1001 the face of infidelity

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Society is hypocritical, isn’t it? On the one hand, cheating is bad, awful, and it can’t be! On the other hand, in every book, film or other products of adultery is always available, and treat her characters as something quietly. It’s necessary to forgive or not to forgive. But there is a rule that people can’t live with one all your life? Is it really so? Who is cheating more? And why do people change? Today we will try to figure it out.

1. Cheating is a sign that something is not something

Once it so happened that men are more excusable to change than girls. The reason is, first, the need to diversify their sexual activities and polygamous, each male of our species. But the problem is that the human being is not polygamous, and even in fact not monogamous, it’s a creature that is pair. These couples can live long if well enough will interlock, as can a little. And all because because of any intelligence in humans, much more needs from the partner and commitment to him. You need pigeons or swans from your partner? So he regularly snuck food and sitting on eggs. What does a man need? Caring, understanding, favors, bun in Short, where just.

Cheating is a indication that the relationship is something unpleasant. Problems in sex, lack of attention and indifference, but, strangely enough, often the main problem was the complete lack of common topics. Outputs from this situation two: the separation or relationship.

2. Women are more likely to forgive infidelity

Well, as it happens. While noble knights have the fruit of bastards, noble ladies sat with a chastity belt. Perhaps it is a universal conspiracy or it just happened, but the girls from early childhood are trained to endure and to be «women’s wisdom» because «all men walk». But most often they want to send all to hell and show a little pride.

A recent study by American scientists showed that only 30% of men are ready to forgive infidelity beloved (one). The percentage of such people among girls 55.

3. Treason, surprisingly, not always ruining relationships

Well, as we have seen, if the lady forgives. What the pros have in one-time infidelity? It shakes up the relationship. If they become a routine, it may really update them so that the partners have lived through the drama. If the partners then come together, in addition to feelings they will hold something bigger, namely the fear of losing the relationship. On the one hand, the relationship becomes a little more responsive, but only because one partner feels a sense of guilt, and the second worried about these relationships and is afraid to lose them, to not feel the pain of the break again. Something rotten it turns out, right?

4. Sometimes cheating occurs because of a protest

Yes, sometimes cheating occurs because almost childish stupidity. If the other half controls much of the beloved, satisfied with his scandals and other nonsense, the first half can change it only because of spiritual rebellion. For adults, this act is unlikely to be called, but, most importantly, this betrayal leads to a complete absence of any guilt. Changed the Protestant feels himself a hero and almost a fighter against the regime and with dignity will go to the barricades of the rebellion again and again.

5. Women cheat a little more

As found by German scientists… 6 percent. Funny, huh? Generally, this is due to two reasons. First, girls are often frustrated by the lack of warmth in relationships and a lack of focus, and secondly, they are much easier to find a mate, even at night.

6. Betrayed once, I can acquire a taste

Yes, it happens often. The mental barrier is broken, the punishment from heaven was not, therefore, everything is possible. Ironically, the views of girls on treason may well change over time. For example, in her first relationship she could not think about the affair. But in the future could afford it. There are opposite cases: malicious Lothario can stay on some relationships and behave as the reference man.

7. Open relationship

A bro seriously believe that personal freedom is far more precious than love and even means love, because if you let your wife go to the left and you go left then you’re a very tolerant man, and do terribly respect her. But, friend, it is complete garbage.

Free relationships end at times faster than normal. And why? Now you probably won’t believe us, but a purely mechanical sex simply does not exist. Even if you can buy it for money. Sex best way to create attraction between two people. And if it still and to repeat, it is possible to create a sense of dependence on each other. The man and the woman need not just a partner, a person would have to really pay much attention. They need a collaborator, with whom will be interesting from all possible sides. So an open relationship can be realized only in the case when the naked body of a partner does not cause any emotions. As a closet, for example. Connect partners with money, children and property.

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