10 ways to reduce the consumption of gasoline

Gasoline in Russia is not cheap, although there are countries where it is more expensive. Of course, you can reduce fuel costs by purchasing one of the most economical cars on the market, but if you buy a new car only then to save money, then you probably often missed math lessons.

However, you can reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent using various tricks. If you think 10% is too little to bother, then calculate your cost of gasoline for the year.

1 Stopping and starting in heavy traffic


If you work for 9 hours a day 5 days a week, you know what rush hour. You spend the worst hours in my life. Daily traffic jams increase the amount of hate in your body, increase stress levels, and take your money. It’s obvious that the constant braking and acceleration had a negative impact on fuel consumption. How to solve this problem?

Try to shift your schedule by one hour, to work around or ignore all these terrible cluster of cars full of office plankton, who hurries home. With the boss you can always negotiate, and this hour could save your peace of mind.

2 Slow down on the turns Fun fact: every time you use the brakes, the momentum of your car is transformed into heat which subsequently gets into the surrounding air. How to prevent this? You should try to drive at a constant speed, as do the drivers. If they too have slowed down on the turns, no one would have watched Formula-1. If you learn how to enter the turns, you’ll spend less gasoline, and driving pleasure will become much more — guarantee.

3 Braking on a red light as It turns. Braking at a red light catches you by surprise. We’re talking about hard braking that security has nothing to do. What to do instead? Explain. You have a road, this road can be analyzed. You just concentrate on her, after traffic light look and eventually learn to anticipate the light changes. Furthermore, it is now often put on a timer, and race it. If you remember after how many seconds will the transition to green, you can easily control the speed of their car without braking.

4 air conditioning and open Windows


Why open a window when running the air conditioner? He works at the maximum in the middle of summer. It is the combination of nuclear and devours very, very and again very much fuel. Try to use one instead of all at once, okay?

5 Too much junk in the trunk there Are times when to keep a few larger items in the trunk seems like a reasonable idea. For example, you could be a pile of blankets you took with you to the ski resort this winter or any heavy tools that you used last time 10 years ago. All is a pity to throw away, but these things are simple dead weight that wastes your fuel and disturbs the balance of the car, which can be a problem when you want to change lanes.

6 to Go close a dick move In the real world, if you drive close to another car, the driver’s attention wavers. He doesn’t understand, accelerate or, conversely, to slow down. He was nervous, but because it goes with constant speed, and thus makes you to move this way and you. And dangerous, actually, to go back to back. Instead, pick a reasonable speed and distance, institutions, cruise control. Thus, for a long time your car will be much easier to maintain a constant speed, which is very important for fuel economy.

7 Ignoring modes of the engine


Today most cars have different computer settings, which affects ride. Sport mode is obviously the most interesting of all. There is still the default mode, which is considered normal. Both of these modes lead to an increase in fuel consumption. But the eco mode, which many think failed, actually spends less gasoline. Most often this occurs for the following reasons: eco mode constrains the hot air from the air conditioner, which heats the engine, and he, in turn, reduces the level of internal friction. Reducing this friction leads to more economical fuel consumption. Well, this is clearly not the whole point of eco mode, but the point is, I hope, is clear.

8 Too stiff when the light turns green the Majority of drivers usually starts faster than they need. The reasons are numerous, ranging from simple fun to the show and ending with the desire to keep up with other drivers. But these actions have consequences that negatively affect the efficiency of fuel consumption. Maybe the uptight guy that rides the back will bump into you, but you will surely save a little fuel if you accelerate to maximum speed after switching on the green light.

9 Inflate tires When your tires are not inflated as necessary, they have a higher resistance. It’s good if you move around on rough terrain, but not cool when it comes to conventional ways, because of this, your car requires more energy to move and therefore more serious fuel consumption. We recommend you to purchase a quality air gauge and at least a couple of times of weeks to check the tire pressure. Whether your car has a built-in pressure gauge, then check it every day.

10 Impeccable service in General speaking on the theme of car maintenance, remember such an important thing as the overall health of your car. Regularly replace the oil and mend it, then the engine will be easier, it will work properly, that’ll save you some petrol.

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