10 ways to make a small bedroom great

Yay! You’ve got to collect some money, or you’re just pressed them from their parents and was finally able to move to a new place. Maybe you rented an apartment, and maybe even bought. But the problem is all the people who are just starting to live independently, is that the footage of the apartment is often very small. This, of course, does not matter, because the young man rarely hangs out at home all the time takes work, hanging out, partying and self-education. In General, violent life you must have. But still you want your outrageously small bedroom was larger, and we have for you 10 simple tips that will allow you to do this. Of course, we are not magicians, but we know a few tricks.

Paint the walls and ceiling in light colors

Forget about the fact that at a previous place you had atmospheric room in black and red colors, if you live in some bar. Now your task is to make the apartment more spacious. This must be the place where you will be well and after drinking, and after a hard day’s work. So stick to neutral tones. Pick a more airy color. By the way, the presence of bright colors, paradoxically, can improve your sleep. Perhaps, it’s in your brain, or not… In any case, you’ll have a better night’s sleep in a bright room, not dark.

Leave a little space on each side of the bed

Many seem this layout is illogical, inconvenient, but wait to judge. This experience does not come from the ceiling, almost all the people, with studios in the United States, in a bed or in the center of the room. We have a habit to push the bed flush to the wall, and it’s our fault. As a result, we feel more confined space, limiting ourselves. If you have the left and right of the bed, then you can place there a table or something. Besides, you’re not going to pinch your friend or yourself during sex to the wall that no one likes. All people are drawn to the freedom, especially in intimate cases.

Blinds or curtains – that is the question

One of the most mediocre philosophical puzzles of life, which has, in our opinion, a definite answer. Of course, the blinds, dude. They take up less space, they were easier to interact with, they give the same shade as the curtains. Many people believe that curtains are more sophisticated, but they just haven’t seen how diverse steel shutters lately.

Use your shelves wisely

Well, we love all the clutter, it is. Therefore, take seriously the fact how you use the space for stuff. Think about shelving, they are perfectly suitable even for small rooms. Hanging shelves, which are located almost under the ceiling, will give you the illusion of height, while a low shelf can expand the storage space. There are many ways to rationalize this, do not be lazy to study them.

Poradeci things by color and size

From a technical point of view, this will not give you anything. The space will remain the same size. On the other hand, this will give you the illusion of less clutter. And when everything seems organized and every thing in its place, the space becomes a little bit more. Psychological this technique.

Use several lamps for illumination

When in your room from multiple light sources, it creates multiple focal points, highlighting the focus of the plot. We’re not talking about the ten chandeliers overhead. We are talking about small lights, lamps, original lamps. The light should not go only from the ceiling.

Choose furniture with raised legs

When you choose a bed or sofa, remember that high foot will allow light to pass under the furniture that will give a noticeable chunk of unused space. Yes, and to wash the floor will be easier. Besides, who the hell buys chairs without legs?

Waste money on multi-functional furniture

We are talking about transformers. Not only does this save space in the apartment, but also save your money. For example, if you have the opportunity to purchase a bed that can become a sofa that can become a coffee table, which can be a bar, then this is the right choice. But do not forget about aesthetics.

Hang the mirror near a window

Are you a fan of the bright side? Not like Darth Vader and hate and dark force? Then hang a mirror opposite your window. The mirror will reflect the light coming through the window. Bedroom will be brighter, and like David blaine, you will create the illusion of a second window. The room will seem much larger.

It is easier with art

We are fans of all art, we like a creative mess and the paintings of the expressionists, but the bedroom is still not an art gallery. Although it is foolish to deny that the picture is superfluous in it. Just choose it wisely. It should be large enough to create a composition, center of attention, but keep the wall space clean and materialistic. A bunch of paintings, which hung a big gang at the corners, will create confusion and a bucket feeling, that the few who like it.

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