10 ways to distract a little from the routine

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2014_ohZeQ1cHiO7IpAfter you read this article, you will certainly be ahead of most of the day. And the yard Friday (maybe you will read it another day), but you still have time to work out how to relax and get the strength to finish this day, become a hero and go for the weekend? Reading this article can and should be every weekday, it was created to stimulate labor!

1. To loosen the grip

When we try to control every detail, we’re slipping in that we begin to lose patience and nerves. Life should be open and not strangled. So sometimes you have to release control, take a deep breath and cease to cause concern. The dust settles, and you can see the whole picture. For life don’t need to know where you are at every moment of time and what you do. A lot of things you can do on the machine, believe me, man!

2. Focus on «forward»

You can’t go back to where it was. Or where you think it was. You don’t need to control everything. The only thing you should control is a reaction to those things that are beyond our control. If during the day the ghosts of the past suddenly come out from all the cracks like change the status of your ex Vkontakte, know that is enough negativity from the past. And don’t tell me you’re just friends, do not believe! During the day, just try to concentrate on your beautiful and bright future. And don’t think about the past! Feel how good it feels?

In every life there is a positive or negative side. Your happiness, success and sustainability depend primarily on which aspects to focus on. The best thing you can do is to let go of what you cannot control.

3. Check delayed cases in the to do list

Each person has a list of things he needs to do for a certain period. Most people have a list of very vague and never recorded. But people who know how to control your life, keep it, if not blog, at least in the. txt file to your desktop. There is certainly a thing you have been planning, but were shelved for different reasons. The longer you postpone this, the more she begins to whine somewhere in the back of your brain. It’s time to do it, otherwise it will drive you crazy!

4. Spend some time doing what you love

When I cut out a free moment at work for a Cup of tea, for example, I will get distracted from the routine by reading books on the subject that I like. Or with the fact that you genuinely like. My friend, for example, interested in history and philosophy, so he occasionally read at work books on this topic during a break. This is the best way to relax your head. And body, which is strange.

5. Try something totally new

The problem is all that rampant, most people are afraid to change something. So the enslavement of the individual that they seriously afraid to try candy, different from what he usually eats. We are in the comfort zone, dude, how would sederhana it may sound. It is often difficult to try something new. When I first began to get involved in sports, and for me this was unusual because the school workload is one thing, but the rod and the exercise equipment is another. There are areas interesting hobby, the existence of which we do not even suspect, until they become fashionable.

Diversity gives meaning to our lives when you realize that you found something new you really becomes much more fun and easier to live.

6. Help one person smile

There is no greater joy in addition to many joys (I shouldn’t have written this pathetic phrase), than to make someone smile. Don’t wait for people to smile, smile forward. Do something good or just joke about it good-naturedly.

Any positive impact on the lives of others — a positive impact on my life. Selfish really!

7. Spend time with people that improve you

We can every day to make new friends, and certainly among them there are travelers that fundamentally improves us. It’s a positive or nice people, or those people who have a lot to learn. It will be those people that will destroy your interior walls, which will be a pleasant part of your life and that will positively affect you in the future. Do not forget about their existence. There are people who come into our lives to reveal our layers, which we never knew existed. In the future they may be gone forever, but their influence will remain.

8. Think about the nice moments in life

You’ve certainly earned a few moments in life to think about how to equip Russia, or how to make all good, or to do well himself. We should also think about what in your life is going nice, because it certainly is, right? Instead of worrying about what you don’t, it makes sense to think about what you have. We take for granted everything that we have always been, while other people can be deprived of it. In some ways this is to remember. Even if you don’t want to be thankful, remember about their reserves, at least sometimes.

9. Give yourself a little time for yourself»

We’re in a constant struggle for life. We all need something to overcome, otherwise it is something that will cause us defeat after defeat. But in the depths of the events makes sense to set aside some time for yourself to reflect about things, think about family and about the new GTA. It is excellent to do in the toilet, if you know what I mean. Say nothing, think quietly, do not think, and just breathe deeply. Why is it necessary? Understand man, to understand what you want in life. To understand who you are, where you’re going and what you need to do.

10. Any right now and right here

Enough of a lack of presence. During the day you often feel that you don’t, you disappeared! Away sadness! Don’t let life slip past you! You can’t stop the future and scroll past. And it is a reason to stay? Now is all we truly have. Because right now is life.

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