10 ways to look at life positively

Life is like: dudes, friends and even colleagues are drawn to positive people. Therefore, if you want to achieve something in this life, you need to learn how to positively look at things. The more likes guys who offer solutions, not those who predicted problems. In relations it is much nicer to be happy and cheerful, cool and nice guy than a fucking energy vampire.

Dude, we know that not all cat carnival. Shit happens. You’re guaranteed to meet with bad things and annoying people. You will have bad days. They, of course, cannot be ignored, but you can also focus instead on the good. You yourself will benefit focus on the positive, and not a permanent return to the bad. If you too close these thoughts, here’s ten ways to be a positive dude.


1. Do sports

the guy runs

Workout — this is our first tip. They bring many benefits. First, you’re starting to look better and a nice reflection in the mirror uplifting. Second, you feel better, which means you have more power to Express themselves at work and in relationships. And exercise mood, and studies have shown that they are also taught to cope with stress. And last: you will have more energy which can be channeled constructively.


2. Watch yourself

guy shaves

Bad appearance bad mood. If you don’t draw attention to themselves, this is the first sign of depression, man, and with him the porridge will not weld. So let’s take a bath, go to a hairdresser, cut their nails. That way you’ll feel better and more confident.

3. Avoid depression and personal issues

the guy shouts into the phone

When you’re talking with someone, try to systematically avoid sad topics and uncomfortable personal issues. Try to direct the conversation in a pleasant direction. Don’t be that guy at the office who always want to get to talk about foreign policy challenges or something like that. When you go on a first date with a girl, don’t talk about serial killers, tsunamis, and about how your mom copes with diabetes. Some subjects are too serious for a new acquaintance.

4. Don’t slouch

the guy slouches

Sometimes for a good mood, have what words can not Express our physical condition affects our psyche. For example, it is important to have good posture. When you’re hunched like that, it gives the brain a signal of danger, and here is not positive. So take the pose that will ensure your brain that everything is in order. Chin up, shoulders back, look straight ahead.

5. Say «Yes»

couple talking

It is possibly one of the best ways to positively look at life. Often accustom to agree — it really changes things. No matter what it is: additional responsibilities at work or a weird date — try to accept as often as possible. The result is a positive perspective will become second nature.


6. Don’t complain

the guy's tired

Complaining losers is known to all. So when you talk to someone, do not focus on their problems and especially to talk about them in detail. People have their own problems. Don’t say that makes you crazy. Don’t be mad: it looks stupid.

7. Laugh

a couple laughs

Do you think that it’s hard to force yourself to laugh? The key is to maintain a certain mood. When you’re in a good mood, you simply make jokes and laugh at other people’s jokes. In a good mood you make everyone around to be in a good mood. For a moment distracted by something nice — and the mood will rise. Read the morning your favorite blog, look at funny videos. They will make you invincible for the whole day.


8. Any interesting

couple talking

Boring and inconsiderate people can’t be positive. Even if you’re experiencing hard times, try to find other things to do. You can just ask more questions than usual. Even if someone says something that doesn’t strike you as particularly interesting, ask him a few questions. He will appreciate your attention.

9. Learn to make decisions

upevneny type

When you offer something that you don’t like, don’t just Balk and reject the idea that criticizing — I suggest. How can you make this boring idea interesting? How to make my strategy effective? How to gain success with women? If your first impulse is to solve the problem, rather than complain about it, everything will be fine.


10. Smile

the guy smiles at a girl

Smile is the best path to a positive lifestyle. Think about it: you smile when you’re happy, but after a little training you will be able to develop an inverse relationship. You can learn to be happy when they start to smile. A smile shows people that you’re enthusiastic and open. The smile is still contagious. When you smile at others, they find it hard to resist not to smile back.

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