11 tips that will make you better and make others look at you as an example

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_9VpZqHf9ltQKhThe transformation from a simple layman to a strong personality is rather selfish desire. You want to be happy, feel good, want to become better than you were before. There is something selfish. Well, you has evolved into a man-moth, all so beautiful, happy, successful and correct. And then what? Need to do so that others looking at you as an example, then the ego will amuse and benefit of your transformations will appear.The purpose of these tips is not to castigate myself for my shortcomings, rather, to exclude from the diet of moral self-reflection and to create an opportunity for personal growth. Then you’ll be the most perfect of people, improve their lives and the lives of the people around you. When you are strong (mentally and physically) and motivated, can motivate others. If you are able to set goals, form habits, and become a hero, you have a chance to change the world for the better.

Be a hero

There is one strange thing: not only do you want to be better, but everyone is OK with this. Your girl wants honest guy with whom she can trust. Your friends want to have a friend on whom you can rely and which do not have to doubt. And strange people that we see every day… Yes, even they wish you were a decent kid, and not the usual crap. Just the land and the people is so rotten that subconsciously begin to look for that are just and perfect, who will return faith in humanity, to convince that not all people on the planet shit.

The world and everything around us is in need of a hero. If you will be able to transform into its superior version, then you will not only be happy but will also get the opportunity to change other people’s lives for the better, and maybe the whole world.

Error — not a reason to give up the dream

You have great dreams? Be ready to errors. So, no one wants to let others down, no one wants to look stupid. And, perhaps most important — we don’t want to lose hope that we can do something great and wonderful. We fear that if we fail, all hope will be lost.

And that’s the problem. After the failure, many believe it their duty to give up the dream, they say did not work, so no luck. The only difference between a successful person and those who lead a miserable suburban existence, so it is that the successful person took their mistakes as a lesson, analyzed the situation and continued to move forward.

Be prepared for the fact that your whole body will whine and call you to stop. The pain from a single, albeit very serious setbacks can not be compared with pain and frustration from a life lived foolishly and unrealized hopes. The consequences of one mistake is ephemeral, but the consequences of pleading loser will torment the whole life.

To life goal

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_aHWRyXsF5DthxEach of us is given one life, with its initial level of complexity, with his script, textures, and specifics of a given map. And all you can do is accept and live it. Among other things, you are given the capability and strength that you should try to use, instead of whine and complain about why you from birth is not given anymore.

In the end, the resources that are given to you initially (stress that word) have to give you is that a good start. Nowhere is it written that you have to live your whole life in the hated parent kopeck piece in a cold Nefteyugansk. Destiny? For God’s sake, stop telling these fairy tales are for losers, don’t like Nefteyugansk — move to Mallorca, who prevents.

Try to fill up the resources and should not settle for things based on the fact that most of your friends even they are not. Just look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day, and try to ask yourself honestly, is your high, or have the strength for a new approach.

Be honest to yourself

Know the easiest way to live life with a sense of guilt, self-doubt and discontent? Elementary, my friend, you have to live a double life. It is not so much about the relationship on the side (although they, too, must be taken into account), and the dishonesty towards themselves. To say one thing and do another. To believe in one thing, but allowing fear to betray their faith.

What, you don’t want to live like animals? So don’t live doesn’t fit, just do what makes you feel good without regard for how it affects others. If you’re going to do something that makes you happy and someone you love in the long run, no deprivation to radius your personality will not smell.When you go against yourself, you create conflict at the very core of your being. When this occurs the collision between the own secret beliefs about what is right and what is wrong, to avoid feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction will not work.

Invest happiness in other

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_u4PquOQb40xyRWhen you start to represent, the next step to successful self-realization becomes a help to other people. No need to go to station square and to throw away money, helping the needy, is sufficient to substitute the calloused shoulder to others. For, as the Scripture says: «Yes is not there you have excuses not to help his neighbor with wallpapering. Yes wither hand at any one who’ll throw you a hundred for your brother.»

And you will quickly realize that the best way to gratify his ego to help his friend. And building relationships and strong bonds with other people just is another key to success. The fact that no one has been able to achieve success independently, without anyone’s help. Earth, as you know, the round, helped you made man in his debt — he’ll help you if he has a conscience.

To correct their mistakes

When you do something wrong, learn, and not left anyone offended. According to Cesar for a second before death: «still not worth it to make enemies». If there are those with whom you behaved ugly, it is better to apologize, because there are still killers in Russia.

Just say, «I was young and stupid, I didn’t see the big prick. I was wrong, and I’m so sorry». Call, write a letter — no difference, the main thing is take your soul and do the only thing that can console your enemies — admit their wrong. This situation will not change, but the human ego is so constituted that the apology may not solve all problems, but erase some of the sharp corners in the relationship.

The most difficult thing in this situation is to put away the show — off, to suppress his own ego, to strip off the skin of the alpha male, and start acting civilized. Who wants to admit they are wrong? Anyone. But if the whole planet didn’t think the apology is an admission of his own weakness, the world would be better. If you decided to do such a thing — let to Express my respect, you’re one of the bravest men in our country.

Get used to the fact that on the way to perfection you need to get over yourself

What kind of attack! In order to become perfect we have to overcome yourself, to overcome laziness and other obstacles.

Immediately to mind comes self-discipline, sport and obsession in the best sense of the word. Only obsessed with the goal, performs all the time people are able to reach their goal. Accustoming themselves to the regime and timetable, you destroy your ability to settle. So it turns out that the extremists and perfectionists easier to achieve perfection.

Draw information

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_Htyra9fsCGVyPPhew what a trite and contrary part, isn’t it? How can you tell that reading books helps to develop?! Apparently, until then, until you start to read them.

Well, besides books, do not forget to communicate with people who at least have achieved something. The main thing in these conversations is not to make yourself bigger than you really are, and to admit that you need help and tip.

Do at once more than one thing

If you can surf your feed to social networks in search of something interesting, while sitting on the toilet and listening to the music, it does not mean that you own by cesaretin talent. If this is the only things that you can do both, then I must disappoint you — you have trouble multitasking.

There is one good English proverb: «Jack of all trades, master of none», which translates roughly as: «For all to take — none». So stop to make yourself unique, and do several things. Mark one, the most important, and easy to do. And best of all focus on what’s right in front of you, before your eyes and not urgent.

Distracted from their own fears

If you’re stuck in one place, paralyzed by fear, try to find something more important than your efficient sticky fear. In this case, the benchmarks will change slightly, and will gain a healthy direction of development.

Even the most successful people are fear and doubt. The difference is that they have found a target that is above this fear.

Every time you spread your attention on something, the fear slowly losing its strength.

And don’t wait for «the right time», it may never come. Start doing something right now, simultaneously adjusting the process. You don’t need to be an expert to start, just be open and honest with yourself, then things will work, like a plantation in the sun.

Work on your own body (but in moderation)

You will never live a full life, to do what I want to do if stuck in a body shell that’s holding you back. Nobody talks about «life in the gym» or about conquering the title of «Mr. Olympia».

There is a fine line between organism that allows you to live life on their own terms, a person who constantly thinks about how he looks.

Half of the people got stuck in the escapism of fitness, believing that to follow him — first and foremost human problems. Sooner or later it all leads to disappointment, embarrassment, rejection of sports and becoming a fat formless mass.

It is sufficient to find the form of physical activity that you like to relate to the physical process as entertainment. Then you will be more or less well-developed body and there’s time for other things.

So, do not hurry to sacrifice one for the other, in this case, the purpose for its shape, treat this process easier by choosing those activities that bring joy. Think about what you want to be healthy or pumped.