compared to the impact of the overlook at Jack. And who is the main protagonist of the work: the failed drunk dad or is it the hotel itself? We put on the building.

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