10 ways to become an adult

Welcome to the world of work, mortgages, financial crises, futility of the diploma, a serious relationship and cheap lunch – welcome to the adult world! Didn’t expect it to be so difficult? I thought that the fountain of money that relatives give you be eternal? Well, it’s time to finally grow up. And the sooner, the better for you. Start with the basics, and then see what happens.

1. A healthy approach to grocery shopping

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2016_wUP1TYO0P6kTsStart to face this problem in the first month separate from the family nest to exist. The habit of buying all sorts of rubbish that does not satisfy hunger, but satisfies the need for nonsense. As an adult, you have to plan your meals before going to the store. Most importantly, there should be food waste. Because every food that goes in the trash – a waste of money.

2. Clothing man and not a boy

Bought a couple of suits, not more. They just need to be in your wardrobe. The main thing that the suit looked good on you, and about the brand to worry about in the first years of independence is not worth it – your last chance to buy something cool. Learn to choose clothes in height, style and price. Don’t forget about the shoes for business meetings and a set of shirts.

3. At work work

Do not sit in social networks, not dumb for the monitor, do not wipe the pants. You have to work to prove yourself as a reliable person who is worthy of higher wages and career growth. If you screwed up, you don’t get in a stupor, and set up a meeting with the boss to clarify the situation, to explain the reasons and apologize. Your actions at work always speak for you, so you treat it seriously, otherwise you’ll get fired.

4. Pay off debt and start saving

Any salary gives impulse to the instant waste, especially if you’re not used to stretch the money for the whole month. You will have to change its financial policy, forget about their habits. If you have debts, their payment. Nothing’s going to happen if you live a couple of months on the beans, and then start saving. The sooner you get adequately suited to their savings, the sooner you learn how to properly invest their money, increasing their savings and the amount of nice pieces in the apartment.

5. Invest money

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2016_FcS9BE4ukySstAgain, it’s in managing their financial flows. If you’ve learned to save, then the next logical step is investing. To invest money at a young age. It will be nice if you could turn your hobby into a profitable business. Slowly develop your business, whatever it was, or invest in projects of people I trust.

6. Find out how to break up with a girl

An important skill, which shows your maturity. First of all you should understand that a normal relationship has ended and need to move on. Well, when you know how to gently terminate your relationship with the girl, without descending to baseness and without provoking a girlfriend in hysterics. Learn, buddy, you need this.

7. Warehouses budget

We are all about the money and about the money, but what can you do? They are really important in adult life. Start to record all expenses and income, record the difference, debt, obligatory payments, and more. Delay from each paycheck 20% in the box, from which you will borrow money only in order to rise financially above (osprey money and spend it on the opening of the bar, for example). Even if you are okay with the salary, please don’t hesitate to budgeting.

8. The people who work for you

Yours should have them. You should know in the face of his doctor, tailor, plumber and even Deputy. These people, in essence, will serve you your whole life, keep good relations with them. Included in this list of his colleagues, friends and neighbors – they can help you, too. Don’t turn it on yourself.

9. Update your résumé and email address

Well try to make a summary, according to all rules and canons. This will help you in employment. It is better to make new Inbox. We all wrote stuff to their email addresses, but not every employer will appreciate the contact iwantMILF69@gmail.com. Even the little things can play a significant role for employment. It’s the same with personal pages on social networks: it is better to clean out some dirt that is understandable to your friends, but do not understand the rest of the world.

10. Stop making impulsive actions

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2016_R2r9SXVLgVFUjI like to buy different stuff from Aliexpress, when drunk on the weekend? Such practices, Mr. Stanhope, but he can afford it and you’re not. Large purchases should not be based on feelings and impulse. Before you make a major move, well think about it. And it’s not just in stores, but in any serious business, which at first glance seems easy. Analyze risks, assess their consumer ability, prognozarea the consequences of adult life does not entitle you to the error.

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