11 westerns who must watch every man

The Western is the most American genre of cinema. Even if we are talking about spaghetti westerns from Sergio Leone, for example. But most of all attracted to the westerns of any guy who is far from love the Americans — a style of the Wild West and courage, combined with heroism. Such films will be discussed in our today’s collection. Every man needs to watch these films to be culturally developed. Let’s start, cowboy.

1. «The good, the bad and the ugly» («The Good, The Bad and the Ugly»)

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Who speaks English or just loves movies, knows that the correct name of this reference, the spaghetti Western — «the Good, the bad and the ugly». Of course, all the snazzy Clint Eastwood, who in this collection will appear more than just often. The rigor and the pursuit of gold — that’s the aura of this film.

2. «Django Released» («Django Unchained»)

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If you seriously think that the Western genre is dead, tell that to Quentin Tarantino, and he didn’t know that. «Django» is three hours of great dialogue, good plot, great acting, courage, love and the struggle for freedom, which takes place on one breath.

3. «World Wild West» («Westworld»)

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Little known in the country film. Actually, to include it in this list was strange: this film is fantastic. In the spotlight — an amusement Park for adults, which simulates the Wild West, robots go crazy and start killing the visitors. The film is first and foremost a good plot, scenery and the fact that it was first used in computer image processing (1973). And the main evil robot plays Yul Brynner — actor of Russian descent, who played Ramses II in «the 10 commandments».

4. «True grit» (2010) («True Grit»)

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With all due respect to the second after the great Eastwood the king of westerns John Wayne, this film deserves a special place in this list. This is a remake of the film 60-ies, in many ways superior to the original, which is amazing. Although the original is good too. The revenge story about a little girl a La Arya stark and about the old cowboy touching, interesting and unique. And another sample of the courage. Oh, and there’s a Dude playing a cowboy!

5. «Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid» («Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid»)

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The most successful in the history of Western. The story of two old friends-the bandits (real) could not gain so much positive reviews. The actors got a good.

6. «Unforgiven» («Uforgiven»)

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Once again the old Clint Eastwood, Director and producer. A great example of the evolution of the individual and moral choice, the problem of violence abruptly, than in «a Clockwork orange». This chic Western received four «Oscar» and a scattering of smaller awards. You can still say that Clint waited ten years to play, Manny was getting old to the best condition.

7. «Once in the West» («Once Upon a Time in the West»)

A brilliant masterpiece that has survived the test of time, and just a great movie. A young widow arrives at the farm to relatives, and there all dead time to revenge! And the actor, the legend of westerns Charles Bronson is here. No, not this one.

8. Blazing saddles («Blazing Saddles»)

It is not strange, but a parody of westerns, which played all the stereotypes of the genre, is one of the best films in this genre. In the film good enough, but a lot of dirty jokes — the creators understand what the salt, before it became fashionable. And jokes about farting.

9. «Treasure of the Sierra Madre» (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre»)

Simple and very old story (1948) that the money can destroy a person and make a person a person.

10. «Rio Bravo» («Rio Bravo»)

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A classic Western with John Wayne. Add nothing special, but a great movie. Themes of alcoholism, loneliness, struggle for justice runs parallel with the history of the gangs terrorizing the local town. One of my favorite Tarantino movie.

11. «A fistful of dollars» (A Fistful of Dollars»)

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This film opened up the genre of spaghetti westerns and showed the coolness of Clint Eastwood. Moreover, the way such a cool anti-hero cowboy-arrow Joe has affected almost the entire film industry in General, so also with him Stephen king ripped off Roland for his series of books «the Dark Tower».

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