11 tips to stop thinking about past relationships

how to stop thinking about past relationships

How to accept the fact that the relationship ended is the big question. In fact, it is a quick and easy process, but often it is complicated things that remain common to you and your ex-girlfriend: friends, favorite places and even homes. Possibly the saddest problems in any former relationship is to bury the memories associated with them. We’ll give you a few tips that will help you to be back in the game.

1. Sleep with another

This is the easiest way to get at the head of his ex-wife. The quickest and most effective way to get her out of my head. One of the reasons why it is difficult for us to leave the past behind (no matter how much you believe in yourself) — fear that you’ll never find. This feeling keeps us coming back to familiar, comfortable former, with which the porridge will not weld, and this is repeated again and again. Get a new girlfriend, even for one night — and you’ll stop whipping yourself.

2. Use the forgotten freedom

Relationships are built on compromises. If you don’t have anyone, you can do whatever you want. You finally got rid of that chain, man, you’re free! So hang out until four in the morning, buy a ticket and fly to see her brother on the other end of the country or just sit on your ass and watch it all day basketball. Enjoy the things you couldn’t do, being there for her, would be very cool.

3. Remember everything that was bad

Dudes often idealize their ex after a breakup. You can just go about their business, and suddenly you suddenly remembered some joke or a nice date. You’re a sad smile, remembering her words for the first time in a long time and remember how you had sex.

No! One of the most important tips is to remember the bad. Concentrate on the problems and quarrels. Iterates the memory of her bad habits and ugly behavior. It acts like a cold shower.

4. Spend time with friends

You often sacrificed for the sake of it with my dudes. Girls are very greedy of time, they are real temporary thieves: they always have more and more of your attention. And now you have no one, and you can reconnect with guys, which you never have enough time. It will be fun and will make a therapeutic effect, because hanging out with friends — training with a very big impact.

5. Don’t try to pick up things

If you want to end the relationship, it is not necessary to see the former. Forget your things that were left to it. They just walked away from your life. USB flash drive for 600 rubles — this is a very low price to pay to keep the peace, not to see the former and not to talk to her.

6. Take away all reminders of her

Silly bear she gave you for your birthday, her snotty love letters, your sentimental photos — let it all flies beautifully in the trash. Throw. The faster you throw this garbage out of the house, the faster you can handle the end of your relationship.

And Yes, I foresee your question: to leave things that have no emotional significance. If you bought Call of Duty 2, the game is not to blame. But clothes, jewelry, notes and the like you don’t need.

7. Avoid her friends and the places where it happens

If you do not want to succumb to the temptation that inevitably accompanies any meeting with the former, we must be prepared to make sacrifices. Yes, you have to break ties with someone from your mutual friends. So, you don’t have to be in the places that liked you both. Trust me, it’s worth your peace of mind.

8. Do sports

Without a friend you have freed a lot of time, and you will think what to fill it. Now, when you’re single, it is the business going to the gym or to start Jogging in the mornings. This is a great way to be in shape and to avoid depression after divorce. To be in shape is a means to increase self-esteem. And don’t forget: the gym is a great place to meet girls.

9. Don’t mess with her

Maybe it’s even the most important of all tips. After you broke up, don’t mess with her. Ignore. I’m serious. Maybe you talked some nonsense about «stay friends», maybe you wanted to always be around when you need me». Forget it. If you’re going to communicate with her, you’re always going to hope for a second chance. So Gimme her number, don’t write and don’t call her more daring friends. Imagine, how you will react to some of the pictures with a strange man and you will understand why you broke up.

10. Find out for yourself

If you are divorced, you should be approximately at the same stage. Do not procrastinate. You broke up, and decided to take a break from each other. You and she move on, which means you will meet new people. If you still need to dot the i, do it now. Then it would be foolish.

11. Throw her off the pedestal

Stop thinking that it was a gift to the human race. She wasn’t perfect. If we are really honest, and it was not close. Make a list of those things that you it was annoying. Let your friends talk bad about her. Whatever you need to do to knock her off the pedestal.