10 youngest inventors

1.George Westinghouse, 19 years old


In 1865, nineteen-year-old George Westinghouse patented his first invention – rotative air-cooled engine, which soon became a full-fledged replacement of water-cooled engine, widely used previously. This patent was the first in a series of many other inventions of Westinghouse. The most significant have been the development engineer in the field of brake systems of railway rolling stock that has made a real revolution in the technique of the time.

2. Philo Fansworth, 14 years old


In 1920 Philo Fansworth fourteen — year-old student from Utah has constructed a «dissector» is one of the digital TV systems. Although the invention of young Philo were defeated in the competitive struggle with «IKE» Seeds Kataev and Vladimir Zworykin, however, Fansworth traditionally considered the godfather of modern television.

3. Peter Chilvers, 12 years


In 1958 twelve-year-old lover of water sports Peter Chilvers first thought to attach to a surfboard sail. So there was a sailboard.

Chilvers and to this day is actively involved in the Windsurfing culture — he founded the London Windsurfing centre for children from low-income families.

4. George Nissen, 16 years old


In 1930, the young George Nissen – student gymnastics school, built its first trampoline in the garage of his father. Nissen made a rectangular frame and tightly stretched on a piece of cloth. This simple design, later to be known as «trampoline», is popular to this day. Nissen and he did a great gymnastics career and took it as an entrepreneur.

5. Horatio Adams, teen


Although many credited with making chewing gum businessman Thomas Adams, a major role in the creation of the product played his teenage son, Horatio Adams. In 1869 Adams, the father bought a large batch of the rubber and, after unsuccessful experiments on the vulcanization, with the filing of the son, decided to do something similar to Mexican chicle. Already in 1870h was built a factory for the production of chewing gum.

6. Frank Epperson, 11 years old


One day eleven-year-old Frank forgot my glass of lemonade and a stick for stirring on the porch. During the night the lemonade was cold, and in the morning, the boy discovered in a glass of ice. 20 years later, Epperson patented his invention. Now on a hot day everyone can indulge in a fruit ice on a stick.

7. Blaise Pascal, 19 years old


The famous French mathematician, physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal was born in the family of the Chairman of tax administration of étienne Pascal. As a tax specialist Etienne had the whole day to carry out calculations. Talented son decided to help his father, nineteen-year-old Blaise Pascal created an adding machine, a prototype of the modern calculator, which was a great help in working with numbers.

8. Becky Schroeder, age 12


Twelve-year-old Becky Schroeder patented a device called the Glo-Sheet (can be translated as «glowing leaf»). A sheet of paper impregnated with a phosphorescent material, is designed to help Becky to do homework in the dark of dad’s car. By the way, Becky was recognized as the youngest inventor, received a patent in the United States.

9. Louis Braille, 15 years


His famous relief-dot Braille printing Louis Braille invented when he was only 15 years old. The fact that Braille lost his sight at the age of 5 years. At age 10 he began to study music. Sensitivity of musical fingers, gave Louis the idea of creating a font that is readable through the tactile sense.

10. Alexander Graham bell, 18 years old


In 1876, eighteen-year-old Alexander Graham bell received a patent for «method and apparatus… to transmit speech and other sounds by Telegraph… by using electric waves». In fact, we are talking about the phone.

The first phrase is transmitted by the invention of the doorbell sounded at the same time in 1876 and was addressed to his assistant Thomas Watson: «Watson, come here.»

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