10 worst video game consoles

The appearance of these cool consoles Xbox 360, Playstation 3, preceded by a long path of evolution. Some of the older game consoles have been wildly popular (Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis), but the problem is that these consoles were really little, and that’s failure enough. About them we will tell you about.

1. RDI Halcyon, 1985. At the time, it was a miracle. This console was released hit game ever since the «Dragon Lair» that is a complete app with gorgeous graphics. The device destroyed the price: very few people could pay that kind of money for this device. People have given their preference to other consoles from Atari and NES, released around the same time.

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2. Pioneer LaserActive, 1993. This mammoth has worked on laser discs ft wide. Of course, the array of data that was recorded on these things, was very big, but there was a problem: they were very expensive. Like our previous «mastodon», Pioneer LaserActive flew by as plywood over Paris for very high prices: the average gamer could not afford to shell out that kind of money. More specifically, at the time the console was worth almost a Grand. But she came up with some very cool games, mostly in the genre of live film.

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3. Nokia N-Gage, 2003. At the time, the console was quite popular, especially for some reason in Russia. Only it came about hundreds of games: licenses and «pirates». Among them were many games with great graphics, great gameplay, and they are characterized by considerable duration. Also it happened The Elders Scrolls, which is cool. The problem with the console was that it was totally inconvenient as a phone. And it got him killed. An early version of the console, for example, had a speaker for calls on the side. Every time the user had to attach the phone to your ear thus accurately tried to portray the crocodile. And the console was large and uncomfortable.

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4. Mattel Hyperscan, 2006. Flew over what was bad from all sides. It was a stupid game for kids, the console was made with a completely crappy plastic and had an uncanny ability to scan a shopping card. The game worked on the CD, but had the opportunity to take bought kids trading cards certain types of scanning which have added some new features. However, this idea got flushed down the toilet, as to console herself. Its price, by the way, happy — $ 70.

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5.Gizmondo, 2005. Strange nonsense. Portable console released by the canadian Studio. All anything, but the console had a significant drawback: it was heated too much. Very aggressive advertising campaign helped to sell only 30,000 copies. For the full story! Perhaps this is because the console at that time sold for $ 400. It was an absolute failure!

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6. Apple Bandai Pippin, 1995. So, Apple is really trying to market consoles. Then the company tried to beat the 1st Playstation, but nothing came out. Perhaps it’s because of the price — $ 600 and that in all there were 13 games that frankly suck. With 100 000 copies sold a total of 40,000. It was a complete failure.

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7. Philips CD-I, 1991. Of course, CD was the future, and this console could play all kinds of software, but the problem was that she did is disgusting. A price tag of $ 700 is definitely not added to the console’s popularity.

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8. Sega 32X, 1994. In fact, it was not a console, and the adapter that did the console 32-bit and allow you to play video. But the trouble was that he worked very crooked. In addition, the console was still 16-bit. And on cartridges. With this thing and started falling into the abyss Sega.

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9. Phantom, 2004 the first console offered games exclusively for subscription and jump. But, alas, the promises remained promises. Console no one is interested in, and its release was constantly postponed, until it is completely forgotten.

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10. Virtual Boy, 1995. The king of all failures on the console market — so you can christen this thing. This attempt to bring virtual reality to us in the house collapsed with a deafening crash. A toy was released quite a few games, and none of them had any hint of virtual reality. But the most disgusting thing in the console was completely awkward control, ugly interface and the fact that the image was made in red and pink tones, which instantly tired eyes.

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