100 big Macs in a statue of Ronald McDonald


In Munich, southern Germany, a terrible misfortune happened. The local McDonald’s stole a statue of Ronald McDonald, which was near the entrance to a fast food restaurant. Leadership in despair, asked to return criminals miserable character of franchise, but the answer have not received. The cost of the statue is 600 euros, by the way, and sell it hard: why is it someone?

The German management of the restaurant decided to take extreme measures, they are willing to pay for a statue of Ronald record… 100 hamburgers. Or rather, big Mac. I think the cost will be about the same in the area of $ 600. And see how many German students are working several hours without stopping, preparing a reward for the person who finds the statue. Announcement and description of character (why?): «He is dressed in a yellow suit, red with a white sweater and red shoes of the clown.» Thank you, and we do not know.

By the way, the thief then can be found in hot pursuit — it’s a hell of a fat German.