12 amazing songs with three chords

manygoodtips.com_27.08.2014_UtAqdQDbJSLW7While there is the music itself, will exist and sassy criticism, looking at treachorous songs as something that is not worth the slightest attention. But who cares about those snobs? Criticize only those who are not able to create something of their own.

1.1954 «Rock Around the Clock», bill Haley and ensemble Comets(E, B, A)


Bill Haley (Bill Haley) is one of the founding fathers of the styles of rock-n-roll and rockabilly. Haley was blind in his left eye as a result of poorly done in my childhood surgery, and to hide his physical defect, he adapted his fringe-curl, which has become the trademark style of the 50s.

It is this song promoted rock ‘ n ‘ roll into the mainstream and ultimately changed the history of music forever.

Using just three chords and few solo travelers, bill blew up our towers and forced to dance uncontrollably, from the first to the third chord of this famous song.

2. 1965 – «Mr. Tambourine Man», Bob Dylan(G, A, D)


«Man-tambourine» got freedom in April 1965 when you mix three sonorous chords and brilliant in its simplicity, the lyrics, Bob Dylan sang this touching song. It was one of the few classic songs that were recorded at the fifth Studio album Dylan, «Bringing it all back home».

Bruce Langhorne, who became a composer of great Martin Scorsese film «No turning back: Bob Dylan», perfectly conveys a wistful and nostalgic mood of the song, turning three simple chords into something much more and deeper.

3. 1967 – «Heroin» from Velvet Underground (Db, Gb)


The leader of the rock group The Velvet Underground and the great classic of our time, Lou reed said «One chord is fine. Two chords and you’re asking. Three is jazz». And he asked for a batch of his famous «heroin» with two chords. Seven minutes the music gently rocked on the waves of rhythm. A pleasant voice will sing to you about how full of temptations life young rock’n’roll kind of guy. «Heroin is my wife. And this is my life». Two chords has become one of the most powerful «rock» songs of all time.

4. 1969 – «No Fun» The Stooges (A, E, D)


«No fun,» song of Puppets, which became the fourth track of their first album «No Fun».

The song is considered the unofficial anthem of punk rock. And let the power of the sound it yields to the famous and recognizable «I Wanna Be Your Dog», these three chords from the budding, young and skinny punk virtuoso Iggy has taken a worthy place in the history of rock music.

5. 1971 – «Get It On» By T. Rex (E, A, G)


T. Rex — the brightest representatives of the British Underground» 1967.

Tyrannosaurus Rex were the biggest icons of the glam rock movement, to the death of one of the vocalists of the Duo, Mark Bolan in 1977. Simple Blues rhythm, unobtrusive guitar solos, piano sounds — all easily transports you to the misty shores in the company of long-haired dandies and rebels.

6. 1976 – «Judy is a Punk» , The Ramones (Eb5, Bb5, Ab5)


The eponymous debut album by The Ramones was embraced by critics as «…the sound of 10,000 toilets flushing at the same time». But in England, this album was the bombshell that inspired all the future stars of punk rock. And it’s the first album in the style of punk rock in music history.

The story of the song «Judy Is a Punk» is based on real events. It’s about two crazy fans who followed their idols wherever they go. The song became a prophecy, as it predicted the death of his characters. And so it happened: Jackie and Judy died in a car accident.

7. 1980 – «Atmosphere» Joy Division (A, D, E)


One of the best songs of Joy Division. Three chords put yourself in incredibly beautiful poignancy of the text, rhythm and sound. The baritone of Ian Curtis, music printing refers to your heart and remains in memory for a long time.

8. 1985 – «Just Like Honey» Jesus and the Mary Chain (G#, D#, C#)


Beautiful metaphor of the honey that characterizes this song. Viscous molasses distorted and repetitive sounds, Roy bright of rhythm and the light fluff of thoughts that remain after listening to this song.

9. 1995 – «Common People», Pulp (C, G, F)


An amusing instance of the simple and popular songs in the style of Brit-pop. Three major chords that lift the mood, nice voice and perky rhythm. And nothing more.

10. 2007 – «505» Arctic Monkeys (Dm, Em)


The song «505» closed their second album on an ominous and brooding note. Two chords, but quite visible and striking to deserve due attention.

11. 2010 – «Bloodbuzz Ohio», The National (A, F#m, D)


«Bloodbuzz Ohio» is an example of how indie rock can be details drawn using a simple, relaxed arrangements. Minor and major chords you swing on the pendulum of emotions, leaving plenty of room for fantasies, and thoughts.

12. 2011 – «If You Wanna» The Vaccines (C, F, G)


Almost the entire debut album The Vaccines consists of songs with these chords, but nonetheless, these guys perform miracles with great energy, «infectious» melodies and memorable rhythms. They try to continue the best traditions of Ramones, adding something new from yourself.