101 thing that it is important to understand if you still do not understand

life advice

There are such things: once they come into your head, and you sit on your ass as though you were drenched with ice water. How could I not understand? As it did not immediately occur to me? How could I live without understanding this fundamental thing? To you this did not happen, we attended and made you an exhaustive list.

1. Confidence and chutzpah — not the same thing.

2. Introspection is a sign of maturity.

3. Waking up early is important if you want to be a productive member of society…

4. …but sleep on the weekends is priceless.

5. Even if you do not see each other as often as we would like, old friends are still very important.


6. Caution is always good, especially Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

7. Your three diploma does not determine your fate. Do you define.

8. Academic performance at University is irrelevant.

9. There are things that you’re doing frankly sucks.

10. Who condemned your choice of profession, he just wanted to do that to you.

11. Usually plan B is plan A.

12. Opinions are like holes in the ass: everyone has, but it doesn’t have to listen.

13. Dreams are wonderful, but to become for their implementation piece of shit does not make sense.

14. Drinking is cool…

15. …but its power should be respected, if not be careful of her.

16. Even Frank Sinatra about being sorry and continued on his way. Regret is a sign of identity.

17. Someone complains that can’t get out of the friend zone, it is necessary to grow up.

18. Condemn personal choice: the decision to marry, have children, change career is really stupid. Move on with your life.

19. Instagram is better if there a post pictures of people and not things.

20. The fear to miss something groundless. This only applies to live broadcasts, which then you can still watch the videos, although the effect of the presence, of course, lost.

21. Sleep + good drink + good food = hangover gone.

22. The music that you listened to your parents, cool.

23. To lie in the summary sucks. Then find out anyway.

24. If you don’t have to do it every day, from time to time to go in a suit and tie cool.

25. Spending money on things that separate you from the ground: shoes, tires, bed — justified, you can’t save.

26. The most important things in this life you learn thanks to people who have a very different point of view than you.

27. The mind is not a competition, it is impossible to measure intellectual members.


28. «Personal brand» is bullshit, invented PR providers, social media providers and other marketers, the whole day hanging out on the Internet. Just be yourself.

29. Who were you in high school? Hahahahaha!

30. There is always a right moment to leave.

31. Compliments mean a lot, like constructive criticism…

32. …but remember: some people can’t listen to criticism…

33. …and sometimes really can not listen.

34. Favorite team not chosen — it happens somehow by itself.

35. Quote movies with someone for a couple — this is a great lesson.

36. Musical taste is the most subjective thing in the world.

37. There is nothing to sit up until about three in the morning.

38. Concern can cause you huge stress…

39. …and one day you will be rewarded.

40. The relationship is too stressful…

41. …and in most cases they are also a lot enjoyable.

42. Cheap food seems to be delicious only when you’re a student. Then all normal food is twice as expensive.

43. If you can’t decide whether to go somewhere or not, always move: this is usually more interesting than to stay at home…

44. …but if you stay home, nothing to worry about.

45. Very easy to avoid shallow people.

46. Affect you can very few people.

47. Graduation is not the end of fun.

48. Go to the polls. Even just to spoil the ballot. Otherwise don’t complain.

49. The music you listened to in school, fuck.

50. Direct the anger in the direction of physical activity or creativity — the best way to let off steam.

51. It makes sense to keep in touch with classmates, classmates, acquaintances and teachers via social media. Sometimes it pays off.

52. You only live once, but enough to talk about it.

53. Envy is a weakness. If you don’t convert the envy into action, you will only regret.

54. No dancing sucks, even if you suck at moving.


55. Be for someone to mentor cool because cool to teach someone.

56. Some issues should remain in the past, because worrying about them, you look like Peter pan. It’s time to grow up.

57. The ability of something very valuable to neglect.

58. Torrents certainly was created by God.

59. «Too old for something» is a bad excuse.

60. Wedding empty your wallet and waste your weekend, but the opportunity to be there and meet old friends pays for everything with a vengeance.

61. Filthy dirty bath spoils the mood in one second.

62. Don’t stick your hand into an open package of anything: it enslaves!

63. No one can be called the voice of a generation.

64. No matter how great your TV, you will never be able to feel yourself in the place of what is happening.

65. To postpone important does not make sense.

66. You feel much better if you eat in day at least something green. I don’t mean marmalade.

67. The older generation will always condemn the younger generation.

68. Stop talking about travel to go.

69. The best way to recover is to walk.

70. Appreciate the time alone.

71. Money says nothing about your character.

72. Collect moments, not things.

73. There is no point in wasting time and energy on something you don’t enjoy it, especially if it’s your free time.

74. All the people I sleep with. I don’t think your track record is of special value.

75. Listen.

76. Soperezhivat.

77. Things that you like, it’s not a lifestyle.

78. Gossip is stupid.

79. Talk to strangers (in transport, in queues — anywhere).

80. Sincerely thanking people is very important.

81. Usually you do, or realize that something is wrong, when you put enough questions.

82. Apathy is treated with interest in at least something.

83. A vacation is happiness. Always take vacation!


84. If you’ve ever been sick and had no insurance policy, you will understand that Polis is happiness.

85. Nothing in the news is not worth to get angry.

86. In social networks it is possible to repost not only the cats, and gifs.

87. Sometimes it makes sense to exchange the labor tent on Netra hotel with a bed and hot water.

88. To the financial Affairs should be taken seriously.

89. To shop through the Internet after drinking is a bad idea.

90. Routine is not always bad.

91. Unlimited beer, rolls, pizza and other things is bullshit. Usually not much will eat it and not drink (or just buzzed from a few drinks for a very short time).

92. Nothing tastes as good as beer that got you friend.

93. There is nothing better than to treat other with beer.

94. Don’t get out — you sit in shit.

95. Best results brings a sense of purpose.

96. The error can react differently.

97. Your job is not you.

98. Your generation is not special.

99. There is no excuse for boredom.

100. A little humility and lots of use.

101. Try. Everyone is trying. And that’s fine.

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