10 ways to love

how to stop loving herI am ashamed to admit, dude, but sometimes we are not worse than girls know how to be sad and to be worn with the problem of «Oh my God, I can’t forget her, is the only love of my life». Calm down. First, there is no God. Secondly, it is not the only one. Still. We will help you.

1. Write down why you failed, why you weren’t happy and keep that list to yourself. Re-read it when you start to think about it, these reasons would be to turn you from Slinko back to a normal human. All of us noticed such a peccadillo: we romantisize a love that has already passed, but when we return, we understand that nothing has changed and the relationship is still not working. When talking about the past, remember: nothing changes, except our perception. Face it.

2. Realize the difference between love, lust and attachment. I would argue that love is a deep form of attachment. All three of these things differ from one another, and the last two is not a reason to be around a man all his life. To feel her passion right. Attached to her normally. But this does not oblige you to be together forever.

3. Understand that relationship is not the same thing, thanks to which you will always be happy. They only teach and help you grow. Let her be a part of your history, not a tragic final act. Learn from it what you can. If the relationship showed you your flaws, work on them, it makes sense. We all somehow look at relationships through a magnifying glass: they seem ugly, the beautiful. So this does not happen, man!

4. Stop all contacts. Maybe then you will be able to communicate with her without pain, but so far, the feelings have not subsided, keep your distance. It’s a must. Enough to go on her social media pages and ask friends how she was doing. No need to be rude, just politely show that you will be better, if you stop to chat. It is very important that you said this and adhered to this rule.

5. Let yourself be sad. If you’re going to pretend that you’re an inveterate humorist, be worse. Give yourself time to be suffering young Werther (just don’t finish like it). It has long been an important part of your life, so you will miss her. And then let her go myself or let it go.

6. Don’t freak out when your mind will constantly return to it. Let him come back. It is clear that you will not be happy, but it’s difficult to change your thoughts once and for all. Think and stop.

7. Don’t think you’ll stop loving her, sitting on the couch and thinking about her. Get off your ass and do what you like. Go to visit friends that you have not had time while you were in the relationship. In your life many people, not one woman, besides, it’s over. Change the attention.

8. Face it: you can’t erase her from your life, let her be a part of your history. Not every relationship lasts forever, no you. But if you are married and did not live to see grandchildren, it does not mean that your relationship wasn’t beautiful and didn’t cost anything. So worth it. It’s an experience, man.

9. Accordina. When we spend so much time with someone, we become attached to this man. We begin to feel that all of his works touch us that we have everything in common that we should be aware of them every little thing. Don’t have to. She has a different life now. Have you, too.

10. Learn to channel your feelings in a different direction. Your girl devoured a bunch of your time and energy that you could channel elsewhere. Now is the time to do it! Now you’re not affiliated and don’t owe anyone anything. You have a lot of time and effort. They can find any use.

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