100 poses from the Kama Sutra, which needs to try each. Part 2

We have already published the first part of this list and I hope you learned from it something new. And then brought to life. Right? This Friday we published for you the second part of this list, so you can have something to do on the weekend. Have fun dude, and tell us about their successes.

51. Offset


Incidentally, the real challenge for any guy. How’s it going? She falls on her stomach, resting on forearms and stretching his legs — they should be slightly diluted in hand. He sits right behind her feet and clinging to her torso, and then is deflected back at an angle of 45 degrees — so convenient to get inside. Well, then you know that moving back and forth, and the partner can squeeze the legs for a change.

52. Snail


That’s a good thing! First, the woman lies on her back, then pulls his knees to his chest and throws his legs behind his head partner.

He kneels before her and enters her, shifting the weight on his hands, which rests on or in the bed, or in the shoulders of his lady. This position is perfect for deep penetration, so we recommend you stock up on lubricant not to cause a lady pain. And in fact, for women the position is extremely favorable.

53. Slide


A man sits on his knees and leans back, shifting the weight on his hands, on which rests behind. The woman lies on her back, puts her head on the pillow. She grabs his hips with his knees, to create the most favourable angle for penetration. Her free hand so that she can have fun with their Breasts and clitoris, while the man follows the movement. This is a very erotic position, again, suitable for deep penetration. Than it’s still good, it’s the fact that you offer a great overview: you can monitor her reaction, and it entertains.

54. Loop


Good posture: it is possible to penetrate deeply while maintaining full control over the situation. To do this, kneel, lean back and with one hand to support yourself. The woman also kneels, and rests on the elbows — in position doggie-style. Moving in this position woman. And you can use your free hand at their own discretion.

55. G-stimulation

the G-spot

The woman lies back and pulls his legs to his chest. The man gets on his knees in front of her and holds her by the feet. He moves his hips and is able to control every move. And on his conscience — the balance. If you want to improve the position, it is possible to make the woman feet were on your chest, and at that time hold her hips to penetrate deeper.

56. Stranglehold


May this position be more comfortable if the woman in the ass to enclose the pillow so it was easier to lift the hips. The woman moves her pelvis in different directions. Great pose for an afternoon of fun in bed.

57. Challenge accepted

challenge accepted

What’s the challenge? And now understand. To try this pose, you will need a stable chair, remarkable flexibility and strength.

A woman stands on a chair and squats on his haunches. Empathy — and then you know what to do. Oh, and it is not easy, I tell you, man!

58. Fold


A woman lies on a cushion on the floor or a very hard mattress. The man is between her thighs and enters her, pulling her to him; he draws feet so that they are near her head. He moves his hips and can simultaneously kissing her Breasts or stomach — how to reach. And the woman relaxes and gets pleasure.

59. Sitting on the roost

sitting on the roost

A man sits on a chair, and a woman on his lap, turning his partner back. She rests the feet on the floor and moves up and down. Hands women are free, so they it can stimulate your clitoris and Breasts. To facilitate penetration, she can lean back.

60. Candle


This position provides deep penetration, but for women keep your feet up can be Oh how difficult.

The woman lies on her back head on the pillow, raises the pelvis and for convenience can be put under a pillow less or to rely on the edge of the bed. She rejects the pelvis back and pull your knees to your chest, so that her partner can settle down in front of her knees. His hands are free he can caress her thighs, where is the mass of erogenous zones.

61. Gag


The man lies on his back, stretching his legs and spreading them apart. The woman is on top, and there is penetration. After that, the woman pulls the leg and begins to move forward and backward at any speed. This is a great position if you like the most full body contact — kissing and hugging. It is also well suited to women who are deep penetration it seems painful.

62. Offer


To succeed in this position, you must be trained! But it’s worth it.

Partners kneel facing each other, he relies on his right knee (as if making the offer) — and the woman repeats the pose — so partners can be as close as possible to each other. To enter the woman, you have to lean forward, here you will find a little turmoil but we believe in you, dude!

63. The cart

the cart

This is no easy task, but nobody said it would be easy! As they say, love to ride — love and sleigh to haul: if you want new experiences hard.

So, to make this crazy idea, the woman kneels, leaning forearms on the pillow. The man kneels behind and in this position is part of it (down on one knee), and then rises to his feet. Hold her legs, watch your balance!

64. Lotus Bud

Lotus Bud

You need flexibility — that is you in the first place.

Sit in the Lotus position, arranged on top of your arm and grabs you legs around his waist. You help her move, holding her hands over hips, and can try to move up and down himself.

65. Mermaid


A woman lies on a table or something suitable height and is pushed to the edge. In the ass she can put a pillow to keep you both comfortable and to be as close as possible to each other. She can put her hand under the pillow to make it easier to raise the pelvis even higher, to stay at the table or does not to take. The man enters her while standing. If you have decided to get on the bed, you can kneel. Hold her legs to balance — this will give you additional stability and the possibility of deeper penetration.

66. Crouching Tiger, hidden

crouching tiger, hidden

A man sits on the bed, his legs stretched out horizontally. Woman lies on top of him so that her feet are turned in the opposite direction, and she lies on her stomach. The woman pulls legs back and relaxes the torso, located between the legs of a partner, and then begins to slide up and down and uses for this still and legs.

67. Kayak


A man sits, leaning on his right hand and stretching out his legs. The woman sits on top with her back to him and leans forward, kneeling. It controls movement, and he has one free hand with which it can meet the partner somewhere else.

68. Clasp


The man gets up, the woman wraps his legs around his waist and he supports her bottom or back. Below the design is more reliable, and the penetration is deeper, she can lean back against the wall.

This position can be applied anywhere, anytime. Her only fault is that a man needs a certain strength to keep the partner.

69. The ball

the ball

Try only if you’re flexible enough!

A man sits on the bed, the woman is on top and pulls himself to his feet. Moving in this position she, and the man kisses her back. This position requires skill, but it has a significant advantage: thanks to him, one remembers those parts of a woman’s body, which it generally is not paying attention.

70. The cart on my knees

the cart on my knees

It is a little easier than the previous version «Carts».

The woman is on all fours (or rather, to elbows and one knee) and rests on the forearm, a partner gets behind her on his knees. He holds her hips, and she pulls the other leg back. This position will be exhausting for your friend, so that — just for a change.

71. Sideways Samba

sideways Samba

The woman lies on her side on the bed or on the floor and pull the legs at a 90 degree angle in front of him. Turns out, such a shape of the letter L.

The man lies on top, resting on outstretched arms, placed on either side of her torso. You need to move slowly and carefully.

72. Sphinx


Woman lies on her stomach, shifting the weight on your forearms and holding one leg to the side, and the other pulling back. The man lies on top and enters her from behind again, leaning on her hands. What good is the pressure of a man’s body on the female pelvis, this will provide her pleasure, and rhythmic movement will complete the deal.

73. Column


Both partners standing, the woman back to the partner, it is for balance, holding her hands. A man enters the partner from behind, and she bends forward a little. And she can lean on the wall or on the table to achieve deeper penetration and in General to facilitate the task.

74. Guest


As the name implies, this pose on any occasion — for any place and time: who knows what.

Partners stand facing each other. Small detail: would be easier if the woman in heels or just the same height with the partner. And if not, you can stand on a step or on tiptoe — op-La!

75. Easy rider

easy rider

Another version of «rider». The man lies on his back, the woman sits on top facing him, as «the rider on the contrary», but leans forward and rests hands on. He holds her waist, and she slides up and down. In principle, it may not to lean on hands and to do something else.

76. Supernova


It all starts with the usual position of «woman on top» with the bed — it is not necessary under the blanket, trust me. And anyway, who has sex under the blanket? But the man lies so that his head lay on the edge of the bed.

The woman sits on top, pushing the soles into the bed, leans back and shifts the weight on outstretched arms. So she goes to his partner while not hitting. And then she can rest their hands on his torso and sit on my lap — transformation! And she moves it so that the head and hands were on the floor. In short, we need technology.

77. Spider


A man sits, his legs stretched out in front of him, and rests on the outstretched hands behind his back. His partner sits on top and humping, also resting on her arms.

78. Ladder


The name tells you: you’ll need a ladder. On her a woman will get up on all fours (hands on a step above the knees, and the feet below another step). The man holds her waist from behind and rests his knees on the same step on which the feet of his partner, and his feet stand on the step below. Suitable for anal sex! But that’s where you’ll find a ladder, on which it will be convenient to practice?..

79. Basket


A man sits on the floor or on a hard mattress, his legs stretched out in front of you and slightly bending one knee. The woman sits on top, and he holds her hips. She can control the depth and intensity of movements, and this is the perfect position for kisses and hugs.

80. Y on the side

y on the side

The name speaks for itself — exactly the same figure form as a result of your body. How to achieve it? To begin with, the woman lies on the bed face down so that her pelvis was exactly on the edge of the bed. The woman’s head is so close to the floor, on it she leans forearms. A man falls from the top and rests her hands on her hips. Well, it looks like a y on the side?

81. Zen


It’s such a peaceful pause in the midst of your bed of madness. You can escape from any strange poses in this cute position, so try at your leisure.

Partners lie on your side facing each other (if possible, go to this position without interrupting the penetration), the woman throws a leg man back and pressed against him. Sometimes it’s even better than any of the jumps on each other.

82. Whisper


The woman lies on her side, legs crossed, and the man lies on her side in front of her. She hugs his legs and clutches the back of the ankle. He moves back and forth and may, if desired, the partner to whisper something in your ear.

83. Saddle to one side

saddle to one side

The man lies on his back, stretching slightly and legs apart and resting his head on the pillow. The woman sits on top so that her legs are on one side of his torso. And she leans against the arm and thus moves.

84. Clamshell


The woman lies on the back, placing a pillow under his head and lifting his feet up so that they are above the shoulders — how can you straighter! The man kneels down and holds her legs, leaning with one hand on the bed and leaning forward.

85. The right angle

right Kut

The woman lies on her back on the table, having enclosed under a head a pillow and podosinoviki to the edge of the table. Man stands on the floor in front of her, and she hugs his legs. His hands can stimulate her erogenous zones. This position gives you just did a very favorable angle of penetration.

86. Indrani


The pose is named after one of the Hindu goddesses. In this position the woman lies on her back, putting a pillow under his head and pulling his legs to his chest. A man sits on his knees before her, she held his hips and grabs his legs for the chest.

87. Shoulderstand


First you need to make your woman lay down on a hard surface face up. It relies on hands and raises the legs and buttocks off the floor until you can get into a kind of «birch». The man gets on his knees before her and supported her buttocks, she throws his feet on his shoulders. Now she leans against his elbows and keeps his hips. Not an easy task!

88. Laptop


High-tech name! A man sits on a chair as if going to sit comfortably with a laptop. The woman sits on top facing him and throws his feet over his shoulder, hugging his neck. To move anyone.

89. Pickup-master


The man lies on his back with legs bent at the knees and slightly parted them. The woman sits on top with her back to him and leans on his knees. It controls movement.

90. Back


It will be easier if the woman leans against the wall. And so all is simple: partners are standing, the woman back to the man. She slightly bends forward and he enters her from behind. Voila!

91. Frog


The woman lies on her back, legs spread, the partner lies on top of her and she rests against his buttocks with his legs. Like a frog? You can cuddle all you want is a very romantic, despite a controversial title.

92. Buddy


The woman lies on one side, and a man sits behind her. He slides his knee deeper between her legs and enters her. She moves the right leg, which by fate was on top, and bends it to keep balance and ease to the man problem.

93. Criss-cross


The woman lies on her side, hands over his head. The man also lays on side, perpendicular to the partner. She raises her top leg, and he can settle between her thighs. He holds her by the shoulders to make it easier to move.

94. Waterfall


A man sits on a chair, the woman sits on him and grabs his legs. Then she leans back (note: need balance!), and the man holding her shoulders to avoid an accident. You need to be very flexible!

95. The Indian handstand


A woman rests hands on the floor, a man comes up behind me and raises her legs, holding his partner by the belt. She crosses legs behind him. In order to succeed in this position, you need to be flexible and strong. And yet it is impossible to practice it for a long time: it’s hard for girls.

96. Accordion


The woman lies on her back, placing a pillow under his head and pinning his legs to his chest. The man kneels before her, and she puts a foot on his chest. He holds the woman by the knees. The penetration is very deep.

97. Wednesday evening after dinner

Wednesday evening after dinner

This lazy posture, ideal for relaxed entertaining.

The man lies on his side, rests his head on his hand, bent at the elbow. The woman lies on her back perpendicular to him and rests his feet in the floor behind the back. You can look each other in the eye! Very favorable for women corner.

98. Wide open

wide open pose

The woman lies on the back, placing a pillow under his head. A man sits on his knees in front of her, she puts it on your hips and hugs his legs. The man holds his partner back.

99. Reverse slide

reverse slide

You’ll need skills and of course, the desire to do strange things.

The man lies on his back, his legs stretched out towards the edge of the bed. The woman sits on top of him, he enters her. She then pulls the legs forward and rests them in bed for his body, leaning back and resting his hands on the floor behind the bed. Here are acrobatic things.

100. Official

the official pose

Also applies anywhere, in any conditions. A man stands, leaning back against the wall. The woman throws herself on him, hugging him by the neck, hands, and feet resting on the wall. You both have to be strong dude, I tell you!

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