10 worst places for a hangover

10 worst places for a hangover

Who among us does not sometimes a hangover? All are sinners, which is already there. We already told you why it is so important to drink water and having to Wake up who knows where. All of us know the pain of returning to a normal sober human condition, and few in the hangover condition (just due to the fact that he was in the hangover) remember that things could be much worse. When I hadn’t heard these complaints about the heavy head and nausea, I always try to see the glass half full. At least you’re in one of these ten spots…

1. Prison

Yes, it’s a version that will make you optimistic to look at things. I won’t bore you, but if you woke up in jail, this means that you a) messed up pretty bad, b) be forced to pay a ridiculous fine) spent the night in the company of men, which otherwise you would have never met under any scenario. All these factors make prison a terrible place for a hangover. Not only that, you’re in a stupid cage, that you were tormented by the brutal hangover you can’t get rid of because the hand is not water, aspirin and other joys of life.

2. Church

Of course, the Church is not a prison (thanks, cap), but to come to Church with a hangover is one of the most brutal experiences that you can imagine. Where to start? Well, for example with the fact that there you have to stand. Then these high-profile service and amazing melodious voice of the priest will beat you on the ears. The children shout. The smell is also terrible: incense is generally pretty specific smell, and how it will react to your hangover, the smell is pure lottery. And yet you are surrounded by the image of the deceased Jesus and talk of sacrifice, repentance, piety, and other things that hung over head does not fit. The real test, which you could put God, if it existed.

3. Traffic jam

Mix your apathetic, depressed and generally unstable state of mind with a hangover and the tension that you feel when you’re stuck in traffic, and you’ll get an explosive, yet vzryvniki cocktail. Some even prefer the prison. There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic, not knowing what the hell it was formed and what you need all these people; not being able to get out of it and wondering how it could go when no one goes to and from work, and the accident is also not visible. How could you not angry, the situation is not corrected: all your nerves in vain.

4. Work

To go to work with a hangover is an art, which is rooted in the past. Dude did it in the fifties and sixties, and always had, but now things have changed and now show up to work with a hangover soup — a strict taboo. Now anyone in your office is not supposed to know you had fun last night, because if these rumors were to reach the Manager, you are guaranteed beating. What’s even worse is that you really have to WORK with a hangover, it brings no pleasure, but you yourself turn into an incompetent idiot.

5. Airport

Here is the same as in the tube: you can’t control the situation. If your plane is delayed or, on the contrary, takes off, how can you change? Oh shit. Hungover is terribly annoying when you can’t control your medical treatment when you have no opportunity at least to alleviate their situation, because freedom of movement is, among other things, spelled out in the Constitution! Trains, buses, boats — all in the same office, however, what distinguishes the airport from all transport-related things, so it’s all related. And you are in a confined space with crying children and annoying attendants and will be forced to endure them until you are out of a different airport in another city.

6. Family dinner

If your family to alcohol are treated with fear and neglect, can raise the item up a few notches. Fortunately, in my family to drink calmly, but that doesn’t mean to suffer with a hangover surrounded by relatives becomes easier. You are constantly dodging questions that need more or less adequately and quickly respond. You never can retire. If someone, God forbid, find out that you don’t listen or look to the side, it will be announced on rude.

Plus, you really want to say that sitting in front of you the person that you have unbearable hangovers and the only thing you want is to be finally left alone. They are your native people and should understand it, right? Not so. If you confess to the family that you have a hangover, you will only aggravate the situation, because you will begin to ask more and to watch you more closely. Knowing that you’re hungover, they immediately begin to treat you like a child, and it’s annoying.

7. In the classroom

Come to class tipsy — quite a nice, but when drunk has passed, it becomes a torture that you stand only through constant mantra: «I can, I can, I can.» If you decided to «at least just sit in on lectures,» know this: this is a bad decision. You know it as soon as you cross the threshold of the audience. The next twenty hours you will spend in the state of prostration and bewilderment, how could drag on so slowly. You’ll regret every step I made to get here, and wonder why didn’t you just stay in bed, and decided to pose as a hero of the student. From the height of his experience will afford the Council: one lecture may not be so important. If you have a hangover, stay in bed, you still do not understand and do not remember, but only ismacil more.

8. Surrounded by small children

It suits any place where hang small types, Playground, school yard, house your relatives with some incredible reason, the kindergarten and the like. You’re annoying crying babies on the plane? But if a lot of them and they around you when you heroically confront a hangover? So, they are innocent and can’t understand your suffering. And only increase your suffering! And they cry, cry, argue, fight, and generally hate it Pushcha nowhere.

9. The gym

Go to the gym with a hangover is pure folly. Some of my bro do it every week, and I don’t really understand. I always look at them, raising an eyebrow, and ask them to call me in 25 minutes before they are going to leave the gym exhausted and regretful about his actions.

I seriously do not understand this, especially those weirdos who do not learn from their mistakes and from time to time repeated the same error, as if something might change. Fitness and active recreation leave for those who do not suffer from dehydration, lack of sleep and a wild headache.

10. Europe

Yes, I understand your confusion: if you were in Europe, the case when all hands should go well. However, there is a reason she was in this list.

This applies even more to Western Europe, Eastern more their. And, for example, France or Italy? These people try in every way to show you my dislike, when you realize that you’re hungover. Moreover, they do not care about what you need now, because you’re a tourist and you came to their country, and if you don’t like something, then you can get out (and so they belong not only to Russian — all-to-all). Besides, they have such one-track waiters, and with a hangover I need to everything went like clockwork — at least in terms of household nuances.

If to speak about Ireland or England, that in those latitudes the hangover seemed to have completely does not exist. These people seriously don’t believe that you can suffer from it. They can help you is to offer a pint of «Guinness».

In Europe it is better not to tell the locals that you’re hungover, because they will start to treat you like shit. That in itself is unpleasant, and with a hangover — twice.

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