10 women with whom not to have sex


Of course, to meet girls and get their interesting and pleasant experience. But it’s not just to get her number, invite her on a date and have sex. The fact that some friend’s potentially dangerous and they should stay away. You better, if you identify them in advance — preferably before they open their mouths and say, «hi.» If you meet a girl one of these types, don’t even think about it! To anything good it will not.

Simple rules

When I realize that the hat that I can get that girl if you want, I ask myself, do I want to Wake up next to her. In other words, if I’d be interested to talk to her when I «get her»? «Hmm, you say — you say — So it is necessary immediately to get out!» Oh, no, I know. If you think so, then you, first, are dooming yourself to disappointment: even a slight emotional connection sex is only good. Secondly, you’re acting just like a selfish bitch.

So here is a simple test. There are girls that are not a priori. And why? Because they belong to one of the following ten types, which should be avoided like the plague. And you’d do well to understand before you join the game.

1. Looking for a relationship

The most common problem. She is looking for a relationship, even if pretending not to do so. Usually those who say they are fickle and not looking for a boyfriend, left a million guys, as their relationship developed too quickly. This girl is not changing, but still stubbornly continues to look. However, it sometimes happens that people, even women, mean exactly what they say.

Warning signs:

  • She is not leaving the party, while you’re busy, and waiting for you when you get out (well, for the first time OK, but then is already too much).
  • She immediately sets in motion heavy artillery, and not just there usual flirting. Try too hard!

2. Virgin

While you are interested in a sexual relationship, she is interested in emotional intimacy. And you’re not.

Warning signs:

  • Very nice girl, but bad kisser.
  • Very modestly behaves: does not afford any antics as you kiss her.

3. She who must not be satisfy

You can do anything you want — have an orgasm it will never happen. And, of course, she won’t be happy with that fact. And, of course, she’ll blame you.

Warning signs:

  • Accused of little things of others and you (e.g. misunderstanding).
  • Considers himself a victim of circumstances.
  • She is hard to please — for example, in the restaurant, she always do not like the service and the menu.

4. Chatterbox

She constantly talks about how was her day and she, of course, will attack your ears in bed and will not speak filthy language but, for example, will tell you what I had for Breakfast.

Warning signs:

  • Very high sets his mind and will not fail to Express it at the first opportunity.
  • Asks questions to which he answers, not waiting for you, «How was your day?.. Mine was terrible…»

5. Selfish

Always everything must be done for her. In bed she is willing to leave right after climaxed. She doesn’t care about your pleasure. Her pleasure is much more important than yours. As a rule, well behaved Hotties because they always get away with it.

Warning signs:

  • Never thinks about others and about you. Always only what she wants, all on her schedule.
  • It behaves as a talker: ask me questions and she answers them.

6. Cruel

It hard: constantly will scratch and bite you, you then won’t hurt.

Warning signs:

  • Behaves confidently in a conversation, likes to dominate.
  • During foreplay bites and growls.
  • Kisses bonmore enthusiasm than you were expecting, and turns the kiss into a contact sport.

7. Emotionally unstable

You never know when she’ll be calling you the future father of their children. Prevent a headache.

Warning signs:

  • She lacks confidence, low self-esteem, she asks for your opinion very often: clothing, restaurant choices, etc.
  • She cries, laughs and screams and all that changed within five minutes.
  • Tells you amazing stories about themselves — from the very beginning!

8. Hopeless romantic

Well, you know, man: love poems, flowers and such nonsense. She still loves stupid romantic Comedy.

Warning signs:

  • Prepares or gives you something special: dinner, a card, a little surprise — and it is at first.
  • Turns routine exercises into adventure: «Oh, so Sunny, let’s go shopping!»

9. Black hole

To sleep with her — it’s like put a pencil in a glass. There have been all.

Warning signs:

  • Behaves very sexy.
  • Gets drunk and invites you to join.
  • Catches phrases like: «I am easy to please» or «I’m just having fun».

10. About-old-virgin

You hope for crazy sex, and she was in the wedding because her time was up. She knows men and knows what to expect from them.

Warning signs

Combines the characteristics of a black hole and one that is looking for a serious relationship, throws guys because she loves sex, and then begins all over again.

At first glance it may seem sexual, and on the second date would be romantic or mundane.

Avoid the headache

It is not necessary to memorize all the warning signals as our father. Obviously all women are different. That may be a warning sign in the case of one, did not speak against the other. Just pay attention to specific details.

You can’t be too cautious. You don’t want to lose her individuality. Evaluate together: its individual characteristics and these signs of trouble — and only then draw conclusions after weighing all the «pros» and «cons».

And another thing: onmost of these warning signs go unnoticed for you until it’s done. But I hope that this information will save you from many troubles. So go ahead, dude!

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