100 poses from the Kama Sutra, which needs to try each. Part 1

Kamasutra — a real Bible of sexual positions. It was written in India in Sanskrit. Historians say that the date of its appearance is somewhere between III and IV century A. E.

Initially, the Kama Sutra wasn’t just a manual for sexual positions, it was a whole way of life! If you’re still looking for something to diversify the sexual life, feel free to go there. Or to us, because we chose the 100 positions of the Kama Sutra (though the names given to them simpler) and told them about you. Illustrations will help you sort out what, where and how. Today we publish the description of the first 50 positions, so wait for the continuation!

1. Out V

pose V

The position demands acrobatic abilities!

The woman sits on the edge of the table, the man stands in front of her and bends legs to be in position that is most comfortable for penetration.

Then the woman hugs the man back by the neck and throws his feet on his shoulders. She then reclines, and you have to move in a familiar pattern, holding her ass.

2. The pose of a rider

the pose of a rider

In the pose of a rider a man sits cross-legged and leans back, resting his hands on the bed behind him. The woman sits on top, hugging his hips and moves up and down. So she can control the speed and depth of penetration.

May be better to lean on the wall or on the headboard of the bed and help her to move up and down, or just relax while she does all the hard work.

3. Fireworks

outside the fireworks

Pose «fireworks» harder than it looks.

For starters, a man and a woman sit opposite each other. It hugs legs to his torso, then performed the penetration, and then the man embraces the woman with his foot, which was on top to hold it.

Not to fall, woman hugging man with two hands, the man leans on the elbow. Hell, it’s a quest!

4. Brilliant triangle

bliskosci trimatic

At first glance, the shiny triangle pose reminiscent of the classic missionary position: the woman lies on her back and man on top. However, the point is that the man leans on his knees, and the woman raises hips to meet him.

That is, the man does not move, the woman does all the work itself. So it’s not like the missionary position!

5. The Letter X

the letter x

The man lies on his back, the woman turns and sits down on top of him with her back to him, and then falls on him.

She pulls his legs and puts him on the shoulders, and the body on the bed, between the legs of men. So I guess that’s the letter X. Then the woman begins to slide up and down.

Also, she can use the men’s feet as a lever to increase the amplitude.

6. Nirvana


It’s a classic. The woman lies on her back, pulls legs and is behind the bed, above her head. After penetration, she brings her legs together, and the man — on the contrary, pushes.

They move together, and due to the fact that the woman squeezes her thighs, there is a natural stimulation of the clitoris.

7. Castle


The woman sits down on something (table, washing machine — well, you know), on the edge, and rests in his arms. The man stands before her and she hugs his legs over the thighs. That’s the whole castle.

8. Slide


The man lies on his back, woman on top of him, legs together. The point is that the woman slides up and down his body.

And it is not difficult at all!

9. Monkey

monkey out

Have no idea why she called! There is no longer need to be a monkey, and a real gymnast.

The man lies on his back, pulling his knees to his chin. The woman sits on top with her back to him, leans on the legs and moves up and down. The more weight she will carry on your feet, the easier for you. Although keep in mind: it is easy in this position in principle does not happen!

But you can penetrate hoo as deeply. But here one thing: a woman must be strong enough and have an outstanding sense of balance. If she’ll grab you by the wrist, as the picture will be a little easier.

10. Butterfly

pose metaliki

Another position with an unsuitable name. Key point — the angle of penetration. The woman lying on her back somewhere on the suitable furniture. A man stands in front of her, and she puts your feet on his shoulders.

The woman rests a hand all the same furniture, so she was easy to lift the hip and he takes her asshole to simplify the process. And if you’re strong enough and agile, you’ll be able to move with all this mess.

11. The ascent to desire

the ascent to desire

That is, if your girl is a fan of healthy eating (or you wow he’s so strong). Then you will cope with the task. Otherwise, I do not know.

Now, the man stands up, spreads his thighs slightly bends his knees. A woman stands before him. A man picks up a woman in front of him, and she hugs his legs.

It is possible to adopt a suitable sitting position and then stand up with a friend in hand — as you prefer. Yes, and stand, leaning on the bed, somehow safer. Weight girlfriend needs to provide deep penetration, when it will move up and down.

12. Balancing


The man lies on his back, spreads his legs. The woman sits on top between his thighs, and he in turn takes her by the hips.

That’s why balancing! That’s it, man!

In this position, the rhythm set by the man. But the woman can control the depth.

13. Split bamboo

split bamboo

A woman puts the foot on the shoulder of her husband. A man holds her by the hip and heroically carries out penetration, simultaneously supporting her raised leg and himself. As her hands are busy, she gets to do whatever he wants.

14. Sleeping angel

splashy angel

The woman lies on her side and rolled up, and the man in the same position lies behind it. It’s pretty simple, and the man just hands free, so you can apply even some affection.

Especially recommend this if you are expecting replenishment: girlfriend will not have to perform acrobatic feats, which is very important.

15. The bridge

the bridge

Mmm, wow! Not that any of us have tried the position: we’re not Olympic Champions in any sport. But it just looks funny.

Try this position only if you are very flexible and super strong. So, get up on the bridge… Then half of the readers scrolled on. Now, stand on the bridge, and the girlfriend sits on top — and then everything is clear. She shifts the weight on her feet her tell her.

For a long time in that position can’t stay! And then the blood will go to his head, and consciousness is not far off.

16. Clip


A man lying on his back, legs together. The woman sits on top, reclines and rests on his hands. Here you are also able to dispose of their hands as they want (though what you want, you only make it to the Clit — of course, if you’re not a Boomer).

17. Close


Variation «the sleeping angel». Here, however, is more complicated.

So again lie on your side, you behind her, but this time she spreads her legs. Is also scope for the application of hand — and just to both parties of the process.

18. Two-storey


The man lies back and the woman lies on top with her back to him. She leans back on her elbows, pressing her back to his chest.

Feet, the woman relies on the man’s lap, and the man moves inside her. Pose good to switch to another pose — this happens quite naturally.

19. The temptation


Now, the woman sits on his lap and leans back, stretching your arms over your head. The man kneels, penetrating the woman and pulls the legs. Difficult manipulation.

20. Tiger


The man lies on his back so that his feet were not on the bed and on the floor. The woman sits on the man with her back to him spreading her legs. She can choose the depth and speed, and more fun. Such is the tiger.

21. Hero


The woman lies on her back, pulling your knees to your chin, legs, looking up at the ceiling. A man sits on his knees in front of her. He supports her legs. Why «hero»?

22. Dolphin


Another position for yoga enthusiasts. So the woman lifts the pelvis to the ceiling and supports himself on his shoulders, and her head lying on the bed. The man is between her knees and supports her asshole. The movement should be very careful! You could even raise her hips even higher so that her feet are off the support. Just not for very long, dude! Again: the blood rushes to the head, and a friend can crash in a swoon.

23. Frog

pose żabi

A man sits on the edge of the bed, resting his feet on the floor. The woman sits on top in front of him on the edge of the bed with her back to him, legs remain on the bed. Like a frog, right? It moves up and down, and it supports her just in case. You can help her.

24. Juniper


The woman lies on her back, extending and stretching out his legs. The man sits between her knees, too, his legs stretched out. He lifts her hips — and it’s done. And that is quite a romantic.

25. Plow


The woman feet standing on the floor, and rests his elbows on the bed. The man comes back, gets between her legs and she pulls my legs parallel to the floor.

26. Hook

posture gacoc

It just seems confusing, in fact, not so difficult! So, the man falls on the side. A woman rolled up in front of him so that her feet are near his head. She pulls her knees to her chest and grabs his legs. And hands grabs his feet, leaning on the elbow.

27. Classic


The woman lies on her back, slightly spreading her legs. The man lies on top of her, supporting himself with his hands. Nothing surprising.

28. On my knees

on my knees

The man and woman kneel opposite each other. She spreads her thighs and hugging man arms around his neck. He also hugs her and gently moves her knees. You can be nice to kiss and hug.

29. Cross


The woman lies on her back, one leg outstretched and the other bent at the knee. A man sits in front of her, putting one leg over her outstretched leg, keeping her arm around the bent leg. Very confusing description. And so — quite convenient.

30. Chaise


A man sits, leaning on hands behind and your legs straight. Arms can be slightly bent at the elbows. Woman lies on top with my legs on his shoulders, and humping. Oh, very deep penetration!

31. Is the Lotus

lezhit Lotus

Make a little bit of yoga into your sex life. The woman lies on her back, legs crossed in the Lotus position. The man is between her legs and penetrates from above. It may happen that you would be for a friend too heavy, so let it embrace you. Under her hips to put a pillow is to change the angle.

32. The lustful leg

chtiva leg

And again, you will need to be flexible Olympic. The point is that the partners stand opposite each other, and the woman throws a leg on the shoulder of the man. For the convenience of a friend you can first sit. Dangerous if she does gymnastics and she has a bad stretch! And then the woman holding his hands behind your neck, and you follow her ass. In short, the pose for the characters.

33. Balance and squats

balance and squats

Then you need strength and training — or rather, your friend. A woman is on the edge of the bed and the man on the floor behind him. Then she kneels, and he helps her aim. She grabs his arms to keep his balance. Well, almost tightrope walkers, balance balance!

34. Magic mountain

magic mountain

First of all you need to build the mountain of pillows. Then the woman is with her knees and leans against them with his chest. The man kneels behind her. For this position we need a lot of pillows!

35. Bandolier


The woman lies on her back, pulling her knees to her chest. The man gets on his knees before her, and she puts a foot on his chest. He rests his forearms on her legs. If the legs more pressure to her Breasts, the pleasure should increase. In addition, this position stimulates the g-spot.

36. Propeller


That’s unusual! The woman lies on her back, stretching out and connecting legs. A man falls from the top head to her feet. Here, of course, requires practice, with success we are not sure.

37. Rock-n-Rolik


As you know, this is not the original name of the pose. But it really sounds cool! The woman lies back and pulls his legs so they were over my head (like he was going to roll back). A man sits on his knees in front of her.

38. Fan


A woman becomes back to the partner and rests elbows on something: for example, in the chair. Husband comes back. What is good posture? You have free hands, and the pose provides a deep penetration, and suitable for anal sex.

39. Shuttle


At first, the man lies back and the woman sits on him. Then the man sits down, pulls up to his knees, the woman does the same thing — and they sit face to face. Your legs will be pressed against her body, her legs, just behind your feet. You can hold on to legs, each other and their own not to fall. Such is the interesting thing.

40. Eagle


A man sits in front of partner on knees, legs spread. She lies on her back, legs wide apart. He holds her legs and continue doing everything in its sole discretion.

41. The suspended scissors

the suspended scissors

Only for athletes! That’s where the real hardcore!

This position requires more energy from a friend — and even her arms. It lies at the edge of the bed on her side on the mattress are only her calves ankles and feet. She supports herself with the left hand while he holds her waist. He steps over her left leg and holding her other leg canopy, includes in it when it literally hangs off the bed. Sounds not very clever, but in principle operates. She must like it!

42. Star


The woman lies on her back, bending one leg at the knee and the other outstretched. The man sits between her legs, stepping over the one that is stretched forward. He then leans back resting on her arms.

43. A dog

in abacoa

An absolute classic in the repertoire of any friend. She kneels down and he gets back on his knees, supporting her thighs. Just not on the carpet dude!

44. Arch


The man lies on his back, the woman sits on top of him. Then he raises your upper body and lean forward and she leans back until fall back at his feet.

45. On the contrary rider

on the contrary rider

Yiiihaaa! Ride me, cowgirl! This is perhaps one of the coolest items in the entire list. The man lies back and the woman sits on top with her back to him. Hands she could lean on his thighs — so it will be easier to move.

46. Super 8

super 8

She lay on her back, legs spread — can be put under the lower back cushion. He lies down on top, supporting himself on outstretched arms. She puts her hands on his thighs or on his back and lifted to meet his movements.

47. Amazon


The man is conveniently arranged in a chair, the woman sits on top of him, facing him. Her feet should rest on the floor — this will allow it to move up and down.

48. Dog


The variation of the position of a dog. She’s still on all fours, but down on forearms and he penetrates her from behind. What’s more buzz — you can fondle her Breasts.

49. Criss-cross


She lies back and rebaptized her feet, her ass is somewhere on the edge of the bed. You get up in front of her, taking her hands and legs — and they can breed and re-breed if you want.

50. Boat


The man lies on his back, the woman sits on him sideways, legs apart — from the back it looks like a boat that floats on water — hence the name of the position. She kontroliruet every move!

Continued — 100 positions of the Kama Sutra, which needs to try each. Part 2