11 things that you forgot that you’re doing wrong


There are many things that we are doing wrong, the problem lies only in the fact that we have no idea what they’re doing wrong. Or we just forgot. It’s time to remind you about them!

1. Avoid blind judgements

Never judge a person by first impression and the way he conducts himself in communication with you. What you see before you, is that this person chose to communicate with you, no more no less. We don’t usually open up to people seeing for the first time. Too often we jump to conclusions, because we frankly too lazy to delve into. Then we suffer from this, because the same standards can apply to us. Are you talking about the girl after the first date: «It’s about nothing!», but I don’t think about what she might say, «It is nothing, boring and boring!» Still unpleasant, right!? Try to be with people understanding.

2. To expect from people of perfection in anything

It sounds pretty stupid, but some friends really high requirements to their surroundings. They may think that if a close person does something wrong, it absolutely means that he doesn’t like them. Thus, they can with frightening ease to destroy any relationship, so that from the outside it would seem that they did it at the behest of the right heel.

3. Focus on everything on everyone but himself

How can you say that the first person you should do well, what are you? Get a life, stop living for someone else is wrong. Right to realize their ambitions, and then to pay attention to loved ones. Of course, this does not mean that you need to be a self-centered bastard, just remember about yourself, man! Also, do not forget that happiness and textures you can find within yourself and not in the outside world. Don’t listen to nobody, be who you want to be.

4. Hold onto the wrong things for too long

The wrong thing is the past and all that it relates to. Well, those things destroy you: all sorts of fears, phobias and other emotional problems. Also to the past are the old relationships that need to finally forget, to pass through itself and to stop it. All your emotional problems, man! About all the other wrong things you write manygoodtips.com.

5. To deny their mistakes

Mistakes can always be forgiven if you admit them. If only you have enough courage. You need to be courageous enough and wise enough to admit that your idea can go down the drain with all the ensuing consequences. These consequences does not make sense to deny their need to perform and be accepted as one of the options events. Unfortunately, many people seriously don’t want to see the possible negative consequences of their actions. In addition, there is no denying that the most epic fail can give you the best rewarding experience of your life.

6. To avoid fears

It makes no sense, man! In a way, your fears are your naughty little annoying friends. They need to show you which direction you need to develop yourself to achieve everything you’ve outlined. This is the best indicator of all your weaknesses. The more you do what you fear, the more you have chances to improve their lives. Take your fears and they will disappear completely. What were you afraid of?

7. To settle for less than you deserve

No need to go on transactions with conscience, man! Does not make sense to sacrifice their dignity in accepting less than you deserve. It lacks a dislike to him. You underestimate yourself, so I agree on the smaller piece. In life as in training: I want to achieve something — do not take little weight.

8. To store thoughts randomly

When moving smart people get rid of junk they have accumulated over the years of living in the first house. The same to do and with your thoughts. Outdated relationship with one person — get rid of them. Images that last for years and prevent you to live — get rid of them! Get rid of pain, regret, complexes, cleanse the inner space of your «attic». But save all that is dear to you: affection, happy memories and so on.

9. Worry about things you can’t change

The ability to let go of all the things you can’t change, can become almost the happiest thing in your life. Try to change the past only if you have a time machine, which, from my point of view, absolutely impossible. But not only the past is relevant to the things that cannot be changed. For other people of course, we have a kind of influence, with due skill, we can even make you dance to their tune, but is it worth it? Worth the effort to manage a weak spineless people?

10. Hope that you can safely shirk responsibility and response

Every man ever in your life done something stupid or a mistake. The worst scenario is to leave things as they are, tell everyone what it was, and then fall down into the fog, pulled the broad-brimmed hat. the problem of responsibility is that it does not disappear, but just POPs up again in a most unpleasant time. Some bro sure go is like a man, do not understand that stay with the problem alone — that it’s a man thing, which deserves attention.

11. To think that it’s too late

Your whole life is now programmed. Such thing as fate, does not exist. But that’s not the point! We may say about evil people, circumstances, fate etc., but this happens only if you not put in time effort. Life, of course, can hardly be called fair (one who believes that justice is a fool), but it does not need to wait at all! Most of it still depends on you, and if you think that evil circumstances prevent you from living, just because you don’t fight with them.

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