11 most weird sex toys


Sorry, we have no statistics on the Russian cities, but there is data for the US, where 41% of women admitted that they own at least one vibrator. 4,5% admitted that their closets lurk more than six sex toys of different directions (starting from a modest vibrator and ending with fuck-machines). Others like myself the old-fashioned way — with pens and men, although we still believe that thinking to buy a vibrator they have.

Men are also not standing still — they keep the lion’s share of the sex industry. They buy masturbators, sex dolls, all kinds of rattling ass on batteries and a bunch of other things that are regulation tie difficult.

Thus, the industry of sex toys today is experiencing its prosperity. Revenues are estimated at 15 billion dollars, if we talk again about the States. In this part of industry analysts agree that sales will grow by 52 billion by 2020. A lot of money, which then goes to the budget of the country, and there spent on the repair of roads, construction of schools and health support. A small country could live only by the sale of vibrators.

But in this story we are surprised at the flight of imagination that possesses the inventors of new trends in the industry. They are trying to expand the market due to specific and unique products, which ultimately can break into the mainstream. We offer a list of the most interesting of them.

1 Spray with the scent of menstruation


What could be worse than to converge during the bloody season?

— the creators of the menstrual spray —For fans of realism and bloody orgies. The essence of this spray, which retails for $ 14 (US), is that it has a scent of menstrual blood. The color is adequate as red as the Soviet flag. The liquid is applied not only on humans but also on sex dolls, vibrators, dildos, costumes and clothing.

2 Fox tail


People are still surprised that some girls inserting in ass tails. But this for us is the presence of role-playing games have a positive impact on men’s health. Normal sex does not bring the same drive. Imagine that you are fucking the girl, which turns in front of you not only backwards, but the tail length of 60 cm (the tail is soft and fluffy).

The «gag» may be different sizes. If you want to donate a ponytail to her friend, then do not buy too big the girl has to be comfortable and pleasant. Actually, from the tail you get only the visual pleasure, physical pleasure gets a girlfriend.3 Spandex-suit


Such costumes appeared in the ranks of the fans of BDSM. Then they moved into mass culture, and then in the bedroom a normal couple who wanted to bring a little tin in your sexual relationship, but was not going to pay for it with bruises. This suit completely covers the body, even the head. Created an example of a «servant» or «slave», which we saw, for example, in the first season of «American horror story».

Spandex tight to the body, adapts to the figure, there are no slits for the arms and legs. If you woke up at three a.m. for a glass of water and saw his girlfriend in that suit, soon emptied the intestine from fear than excited. But there are fans.

4 Electrical gloves, Electrician is a great source for sexual stimulation. Formed a subculture, just as himself and indulges. In order to stimulate the clitoris or other sensitive areas of the girl smeared to encourage special conductive gel, which is based on standard grease. The gloves connect to the network and stimulate themselves. However, such things are better not to use those girlfriends who suffer from heart disease or epilepsy.

5 Artificial hymen


I think what you’ve heard about the operations that can «restore» the virginity of the girl. They are called «hymen restoration». Considering that there are a few places where virginity can become a matter of life and death, we well understand the necessity of such procedures. But not always the operations are successful, and expensive, they cost in Pakistan, not every girl can afford it.

The sex industry came up with a set of «hymen», which any girl can shove up your pussy to portray a godly friend. Such hymen was invented in the mid-90s by a Japanese kinesiologist. The hymen is folded several times, and then inserted into the vagina. The girl has a small window that she use to have sex until the hymen is not engaged in self-destruction. On average, girls have 15 minutes to meet her boyfriend and show that she’s innocent.

6 Hello Kitty massager


Created by the Japanese and the vibrator it was not originally. This massager was designed for little girls and intended to massage her shoulder. But the Japanese do think of that, and now Hello Kitty massager one to relax the shoulder joints are used. It was changed for an erotic massage, a little added power in the ultrasonic motor, and updated the color palette (comes in black, pink, purple and red). Iconic vibrator among spoiled the Japanese, symbolizes a national obsession different children’s cuteness.7 Gold vibrator


And there is one — created by Swedes, but with IKEA the clear link. The toy is called «Inez,» which is worth a fortune — 15 thousand dollars. The company is positioning Lelo Golden vibrator as «the most exclusive vibrator ever created». If you want to buy this for his girlfriend, but to save money, you can take the «not» version for $ 7,900, but it’s made of silver. The vibrator is equipped with a charger, running time — 4 hours. Think that’s bad taste even for those who have money. Better to take a friend multi-function vibrator, which is fine and looks nicer. For example, this pink vibrator is even and clitoris will make a nice friend will appreciate.

8 the Smell of armpits of school girls in bottle You go crazy on women’s armpits? Armpit like a sweet innocent Japanese Schoolgirls? We guarantee that our flavored bottles — what you need to excite. They have an aromatic liquid, which we collected from the delicate armpits of students.

advertising abstract axillary bottles —again, Japanese. This time the item illustrates the fetishism of Japanese men about female armpits — they like thick curls that smell then. So like that they put the scent in the bottle, which sprayed their girls, dolls, masturbators, clothes and more.

9, the Body member Is not an ordinary Dildo. The Dildo sticking out of the torso, which can be put on the bed. Girls do not mind that the torso lacks a head, hands and feet — the main thing is, everything is fine. The best way to use this toy: the pose of a rider. Some people use it to simulate a Threesome. You’ll be behind the girl, the girl will be on top of the «torso». If you get tired, you can just watch as a friend rides on the silicone.

10 Anime-Chairman


Designed for those who are crazy about anime. The mask is called «Kigurumi» (not to be confused with pajamas). It is used for this cosplay when the girl’s face radiates the terror of all circles of hell. But «advanced» the Japanese came up with to use these masks during sex. Sex becomes a role-playing game, where you have sex with your favorite characters from the animated series — it sounds very bizarre, but the world is normally no different. There are sets that represent a designer’s heads. They can raise their heads the color of eyes and hair. Terribly it all.

11 Horse cock


Horses are loved for different qualities. Some like meat, others speed, others just love to look at these animals because they are beautiful. However, there is these creatures have a body that has not gone unnoticed in the environment of a noble perverts and filmmakers such as Joe d’amato («Caligula: the Untold story»), — this body is called a member.

And now such horse members are in bulk sale. Not real, of course, artificial, but they look very naturalistic. From the usual dildos they differ primarily in their infernal views and terrible long (although there are small instances), where 40 inches is the norm. If the girl loves ponies and loves to «go deeper» — you already know what to get her for February 14.

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