10 worst «men’s» products of all time


Much has been said about the fact that advertisers sell products to women by playing on the fact that they are emotional and fickle. Men are considered less vulnerable in such situations. They can absolutely not worry about what their feet like chicken feet, but there are still things that excite them and make you feel insecure. Capitalizing on this sense of uncertainty, marketers managed to sell to men is absolutely meaningless products. Here are the 10 worst products ever created for men:

Remedy against hair loss

Signs of hair loss and baldness can excite even the most confident men. Various companies for a very long time speculated on this and sold hundreds of different products to stop and slow baldness or restore already fallen or thinning hair. From tufts of hair wigs no product helped to achieve the desired success. Here are some of the worst products ever invented against hair loss:

Hair spray

«Spray» this spray made up of tiny fibres, which are held on the head and are attached to the hair. Just expose it and – BAM! thin hair becomes thick and bald and bald spots are completely gone.

Sprays are designed to help an insecure balding men to feel more confident. But this can’t be anything but terrible unrest, because swimming, rain or sweat will destroy nablyzhennya hair and disgrace is inevitable!

Device to create a vacuum on the surface of the head

This is quite a bulky device, which can be rented for home use, working on the principle of creating vacuum on the surface of the head, which increased the blood flow to the skin, whereby the hair would become healthy and strong and stop falling out. The hose attached to the skullcap, creating a vacuum on the surface of the head. «This thing sucks my desire to live with a thick mane!»

Wig for breast

While some men shave their chests or remove hair with the laser beam to obtain smooth skin, others dream about the original thick hair all over the body. For these men were invented wig for breast. You could buy a wig in black, brown or grey, and these wigs were made from real human hair. Men had to apply this thing? To put on the glue? On the ribbon? Perhaps this is perfectly for potential customers – men who like to wear open Hawaiian shirts, but they lack sticking out from under a shirt of hair, which are a necessary addition to their massive gold chains.

Products for the prostate

Another area in which many men feel insecure, sex. That’s ridiculous inventions, created to help the male libido.

The warmer the prostate

The device was invented in 1918 and was intended to stimulate the «lower head,» men! I don’t know if this on, but a lot of people accused of what they they think. The device consisted of a 10.5-inch cylinder, which with the help of the included cord into the outlet and introduced into the rectum. In working condition the bulb is illuminated the spectrum of the blue color of the prostate to recover the men’s endurance and strength.

Radioactive slurry

Once thought that radioactive materials were able to promote wound healing and to increase vitality of people. Radium enriched drinking water, bath and even candles. The worst method of treatment among all radioactive is radioactive suspension for men. One advertisement announced: «the Weakness of mind of men! Be filled with joyous vitality through radium and hormones!»

Rectal rotor

This dilator promised to cure constipation and problems sexual impotence. It was developed in order to break up the stool and to lubricate the rectum. The tip extender has a special hole through which it was possible to produce an ointment. It was supposed to cure your prostate. But with the motto: «large Enough to be effective and small enough for anyone over 15 years» – you would have thought that the extender is working as it should?

Electric belt Heidelberg

In the early 1900s, many believed that they are suffering from neurasthenia, and the cause of the disease was seen to over-stimulation of the nervous system and the high speed development of society, technology, etc. This «disease» brought to light a variety of symptoms – from depression to impotence and fatigue. Electric belt Heidelberg was advertised as therapeutic, as he sent electrical impulses to the genitals and promised to restore your life force. Ay!

The product is samosohraneniya

During the nineteenth century were encouraged to control the libido of young people by using extraordinary measures. It was invented a few devices to prevent Masturbation.

The tongue to prevent erection

This device was aimed not only against Masturbation but against nocturnal erections. Young people were supposed to wear this ring on the penis, and whenever they woke up from an erection, the spikes pierced the soft flesh and cause excruciating pain.

Node Spermatic

System nodes Spermatic, patented in 1876, was designed to make erections impossible, tying the genitals in the downward direction. 21 years later the Creator changed the design that made possible the erection. Well, an erection only in the downward direction?

Timely warning

Timely warning – this apparatus, invented by Frank Orth in 1893, which cooled the penis was designed to prevent sexual fantasies or dreams that lead to ejaculation. It was necessary to attach the device to the penis before sleep. When there is an erection, the levers are opened, the machine poured cold water on the genitals. It cooled the body so that the erection subsides and ejaculation does not happen. Basically it was like a cold shower, only without the soul.

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