11 types of friends that will make in your life

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_VcBctMNK7AUT0Through your life will be a lot of people who, one way or another, will leave their mark on the pages of your story. Some will fly away from a light breath of wind, others will keep you crab the claws of his loyal friendship all his life.

Let’s try to classify «types» of friends with whom life will push you sooner or later.

1. Faithful Sancho Panza


Each of us has a friend who always does more for you than you for him. And ask for nothing in return. What we deserve people like that around? Probably some good deeds in a past life. They will not forget, when ordering pizza, which is tomatoes you are allergic to. Buy a bag of drugs, if you’re sick, go for mineral water if you kill a hangover. For them it is the natural understanding of the verb «to be friends».

2. Man-Eclipse


Eclipse only happens every few years. And this man you’ll remember for years to come, because he was strange and unusual. But ultimately friendship as the man himself, you left too fast, leaving behind only memories and a bit nostalgic.

3. Man carnival


It is a bright, creative people with whom you spend a lot of fun. One holiday and one show. And after it will squeeze out of your relationship all that supported the interest, he goes in search of a more interesting and eventful life.

4. Shoulder


Sometimes you need a shoulder to whine or feel a powerful boost of support. A friend is the perfect candidate for this honorary role. You can complain about your work, relationships, or just a bad day — he will listen. Listen carefully, give advice, slap on the shoulder, tell, for comparison, about their troubles and sorrows, and then your ordeal seem not so scary. It may not be your best friend, but definitely a very close friend who you trust. And who trusts you.

5. Skipper


Skipper — a friend who controls everything that happens. He is the captain of the crew and his duty to gather where you need it. In the old days, when there were no mobile phones, these friends were the most important, as was a walking phone book, and their house was like a center of the universe. Even now, when the cell — the main link of all meetings and negotiations, the skipper still deciding where and when will be get-together.

6. The experimenter


In retrospect, these friends you look surprised, like, how such colorful characters all had an impact on you and on any areas of your life. Perhaps in the circle of friends, you were afraid of the hair to the sound of heavy metal, arguing the rhythms of Eminem, whose pants wider. In any case, it was a memorable and in some ways, rebellious milestones in your history.

7. Flame


They are similar to the Eclipse, but remain for a longer time, and their contribution is impossible not to appreciate. Such people inspire, motivate and kick up the backside when you need it. Friends who can influence you and your Outlook.

8. LEGO friend


Friends of youth that you remember with a smile and warmth, but left there in the distant past. Too different interests, different destinies and desires. You can say you grew out of this friendship, both grew out of his love for toy castles Lego.

9. Best


Someone, a brother from my mother stranger appears at a more Mature age, but most often is the person you will be friends from diapers to diapers. They always know what you are silent. With them were completed, and fire and water and copper pipes. A Friend with a big letter, one of the people close to you that you will never forget because he will always be there.

10. One inherited


Sometimes friends get to you at birth. Brothers and sisters, cousins, family friends. Those who will be present in your life no matter what. Like it or not.

11. The only


This is the «Yin» to your «Yang». The eggs in your butter. The brightest star in your sky. The person you spend the rest of your life. Your emotional partner. Your true love. Hope and support. And the list of qualities that will have your ideal future wife.