12 absurd reasons to celebrate this fall

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_eaEvEnXQ1qDswThey say that the fall is not normal holidays, only on 1 September, 4 November, and Halloween. Well, actually, Yes, normal holidays and it’s really not. But no matter what the occasion, it is important to make them as much as possible, because from the time when the Russian people no longer celebrate the New Year on 1 September, the Russian people began to fall in the autumn Blues. And the best way to get out of it is to find a cause for celebration. But if you dig, you’ll find many reasons for joy for all segments of the population. Even if they look absolutely absurd.

1 September — Day of snot

Every first of September, pupils, students and those who just have to complain to arrange dramatic a flash mob on the planet, which cannot be compared even to the day of memory and grief. Mass starts whining about the end of summer. And let this be the day the grass is the same green as 3 days ago, be sure to let all of his lost summer.

Tradition: Whine, whine, traditionally put on the main page in their social networks sad picture the song Cure «The last day of summer»(more advanced characters doing it under Carissa»s weird — «September come take this heart away», well, absolutely progressive clowns attached to kartinochka «Disco inferno — «summer’s last sound»). To cry about how Holy summer flew out from under the control of the freight train, tearful to remember work/school/uni, to convince myself that the climate has changed and is looming over you like a Jewish nose, above the upper lip.

September 3 — the Day of farewell, the day when fires are burning ash. As the fires burn promises a day when I’m all alone

Joke-shuruti, my young friend. On this day, any fat bearded man with a bald head is automatically seen by the author invaluable tool. For this day people buy calendars to flip them over, and there again the third of September. Once a year, once in a lifetime. This day changes the ceremonial boring of the first of September, lyrical tone. Don’t want to cry, my heart melancholy.

Tradition: the Main ritual of this day is listening to the immortal hits of Mikhail Zakharovich, with the subsequent forcing of memes and videos where famous American rapper Rick Ross, is a soulless mazafaka sings that which stings to toe song. And so from morning to night. And dreams about his collaboration with the band Stigmata and subsequent recording of the hit «September 3, burns».

8 September — Day free porn

Holiday from the category «walk hand — Balde Wiener». More than a hundred most popular porn sites participated in the action Free Porn Day («free porn»), in which the day opened free access to its rollers. The event was attended by such porometry as MetArt, Nubiles-Porn.com Vivid and Evil Angel. Although some sites were shamefully mail required for verification.

In fact, all this action is generated not by generosity, but with despair, because this is the only way for the sites with a paid membership to fight back free projects. Simply put, do not be sad I missed. Many exclusives long ago merged to other sources.

Traditions: the Most that neither is unbridled and incredible. See hundreds more videos and cool down to porn — the real feat.

September 11 — the Day of faceted glass

Although the history of this glassware dates back several centuries, but the day of birth is September 11. As history shows, that on this day in 1943 at the glass factory in Gus-Crystal was released first Soviet faceted glass. Rumor has it that the designer of the popular dishes was the author of riveted beast called «worker and collective farm girl» by Vera Mukhina, however, documentary is not confirmed.


This faceted miracle long been the subject of hipster and retrograde desires, graceful contours, refracting all known rays, and make even the worst booze tasty and healthy. Made of faceted glass and yogurt and tea and alcohol I drink, the drink becomes the flavor of black Maria, shortages, queues on the carpet, and unctuous oil-garlic flavor communal apartments.Very pleased that the faceted glass is not treated as a throwback to bygone days, but on the contrary, his honor, respect, and buy, then to verify one sad thing — he is no better than regular glass.

Tradition: to Drink all that drink from the hero of the occasion.

September 19 — Talk Like A Pirate Day

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_BbY1xbyTPOwjYThe festival, whose epic is matched only, perhaps, with boarded Galleons, loaded with Spanish gold. Indeed, everyone loves pirates and Jack Sparrow here there is nothing, after all, Henry Morgan, Francis Drake, Edward Tech, Francois Alone and Bartolomeu Dias was much more charismatic. All just sometimes need to delve and dive into childhood.

The tradition of «Talk like a pirate day», came up with two unemployed obydwa that idleness came to mind: «why not hold the annual pirates Day when people would be free to swear swear words, to carry guns and bandanas, to arrange a shooting competition, etc.?» Since then and led.

Tradition: this day is sort of accepted, and kind of need to talk… Well, to put it mildly like a pirate. Everyone understands the rule in its own way, so one nasal wheezing as cartoon pirates from «treasure Island», and others wearing three-cornered hats, and every second repeat phrases like: «my arse», «take no Prisoners!», «Cat fight!», «AAT, the devil!». Yes, this is not the same degenerative pirates that sail the vast sea. And not even treacherous pirates, motavia nerves to Tom Hanks in «Captain Phillips».

Real, normal pirates were far from their movie and cartoon counterparts. Because they were dressed in all sorts of rags, teeth they had, for scurvy, lack of vitamins, and often during a long voyage all the delicious siralus, and had to eat rats. Nor were they quite so funny. Dark, cruel mercenaries, constantly risking their lives. But dressing up in the costume of the homeless and the vagrants only on the international day of homeless people and vagrants, so all turn into written beauties like blood, or losers, with the habits of an Ogre like silver.

September 22 — the IG Nobel prize

Not really a holiday, but the West that the red color stands out on a gloomy September days. Because for some this is an important event for which delayed everything. The IG Nobel prize is ruthless and cruel. Everything should be the alternative, so if someone honored for contribution to global welfare — then have to honour those whose achievements «first make you laugh and then think» — these words written in the rules anteprime. However, the original wording sounded a little differently: «for achievements that cannot be played back or it makes no sense to do it.» With the exception of three prizes awarded in the first year, the IG Nobel prize is awarded for the actual work. Candidates for the award may nominate anyone, and allowed to self-promotion.

Tradition: to Watch and to be indignant, why do people do stuff, not finding a cure for cancer.

14 October — world egg day

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_9GlTLmdIaoFCuAhh, the vulgar, it’s not about the eggs I think! It’s a simple chicken, which is hidden deep sense of the sacred. The egg is the symbol of the origin of life and development, the transition from nonexistence to existence, the rebirth of nature through the fertilization of force in major power and the origin of life in primordial emptiness. The embryo inside the egg is a symbol of the endless cycle of life in nature, and its shell and spatial boundaries of the world. The yolk is like the sun floating in the ethereal firmament.

Actually, of course, everything is much more prosaic, about the sacred nature of eggs no one remembers, preferring instead to eat tons of fried eggs and omelette. It all happened in 1996. At the conference in Vienna, the international egg Commission (and it happens) has announced that to celebrate world «egg» festival on the second Friday of October. The Commission argues that there are at least a dozen reasons to celebrate egg Day, and many countries, and especially the manufacturers of egg products, readily responded to the idea to celebrate the holiday eggs.

Tradition Is all that comes out of the bird… praise the eggs, and to eat even raw, at least in some form.

23 October — world day for mother in law

I told you not to rush to marry, now here’s a new festival in the calendar. He was born in the 1930-ies in the United States as a joke. Journalists of the publication decided to make a joke, since we celebrate mother’s day we should celebrate the day second mother — she is mother-in-law. Subsequently, every year he gained more supporters, including other English-speaking countries.

Tradition: the Purpose of the festival is to build bridges of love and friendship «favorite» mother-in-law, especially if she lives in the same city with you. Otherwise you will have problems. If the mother gold, and even better wife — this is another reason to visit a second mother.

November 7 — the Day of the great October socialist revolution (Day categorical rejection of all innovations)

Wimps, they do not worship revolution! Invented, you know, strange Day of national unity! I threw it in the face like a wet towel, supposedly think of themselves that celebrate, not celebrate the revolution. We didn’t give up when they changed the name bright holiday the Day of accord and reconciliation. Let as many pleasuring liberals and haters of the scoop, we will not forget!


Tradition: as soon as the clock will exceed your heavy hands past midnight, bring in the fight-organized groups of armed workers against the bourgeois crap, denies our right to control the means of production. Well, or to include letovsky «Sing Revolution sing!», and read «Lenin in Finland», «Lenin’s reading of Tolstoy», «Capital», and «the memoirs of contemporaries of Trotsky». And then to meet with his associates in the Communist party, to dream about the time when tread communism, and you’re never online, and then to get drunk to «Lenin’s Mausoleum».

November 8 — international day of KVN

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_nPdxeSaJaBKFMIn fact, every third citizen of this country is connected with KVN. Someone played it at a school level, someone mowed couples drinking at rehearsals of University KVN. Someone with this game even believed in myself and took a leading weddings and special occasions. And some, it all came together much better, and now they — the gray cardinals of Russian humor of varying quality, and they rule the situation.

KVN much more than you may think: soap operas, series, programmes. Members write scripts, direct, produce, act, act with standpipe. Indeed, a unique phenomenon, which for 55 years, which lost part of its audience from year to year less and less funny, but still delivers a creative-creative class in all spheres of cultural and mass. Maybe someday they displace videoblogger, but this will not happen soon because the old TV game rules the ball, supplying recruits, and giving the opportunity to become famous and get into «the idiot box» and on movie screens much faster. It does not need 2 million subscribers, but sometimes, for the sake of a stellar time, you have to play as many as ten years, wriggling and squealing before Ernst saddled with a family of several children.

Tradition: Suddenly remember that you’re cheerful and resourceful and try to prove it with my funny jokes (you had a fight with the editor in the distant 2010).

November 11 — world day of shopping/ boutique

Be careful, and make sure that your girl do not know. Otherwise, your house will appear a lot of unnecessary things, which of course need to pay money. It all started in 2009 when the Internet platform «Alibaba Group» from China has implemented a marketing ploy called «world Day of Shopping», drawing on their resources, and in particular on AliExpress sale, where discounts of 50% was the norm. Timed as this «holiday» was for the day of the Bachelor, which is celebrated in China on November 11. So, if you do not have girls — you can safely celebrate this holiday. By the way, in China it became official, and on this day, single men are going to eat and drink with the same lonely relatives.

Traditions: If you prefer shopping — safely buy consumer goods from Chinese resources almost at cost. If the blank is to meet friends and have a good walk, along the way, convincing yourself that you’re not alone, and the women have nothing on you.

November 19 — world toilet day

Day 19 November was declared » world toilet day in 2001, during the international conference held in Singapore on the problems of toilets. More than 200 delegates from Asia, Europe and North America, representing 17 national toilet associations, met to discuss pressing issues and to consider the new concept of potty business. The result of the meeting was the formation of the world toilet organization (which became the initiator of creation of the outhouse festival on the planet).

What’s the meaning of the holiday? To remind humanity that about 40% of the world’s population has no opportunity to spoil in designated areas in the absence of such. In the framework of this unique holiday in different countries carried out various activities aimed at sensitizing the public to the common areas, improvement of toilets and improve hygiene standards of the toilets.

Tradition: Tuiasi on the porcelain throne, think of those who can’t poop with the same comfort as you do. Well, thank heaven that you don’t have to relieve themselves right outside your tent, or run for that through the garden on a frosty winter night.

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