12 alcohol writers

If you read many works of classic literature, it appears that the characters are there unscrupulous drink. And because, as testified children’s teaser, «what hurts, he says, and that».

About the strong friendship between the workers and the words «green snake» is written as much as our heroes have not written in my entire life combined. But why not, if for some alcohol was not just a catalyst for creativity and the meaning of life. Besides, it is always interesting, the grass itself recognized geniuses.

Ernest Hemingway


Intelligent man sometimes gets drunk to spend time with his stupidity.Old ham went down in history not only as a great writer, but also differed in the alcohol fields. Like a real writer, he lived for the day and having fun like the others do not suspect. It is not good to have brought one of the diagnoses, tormented Hemingway at the end of years, had cirrhosis of the liver. But it looked like a normal evening, according to the defendant: «Morning – two glasses of whiskey with soda and ice for dinner – French wine in the late afternoon – three or four bottles of whiskey with friends, for dinner Chianti from braided bottles, a liter of four or five.» As he liked to say, «drinking is a way to a dignified end of life» and «the whiskey is not food for the stomach and for the soul.» Decalitres of alcohol was consumed not only for inspiration, but also as a means to quell the growing mental health problems.

However, it is not necessary to suppose that Hemingway took all without discrimination, «just to burn». In the annals included his love of such famous cocktails as the rum «Daiquiri» (9 parts rum, one part sugar and four parts lime juice, ice) and a little less rum in their effectiveness Mojito. Still on the streets Havanna old that has become a haven of old in his last years, crowds of tourists ask locals where you can drink the same Mojito recipe Hemingway. The locals, as one, they say that ham drank in this very cafe, even when their grandmothers.

By the way, the recipe is quite simple:

– 1.5 teaspoons of brown sugar;

– 0,5 lime;

– 30 ml white rum (preferably Havana Club, Ron Varadero);

– 3 large sprigs of fresh mint;

– soda water (tonic);

– crushed ice.

«Professionals» claim that Daiquiri liked the legendary writer much more than a Mojito. We tend to believe that such alcoholic foodie, like Hemingway, in General it was nice to use both «cultural» symbol of the Island of Freedom.

Edgar Allan PoE


What calamity can compare to the passion for wine?The phrase «stinking drunk» at first glance, that sounds too rude to be attributed to the great writer. But the most inveterate literary alcoholic of the XIX century Edgar Allan PoE deserved some of it unpleasant stigma. First, voluntary alcoholism is largely ruined his life. Besides, drunk to such a degree that you were taken to the hospital with an attack of delirium tremens, in which you swear is haunted, you have to have talent.

His death was also in the «wine frenzy»: drank all the alcohol that he had put in the day of the election for participation as a dummy candidate, after which the writer found in a ditch, was taken to the hospital, where he died from blockage of brain vessels.

By preference strong drinks such as absinthe. Did not hesitate and cocktails, preferring the «Sazerac», which is exactly the «green».

The original recipe for a «Sazerac»:

– 50 ml cognac;

10 ml of absinthe;

– 1 sugar cube;

– 2 dash bitters «Peso»;

– lemon twist.

Sergei Yesenin


Rash, harmonica, Rash my part.

Drink, otter, drink!«Swept notoriety,

What I pohabnik and kicker.»

Who owns these autobiographical lines? Even if the two lines above was not a signature and portrait, I hope you would know. As probably you know about the legendary and very warm relations Sergei Alexandrovich with the «green snake». The image of the lyrical hero in the tavern – perhaps the most sincere and saddest that has ever created a great Russian poetry. What you need in order to choose the right and exact words to describe the perpetrator of a farce? Unfortunately, only drink. «Moscow tavern» may not be glorified Yesenin (although in the masses and in schools popular exclusively these verses, what a beautiful ballad about the maple), but clearly showed him as a man. A man he was miserable and very talented.

About the passion of the poet to alcohol known, perhaps, all. Many believe that addiction was the cause of his death. It is known that while in America he was drinking sometimes up to epileptic seizures. However, largely because of this, we approached the tragic mystery of the Russian soul.

What is preferred by the great Russian poet? He once wrote:

«I drank vodka, I drank whiskey,

Just a pity, without you, Bystritsky».

So, Sergey, like all Russian poets and writers, drank. All that was in the pub from vodka to champagne (if you had the money). Though I must admit that the wine, liqueurs and gins with bitters among intellectuals, and even in post-revolutionary Moscow, the demand did not use. That earlier writers, in the days of Kuprin…

Erich Maria Remarque


Alcohol is a painkiller that brings relief to inflamed nerves.Secular lion, a snob, an adventurer with a dark, sad story was not spared the bottle. Many suffer from depression and inferiority complex, Remarque healed them in two ways: the novels with beautiful women and alcohol. For him, alcohol has become a kind of anesthesia that allows you to get away from those nightmares in which he was forced to return the debt of his literary career. By the way, as a soldier, distinguished career he did when the guards reserve division, but has seen enough in the hospital for dying soldiers. However, all this is written in detail in the book. By the way, the wounds of Paul Baumer grenade fragments in his neck, left leg and right hand is completely written off from the wound, which he received the Erich Maria.

All his stories partially impregnated with the pungent aroma of Calvados. «What are you going to do when the war is over? – Drink to forget everything. – And if will not help? – Still going to drink.» Also the bottle was pushing it too controversial and inflammatory nature. He himself, after the cessation of drinking was to blame for empty spent the time: «How much time is consumed and smoked… When I finally get to work…» But the wine, Calvados and vodka still often won the mental promise to work.

Jack London


For twenty years I’ve instilled a taste for strong drink, then another ten years, forced myself to fall in love and become a drunk because the alcohol was always available too.Jack London wrote about a strong spirit, courageous people, hands fold mountains and teeth sinking into life. However, he did not write about alcoholics, how he was. Perhaps, if fate was kind to him, and greed was not forced to work 17 hours a day, would not have to drown the depression on the bottom of the glass. To 37 years, London became the highest paid writer in the world. And tired. Daily serving – a thousand words – killed it. On the night of November 22, 1916, Jack London committed suicide. Beside the body found a notebook where the numbers were before his death, the writer calculated the required dose of poison.

That’s what the London wrote about his addictions: «My routine was excluded alcohol only in the morning: first Cup I drank, just finished my thousand words. After that and before dinner I had not considered glasses all the time and she was drunk. Before dinner, I again refreshed. An old story! The more I drank, the more I needed to achieve the desired action. Soon I ceased to enjoy cocktails. I was too busy to mess with them, and so much my stomach could not accommodate. Whiskey was acting much stronger. It should be less, and the result was tangible. Now my pre-lunch serving was wheat or rye, mixed vintage wines, and at the end of the day – Scotch and soda.»

Do not shun the writer and beer arriving in each new city, he first hurried to the pub, where over a glass of drink learned all the news of the city and slowly went to the condition. And it all comes from childhood. He first tried alcohol at the age of 5 and 14 get drunk to loss of consciousness. So keep children away from the bar, dear reader.

Scott Fitzgerald


First you take a drink, then the drink takes you.Frances Fitzgerald is a typical example of how the glory for the collar that attracts people to bad vices.

After March 1920 novel «this side of Paradise», Fitzgerald becomes rich and successful. A month later he married Zelda Sarah, they begin to burn life to the fullest. The happy couple of newlyweds changed parties, trips to resorts, accompanied by a sea of booze and even drugs. So there is nothing surprising in those pranks, which made the happy couple, such as: the appearance in the Nude on the theatrical premiere.

It didn’t end happily for anyone. Zelda, whose behavior and previously confused (a normal person even in a fit of jealousy he will not throw down the stairs), turned out to be ill with schizophrenia. While one was treated at numerous hospitals, Francis (I apologize dear reader for familiarity, but to write his name pretty hard), he returned to Hollywood, turned into writers and… despair began to drink even more. In the end, life seemed normal. He remained a successful writer, earning a lot of money and even found himself a new lover, but continued to drink, turning into a real animal. However, the «green snakes» have exhausted his system, and in 1940, the writer died after another heart attack. Eight years later in a fire that happened in the hospital that killed Zelda. All these eight years she was constantly talking to my husband – refused to believe that it is not.

All his works about «America the great jazz era» imbued with the bitterness samojedny, endless fun and anticipation of a close finish. And not only economic, but also moral.

And after such a tragic entry will not be superfluous to mention favourite drink of the author. They became a Jin, as the writer believed that the alleged after it feels like the alcohol smell. The writer preferred the cocktail «gin Ricky»:

– 50 ml gin;

– 10 ml lime juice;

– 100 ml of soda;

– a slice of lime.

Sergei Dovlatov


From the first drink, I could easily abstain. But do not know how to stop. The engine is good, brakes down…the Great Russian immigrant wrote almost the same as drinking sharply, without unnecessary metaphors and ornaments. All of his works, what does not take all Russian characters drink. Alcohol on Dovlatov is an integral part of the mysterious Russian life. But drunkenness appears to be an essential attribute of the mysterious Russian soul, the nation. Dovlatov himself hated the soul of your binges, and even, and not eating subsequently the alcohol for many years, he wrote about an irreversible thrust to him: «Remember it is cursed day and night…» Some people attribute the so-called «vitality» of his stories that his works alcoholics cleaned turned out to be decent people, and people toronadoes alcohol, on the contrary, caused distrust. Sometimes (certainly not always) it is a certain regularity.

Dovlatov drank vodka. He believed that without language man loses 80% of his personality and without alcohol – the same percentage of the national identity. Therefore, the choice fell on the little white. «Harmony lies at the bottom of the bottle,» he wrote.

By the way, the phrase: «Drink all day», – it is found in Dovlatov «Compromise», although it is not known who is the original source of the phrase – he or the poet Shpalikov.

Charles Bukowski


Binge drinking is an emotional thing, it shakes you out of ordinary life, from everything familiar.Well, where do without it! Perhaps the only author whose relationship with alcohol resembled a mutual love of two elderly people to settle down – a conflict-free, with deep mutual respect. For him, alcohol wasn’t even doping. Rather than for granted.

Intoxication for itself, he has opened in the childhood and already knew who will be the companion of all his controversial, contradictory life. 24 the writer went into a ten-year binge from which it is pulled by the doctors. Literally pulled his soul out alcohol until he died from internal bleeding. Doctors have warned that alcohol is a better tie, otherwise, the second time a miracle will happen. But from the hospital, Charles went straight to the bar where drunk three sheets. Waking up from a severe hangover, Bukowski found that is still alive, and by linking this fact with the divine sign did not change his daily habit to drink as many as required by the soul. And she demanded too much. Even when glorified, he did not change the usual routine: play, writing almost every night, listening to classical music and sipping red wine. By the way, the wine beverage he had a particular fondness, as indeed for beer. Do not shun the traditional American writers a means to reach the condition whiskey. By the way, whiskey Charles did a very interesting cocktail to close to him in spirit called «old-Fashioned»:

– 50 ml whiskey or Scotch tape;

– 3 ml of Angostura bitters;

– 2 pieces cane sugar.

Truman Capote


In this profession it’s a long walk between drinks.The man with the piercing eyes are sad – Truman Capote – addicted to alcohol while working on his major bestseller – «cold-Blooded murder». Too great was the tension at the time of writing, especially one of the prototypes of his character, Perry Smith, Capote fell in love. But in vain, Perry was waiting for the electric chair.

In General, alcohol was the last nail in the coffin. Capote died of liver cirrhosis. Well, except for a trend in literature, he popularized the drink which is familiar to all pupils and students – «Screwdriver».

For this cocktail you will need vodka and orange juice, just mix them in a ratio of 3:7 and drink in memory of Trumaine. He was a writer.

William Faulkner


There is nothing that whiskey can’t cure.Alcoholic exhaustion, delirium tremens, peptic ulcer disease, electroconvulsive therapy, head injuries, rib fractures, falls from ladders and horses, broken vertebrae, fever, diseases of internal organs, hand tremors, memory lapses are typical symptoms of inveterate alcoholic who has experienced in his lifetime, Nobel laureate, one of the pillars of American literature William Faulkner. So you could not tell looking at serious works and a neat appearance, a dose of alcohol, this venerable gentleman has received almost with mother’s milk. So he just was born in a family of alcoholics. Was introduced to alcohol by his grandfather, giving him one day to drink remaining in the bottle punch. As a result, by 18 years the future writer was drinking like a true alcoholic.

During his service in the army dead drunk Faulkner fell with the aircraft, making a training flight. But there is something to remember in the sunset years!

But seriously, 30 years of hard drinking were the most fruitful for Faulkner. And let this author is little known, but thanks to his incredibly bad habit earned him a place in the Pantheon of alcohol-saturated writers.

Of course, the most difficult period in life for William was prohibition, during which he drank the harsh drink Rabaska farmers – corn alcohol. The rest of the time prefer a mint julep, which consisted of whiskey, 1 teaspoon sugar, ice and twigs-another mint. The cocktail was served in a metal bowl.

Nikolai Gogol


The great Russian hoaxer and exposer of comical poverty was an avid foodie. The writer claimed that «dumplings without meat» is like «to drink vodka without snacks». With this food writer entertained at the table, dipped dumplings in sour cream and tried to throw them into the mouth of the interlocutor. Friends suffered. But it’s not about that, and that, in the opinion of Nikolai, without snacks is not used, – about vodka. An alcoholic, he was never, however, to take a glass or two for him was not a problem. Byvalocha, they go to the pub with actor M. S. Shchepkin, and let’s go to town. The wines he gave, according to Mikhail Semenovich, the name «Quarterly» and «Mayor,» as good managers, who organized and lead in the stomach all in good order; and the punch (moonshine), because a lit burning blue flame, gave the name of Benkendorf – the famous «watchdog» at the court of Nicholas I.

Venedikt Erofeev


I’ve got nothing to drink…the name of the author of the immortal poem of self-destructive greatness of the Russian people «Moscow-Petushki» – Winecki Yerofeyev strongly associated with alcohol. The novel itself is replete with endless recipes for alcoholic food. And the work itself – a view through the prism of Canaan balsam.

Knew Erofeeva say that Venechka drank almost every day. He drank, as he performed duty as went to work. However, he had his own relationship with alcohol: he can drink huge amounts of vodka and, as they say, in either eye. Us drunk the Venechkom no one saw always a sober eye, a smart speech, besides drunks he hated. Being in a drunken state, he was able to have an intelligent conversation, gracefully sipping whiskey or cognac, with a dim glass.

When he chided, «Wen, because it interferes with work,» he said, «Wants – does not drink. But if you don’t take in his mouth a SIP, I immediately appear crazy craving for work.»

Sipping it, not because he didn’t want to work, and because of the terrible physical pain, which did not stop after the surgery. Yes, and the mental state of the writer, methane life like a rat in a cage, not given the slightest reason to engage in harmful fad.

By the way, alcohol does not interfere with creative thinking unlike the Russian writer. During the writing of the tragedy «Walpurgis night, or Steps of the Commander» to raise the tone for every page of text his wife gave him a shot of whiskey.

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