100 hard things that should make every man


Ask for allowance. To learn how to drive the car on «mechanics». To dance at the wedding and not sit like a miserable loser, in the side. Nobody will force you to do these things. But would be better if you made it when you get a chance – because then you will regret if not to lift a finger.

Our life is full of possibilities, and even small things can affect your future. If you do these 100 things, you will be able to grow old and respect yourself for what you did in younger years. If you continue to run from these opportunities, it will turn into a little trembling mouse, and when you become a grandfather, grandmother out of a nursing home you will to regret, and to glance in your direction with disdain. We warned you, dude! Here are 100 tough things in his life should do any man.

1. Tell his friend that his girlfriend is not the one.

Because otherwise it will waste your time for nothing.

2. To hang out with his father instead of hiding behind the skirt of his wife.

3. Not to bring another woman home.

4. To make a toast.

You waiting for the whole table. Stop hiding behind your chicken.

5. To drink a bottle of beer in one gulp.

6. Learning to ask for exactly what you need.

To explain what you need a haircut for the hair, what clothes you’re looking for — whatever. People who can’t find the words pathetic.

7. To go to any event alone and not take your phone with you.

Finally relax and stop to show friends instagram like you’re having fun. Instead, do have fun.

8. To ask your girlfriend from her father.

9. To play a team game, which is not secular.

10. To call one person.

If you found out that your friend is seriously ill, your first instinct is not to call him and visit him. «How can I help?» — I think you left out. Remember that your friend needs support. If he has a chance and he gets out, he will remember the whole life that you left him in a difficult moment. If all ends are sad you will not forgive yourself that you didn’t even call him.

11. Karaoke.

Even if you have a shitty voice — is this reason enough?

12. To start and finish the race that may kill you.

For example, a marathon or something. Take a chance!

13. Look into the eyes.

People will not remember you, if while talking with them you will study your shoes.

14. To tear ass from the chair and approach the girl that everyone stares at.

15. To jump in the water first.

Absurd situation: a bunch of guys standing on the beach and everyone is staring down. Don’t be one of them — set an example!

16. To stand up for the weak.

17. To break off relations with the man, who is actually not your friend.

18. Walk all night and let the morning to be a hangover.

19. To learn how to catch and clean a fish.

20. Never break promises.

21. Send a drink, the girls sitting at the other end of the bar.

22. Jump over the turnstile.

What’s the worst that could happen?

23. To dress like an adult.

24. Select «action» instead of «truth».

25. Eat at a restaurant alone.

26. To dance at the wedding.

27. To bribe on the face control.

Because your friend doesn’t want to wait.

28. To keep secret what you asked.

29. To be honest to cruelty.

30. To demand increase in wages.

31. Not to betray her.

32. To sit behind the wheel of cool cars.

33. To unfriend your ex.

She’s not coming back.

34. To apologize.

35. To pick up the keys to his apartment from a former neighbor.

36. To start a family.

37. To tell your parents you appreciate them.

38. To take care of the elderly.

39. Hang out with friends without his girlfriend.

40. Throw your friends to hang out with his girlfriend.

41. To open beer without bottle opener.

42. To cook food on your birthday.

43. Not to have sex unprotected.

44. To fire the gun.

Just not at another person!

45. Don’t give to dance with the girl you like.

46. Take control of a bad situation.

47. To fall in love.

48. Play until you win.

Be persistent. Try more than once.

49. To be someone else’s mentor.

50. To be defeated with dignity.

51. To go on a spontaneous trip.

52. To kick the nasty type.

You always wanted, admit it.

53. To play in a casino.

54. To score a goal.

55. Not to turn their relationship for the future in sex without commitment.

56. Call the fire itself.

It so happens that your friend will have a showdown with his girlfriend. Or the chief’s going to yell at someone who is too weak to bear it again. Then you better take someone else’s blame. It’s worth it.

57. To work – no matter what.

58. To praise someone.

59. Order something that is spicy, not just spicy.

It is acute for men!

60. To share her dreams.

61. To undergo an annual examination annually.

62. Time to stop courting the girl.

63. Kindle fire without matches.

64. To set up the tent.

65. To communicate on equal footing with its newsroom.

66. Produce their own food.

67. To throw her a surprise party.

68. To have a baby.

69. To undo the bra with one hand.

70. Invest in what you believe in.

71. To be a good Samaritan.

And who likes the evil Samaritans?

72. Not to have debts.

73. Staying in a hostel rather than a hotel.

74. To go on a trip alone.

75. Be present at birth.

76. To fight with fists.

77. To cry.

78. For God’s sake, not to cry.

79. To do something with their hands.

80. To arrive on time.

81. To be the «wingman».

It happens that your friend needs assistance to meet that cute girley. So what are you waiting for? Save the dude!

82. Not to tip the bad waiter.

83. To break off relations like a man.

Don’t pretend that it’s you. If something went wrong and this is not a fix, just say so.

84. To eat what you have prepared.

85. Drinking something that you made.

86. To be a volunteer.

87. To protect my woman at the people.

If you don’t do this, she will never forgive you.

88. Find yourself a new friend as an adult.

And we don’t mean one of your wife.

89. Become an ACE in any case.

90. Tell your child they’re proud of it.

91. Change a tyre.

92. To learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission.

93. Not to lose touch with friends.

94. To practice in at least 10,000 hours – and leave only if and then will not work.

95. To get a date with that special person.

96. Free.

Not because you are poorly paid, but because the work brings you pleasure.

97. To admit that you’re wrong.

98. Not to have sex with your ex.

99. Be yourself.

100. To learn how to throw a curveball.

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