11 killer tracks


No, this is not a compilation of «HOMICIDE, DEMOLISHED the TOWER of TRACKS WITHOUT REGISTRATION AND SMS!!!», but rather, a compilation of theme songs for murder. There is music for travel, for night roads, and there are for murder. For different types of murders for different reasons and with different weapons. Do not think that we do not provoke, we hope these songs will help the students-Directors and gentlemen of the police, upon hearing a disturbing track that drowns out the cries of the victims, and seeing strange shadows, will quickly find and neutralize the criminals. As you understand, we just really wanted to make this collection, just like that.

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street

There are compositions in which about a murder is not a word, but the melody and atmosphere hinted at some infernal thoughts. If the song was written for a sophisticated psychological Thriller with more emphasis on drama. Maybe a seasoned musical figure in the cave and hoped that its use for any movie? Maybe even used? In any case, all along, the song is only 3 years, and it was a proof that the cave is still cake. The only film in which it was used is a beautiful clip, in which the cave to death like Coco Chanel, interrupting his appearance frames with a heavy doom of Amateur prostitutes in the presence thereof.

This is a sad song, like most in the work When the Caves (the so-called Russian fans), tell of the gentleman that come to a prostitute, and its heavy end. However, the end of the story you can think out anything. Slow, escalating the drama, the guitar, the sad lament of the cello – as the perfect accompaniment for a movie in which the killer walks down the hall, and a shrill musical climax as the perfect escort directly for the scene of the massacre.

2. The Lively Ones – Surf Rider

Immortalized in Tarantino’s 90s song of the ‘ 60s. Who would have thought in those early years, this playful surf-rock will be associated with ridiculous attacks, killings and cynical conversations about everything? Perhaps no one, but the reality is that to introduce the song with something other than as the soundtrack to the film, where the expandable Travolta, a Negro accidentally on a platter for a nice conversation impossible. For such a random and pointless death threats fit this song.

3. «Refining» – Select

«Refining» is able to do a song filled with restless cold void and in the temples ringing despair. High-pitched vocals Kalinina fills you with despair even the melody, where there is hope. Both parts of «Russian songs».

The mood of this music, despite the obvious folk sound rather suicidal. That’s the secret of «Refining»: first, they sneak up on you due to the music, and then capture the heart of the text, and Vice versa. Chorus: «two Bullets in the clip, both for me. And I’m not meaning double,» burns the nerves and the soul worse than any other melancholic howls. And the musical climax after the second chorus, which resembles the cry of a madman, makes even the most cynical listener to feel that the irrevocable end, the point of no return, which is sung in the song.

4. Charusha – 16

And there are songs that are designed to kill. When to his ears came the magic voice of Darya Carusi, want to see Michael Madsen took and cut off your ear with a straight razor, like in the legendary scene from «reservoir dogs». Oh, this vocal, like the chorus Hamming old women, trying to make sexy sounds. Maybe after listening to this masterpiece who will be vomiting and dizziness, but mostly fatal, and all.

By the way, on the basis of the meaning of the song (it is there), it could be the soundtrack to some kind of trash-film about the school, which began shamelessly Eviscerate in an abandoned camp, where they went class.

5. Peter Green – Slabo Day

If this is the music of the Megalodon, like Peter green. If he takes a guitar, so all fans of the genre have to hold your breath in anticipation of the new concise masterpiece. Brilliant composition, which shone with such titans as Peter Bardens and snowy white. And for so many years, from the 79th year, no more second and brutal compositions, suitable for… actually for many things. But in our text, it is ideal to sit on the bike, ride through a long abandoned road to the house, stopping for the night in a Motel, drink whiskey, have sex with a stripper and leave roadside obrygalovka, sending his iron horse at the bloody meeting with the old enemy, whom you wanted revenge somewhere in Arizona.

6. Tangerine Dream – Confrontation


The good old track on the main, written for the order of the forgotten film «the Thief.» Music and smells of the late 70s-early 80s, she is too typical for those times.

German rock electronic band Tangerine Dream tried very hard on the soundtrack for the film, but he still received the «Golden raspberry». The very same qualitative composition of the whole movie (which we now parse) has been modified by Craig Saphan, therefore it is erroneously put as the author. But enough digressions, just look at the video below to understand why it is suitable. It has something from the above Slabo Day and Jubilee Street: the rude, the growing tension and genuine drama. Enough to listen to a bottomless evil synth and guitar to understand what this film is about racing for his life with periodic firing encroached on her mafia.

7. Wikluh Sky – Tone Deaf Death

Grim, pushing, keeps in constant tension, hysterical and unnerving. In movies like music prepare the audience for dancing with death, but in life… In life it seems that the maniacs inspire yourself and bring to the features of similar products.

8. Link Wray – Rumble

Composition, which set the direction of guitar rock, surf rock, garage rock and heavy metal. In 1958, it was the hardest and revolutionary composition. Never distortion was not so severe, and the link of Rey is so famous. At the time, she thrust works are still a pain in the ass, Jimmy page and Pete Townshend’s turned from a simple boring to a rock star.

It sounded in the movies more than once. In «pulp fiction», «Cocaine», «Racers» movies and the already cool, but this music adds even more coolness. When I hear this song, the mind automatically draws the image of a tough guy in a black leather jacket, shot by «tarantinoesque» from the back of the movement, which came to solve a serious case. Great sound for short and cynical shooting or to prepare for bloody and no less cynical violence.

9. System Of A Down – Kill Rock ‘N Roll

In fact, the song inspired by the murder. Just one of the great Armenian guitar wizard by the name of Daron Malakian ran over a rabbit named Rock ‘ n ‘ roll on his car. The next night when he came home, he saw another rabbit similar to the Rock-n-roll, and then «felt like the most cattle.» In fact, about this song: «well, I felt like the biggest ass in the world, when I killed your Rock’ n ‘roll». There is no allegory, and the harsh truth of life: «every time I look into your eyes I see you die.» Meanwhile, it is a great soundtrack for some of spinovoi and ultrafast massacre in the style of treshovy nedoboiko-neutraler that sometimes happens in life (at least, the newspaper «Life» so claimed). So it’s not just a typical song is the best of the Armenians, with the usual spectator’s ear and shrieks, melodic solos, tempo changes, and other «chips», and a great soundtrack to something brutal like the massacre in the chainsaws and sledgehammers.

10. Rob – Wedding Maze

Such an amazing blend of choir and electronics. Someone eloquent that used to think the images would compare it with the singing of the angels, without wings remained forever on the dirty and cruel earth. Although it’s the soundtrack to a gorgeous film «Maniac» in which the hero Elijah wood as a result of psychological trauma begins to feel the thirst of murder as soon as he lures a beautiful girl. And what could be more angelic than love, and cruel than the killer. Bravo, composer under the pseudonym Rob uncomplicated, it’s just a machine gun that is called «the bull’s-eye», as if it to play the soundtrack from the head of a maniac that throws in bloody ecstasy at the evisceration of the victims.

11. Carl Orff – Carmina Burana. Fortune plango vulnera

Beautiful killing should take place under good music, and there can not do without the beloved and timeless classics. Legendary cantata Carmina Burana as nothing else is suitable for such purposes. However, its solemn and loud sound is not suitable for simple cowardly murder in the transition, but only for genocide, mass executions and the seizure of the city with the subsequent destruction. It provokes the invasion of Poland better than the music of Wagner and Yuri Loza. Notably the second action of the first part, the name of which in Russian translates to «Mourn the wounds of Fate.» Maybe she’s not as popular as the well-advertised «O Fortuna», but something even more interesting. However, despite the fact that the basis of the composition lies a lyrical poem, the medieval troubadours, it sounds like Sizzling the land of iron March, and the mounting tension followed the majestic climax draws pictures fire storms, rivers of blood and developed against the background of a bloody sunset standards.

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