10 ways to impress the boss

If you want to get promoted, one of the key people in this task — your boss. This is the person who can improve your working conditions, because he has control over everything that is going on in your organization. There are two ways to climb the corporate ladder. 1) You can perform the new duties to old positions (for example, to become the right hand of your local glavnyuka without changing this very post) or 2) You can move to another position. All of this can influence your boss. He gives you homework and special projects, and if it, in turn, will improve, he will be able to recommend a candidate to replace me. Not to say some generalities, we will give you some very specific advice. Most people in the workplace is not very tense, they just work and work. So, first, hard work. And, secondly, that our vaunted ten ways.

1. Perform tasks, which everyone forgets

vratiti barefoot

In the workplace there are always little things that nobody remembers they ever lose sight of — for example, to include a split-system or time off. We don’t offer you every morning to make coffee, but just to provide comfort in the workplace. Is it that easy? Learn, for example, to refill your printer. Yes step by step instructions and next time, when he has run out of toner, you don’t have to wait any wizard — you just roll up your sleeves and impress colleagues with his amazing skills.

2. Current innovations in your area


Even if you work in the field, which is not going to devote the rest of his life, you still need to know the trick. You do it every day — then you should be well versed in their profession. When you see some publication in the media that relates to your industry, share it with your team and with your boss. If you can demonstrate that you realize the industry’s place in the world, this will show your boss that you are very well aware of the whole picture, and he likes it.

3. Keep your workplace in order

how to impress the boss

It is important to strike a balance. On the one hand, your workplace should look really work, and not completely naked: you’re working with him. If your table is paper, it doesn’t mean you’re busy with chores. And if your whole table littered with papers, it still does not suggests that you work for. Yes, I know you need all these papers. But then there is a sense them to organize and lead in order to make it easy to work with them. If it’s really bad, scan them and translate into digital form. When you go to work, give a minute to clean the table. Just one minute.

4. Come early, leave later

how many come to work

Already anticipate your response: «who cares how much time I spend at work?! Most importantly, how productive I am doing my duty.» And so it is. Quality is definitely more important than quantity. You know what else is important? If you do quality work, a greater quantity Oh so welcome. No one invites you to linger for four hours. And it is not necessary: so you show that they cannot cope with the amount of work and not keeping up with others. Look at yourself from the perspective of the authorities: the two guys working day starts at nine. One of them comes to the office at 8:40 and the other at 8:59. The second type came to work, simply because need it. He followed the rules, Yes, but the boss knows that if not for the rule, this guy used to be late every day. And the first dude gives the impression of interest and for their own purposes. And it’s just 20 minutes of your time.

5. Read

what to read at work

We are not saying that we need to put feet on the table and read «Billboard». Let this be the book that relates to the work, take it in hand when you have a free minute. Positivi few pages when complete each task, and can more easily innovate. Do you work for? Well, not exactly. You evolve and become a more valuable specialist.

6. Well dressed

how to dress for work

I heard this: «Dress for the job you want, not the one you have?» No? So remember her! Look, how to dress like the guys on higher levels and get dressed as well. Even if you’re not trying to get promoted, but just want to stay on the job that you have now. If you want to create a good impression at work, take their appearance seriously. A carry strap that should have been put out to pasture a hundred years ago is not the best solution, so you just give the impression that you do not care. If you shave, do it every day. If you have a beard, keep an eye on her.

7. Save the company’s budget

how to save company budget

Ever wondered what is your company? To bring in the money. To bring your company more money — it’s your contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the company. How can a company get more money? 1. To make more money. 2. Spend less. You can influence the profit of the company and is very easy to reduce her expenses. Think on what the company can save, and notify the boss. Found fetching water at a lower price? Tell me! Perhaps the day will come, and the company will end up saved money to your paycheck.

8. Have a reasoned opinion

how to please the boss

It’s not that simple, but very important. Know your industry and the niche that is occupied by your company. Think about how to improve your position — realistic ideas that you and your team could implement. To have opinion is very important, and that a reasoned opinion — so this is uncommon. When you and your boss are discussing something one-on-one, have the courage to say «I disagree». Politely and honestly share information that you know, and their ideas for improving the company’s Affairs. If you share your thoughts (justified, mind you!), the boss will understand that you don’t just agree with everything in the line of duty. But if he knows you agree not always, your «I agree» will mean more to him.

9. Come to work prepared

as podgotovitel to work

If you are prepared to work at home, you’re on the right track. You should look prepared and stay on this wave until the end of the day. You should have all the information needed for this or that meeting. At least you have something to read, to deal with additional sources on the topic, which will bring you up to speed. Remember: promotion is always an additional responsibility and additional work. If you can’t cope with what you are charging now, it’s silly to think that you will trust more.

10. Show initiative

how to take the initiative

As we said at the beginning, most people are not very interested doing his job They simply seek recognition and serves a good worker. If you see a new project, participate in it. If you see that something needs to be done, Vizovice it. The more you do, the more risk you take. Fortune smiles on the brave. Because if you do well with your real responsibilities, take on new challenges is for the company. Let your boss know what you’re working on. He can take you this task, but your initiatives will not forget.

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