100 little things you learn travelling

Poradi.kom.ua_7.05.2015_73aBVrXCOxJWBTravel is a great teacher. To learn while traveling much more interesting and fun. This is due to the adventures and ludicrous incidents, sometimes even in difficult situations. You see a lot of funny, strange, funny, serious, sometimes obvious and clumsy. Perhaps this list of reasons will help someone to finally step over the threshold of his apartment.

1. During the journey, the most important thing is the journey, not the destination. The destination is just the reason to travel.

2. A law prohibiting carrying a durian fruit in public transport, not unreasonably.

3. Walking is the best way to explore a new city and to burn off the calories from all the drinking yesterday, cocktail.

4. In every city there are attractions that are mandatory for viewing, but they rarely represent something worthwhile.

5. What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.

6. If you find it hard to carry the bag, you brought too much unnecessary crap.

7. Rice with mango — a great Breakfast, dessert and the food in the middle of the night.

8. Of travel all will not show.

9. You will learn to haggle.

10. In a month your life could change beyond recognition, and your city will remain the same.

11. To buy imported instead of local drinks is a great way to empty the wallet.

12. Friends your trip will force you to inhale and jealous at the same time.

13. No matter how many times you saw the sunset you’ll never cease to admire.

14. It is a good idea to put valuable items under the head when sleeping in public places.

15. Postcards and cute little Souvenirs — cheap and nice gifts that you can bring your own.

16. In some places the problem to get the contraception — take care of this in advance.

17. At least try to learn the local language. The usual «Hello» and «thank you» will get you people.

18. Learn to wash your things yourself.

19. Tattoos are great Souvenirs that will be with you your whole life.

20. Carbines need not only to climbers.

21. Cool to be able to do something special. For example, playing the ukulele, twirl balls of fire, show a card trick. Sometimes it can even help to make money, if you’re suddenly left without them. You have time, learn something!

22. Beware of the monkeys! They really can’t be trusted.

23. The boat is cool. Unless you have sea sickness. In this case I apologize.

24. Farm work is a good way to live abroad for free and watch country.

25. Sex abroad interesting. Twice as fun — with the locals. Three times — if you don’t speak the local language.

26. Document your travels: through the years you’ll appreciate yourself for it.

27. Buy a comfortable shoes, do not regret money for it.

28. Bored? Look at the people. Think about how they live.

29. The world is much less than you think.

30. Learn to push the money to the police, no matter what country you are in. Take everywhere.

31. More smiling, less the stove. No matter how fucked up, your friends that stayed home would give much to see it now.

32. Do not drink tea when you treat them at the market. This is a publicity stunt. While you drink, you impose a different stuff.

33. Always carry toilet paper. Useful for different needs.

34. Save, but remember: generosity is a good quality.

35. To quit Smoking during the trip impossible.

36. Don’t touch the dogs in Bali. Don’t approach them. I beg you.

37. Spend the day examining street art, I would like to go to the Museum. And much cheaper.

38. «Sharp» is a very subjective concept. In different countries, sharp is considered a different food.

39. Fried beetles are not as bad as you think, especially if before you have a good drink.

40. Food poisoning sucks, but this is something like a rite of passage.

41. Sometimes you have to break the patterns.

42. That can’t be bought even for free, used to cheer.

43. The fact that you’re in the way, doesn’t mean that you can wash less often.

44. However, this allows you not to shave. Almost always.

45. Stereotypes about hot Hispanic that is true. Both good and bad.

46. Do not touch Asians over the head. Even if you want to show your good attitude. It is considered rude.

47. Respect your elders wherever you are.

48. Life is a celebration.

49. Bring snacks on the plane, bus and train.

50. The best way to get used to changing time zones to get to sleep when you hadn’t reached the bed. No matter what the cost: staying on your feet all day, or Vice versa.

51. Nothing personal, babe, but you can’t cuddle in the tropics, where there is no air conditioning.

52. Get the pants crease.

53. Sarong (traditional clothes of Asians) can be used a million different ways.

54. There is nothing to litter. It’s not even a lesson from travelling, it’s a lifelong lesson.

55. Not all who wander, are lost.

56. Coconut is full of electrolytes, so they’ll help you feel better with a hangover, after poisoning, etc.

57. Sometimes it’s nice to have a fake engagement ring.

58. Drinking local is the best way to learn a language.

59. Read books that will find where stopped.

60. Get an account on couchserfing.org and hospitalityclub.org.

61. Call parents as often as necessary, so they didn’t worry. No matter how old you are, they’re your parents.

62. Trust your instincts.

63. Buy insurance policy.

64. Good luck finding a Burger in India.

65. Deck of cards will help you to have fun and find friends.

66. Cockroaches, no matter how vile they may be, will not hurt you.

67. Take care of the passport as the Apple of his eye. Hide it deep. Don’t buy the bags hanging from the neck: they look dumb and they can be seen under clothes.

68. Learn the local laws. You never know how strange they can be.

69. Talk to other travellers, it is much more efficient than sitting on the government website.

70. If you don’t believe in karma, karma believes in you.

71. Ask permission before you photograph people.

72. Eating less food from plastic packaging and more from those that grow on trees.

73. Stop and smell the flowers.

74. Even if you look worse so if it is not required by law, anyway, wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

75. The balm «Asterisk», also known as tiger balm, you can apply in thousands of ways.

76. On the street sells designer clothes.

77. No need to constantly rely on GPS. Sometimes a good old-fashioned methods of navigation.

78. Don’t leave purse and phone on the table in the restaurant or on the bar.

79. Take it with a thread and needle.

80. Calm down. If you can’t write this article, the situation is no less real.

81. Nobody said that traveling is easy. All lonely, all want to go home.

82. Despite their faith, respect the local customs. You’re a guest.

83. When you return, print out a few favorite pictures. When you’re old, you’re hardly going to go on Facebook to show grandchildren their adventures. Much more interesting to flip through the photo album.

84. Use sunscreen.

85. If burned, immediately take a cold shower and put something suitable in the future use more sunscreen.

86. Ziploc supercomfortable. As a credit card.

87. Experience at least once in tropical waters.

88. To ride camels cool. However, they are a little smelly. But otherwise cool.

89. Train while traveling. Do yoga. At least five minutes in the morning.

90. Slates come and go. Don’t get attached.

91. On the road you are definitely afford to buy more clothes. Count on it when going.

92. The day that you spent in a hammock, doing nothing is a day.

93. People will help. Ask.

94. Grab a drink, say thank you.

95. Share contacts and find new friends from the network as soon as get home.

96. Do not be lazy. To do this, you’ll have more time at home.

97. As much talk. With all of them.

98. Don’t forget a first aid kit. Abroad it is difficult to explain what you need.

99. Anywhere you will find dirty cold sweat.

100. You’re always going to make mistakes, to do homework, relive the adventure and watch the sunset. If not travel, they do not make sense.

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