10 ways to be a good person

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_LNHw5mjmZeQr4To be a good person — a great deal. Even your biggest enemy will reluctantly admit that «in principle, this bro is a good guy». Out loud he may be, do not say, but about myself. A good person is someone who constantly sit on the neck, they are two different people. In the first case, you’re admired, but in the second quietly despise. So as to be in the Board, good bro, whom everyone respects?

1. Care about people

In this case, we do not mean to take care of all the people, most of whom do not want. If you care about who you love, and to know this measure, then you will have honor and praise. Do not forget that all the resources that we have come back to us in full when we make proper investments in other people. The old proverb «do Not have hundred rubles, rather have hundred friends» has a Mercantile Foundation: when you need money, one hundred friends will throw you a ruble, and you will have a hundred rubles.

Sense to help other people I cannot see: you can’t help everyone. In addition, patrons have a chance to become righteous, without which the village can not stand, and whose thin neck sitting all and Sundry. Focus on the help of a small circle of trusted individuals, they will be able to appreciate you for the dignity.

2. Genuinely interested in other people

Here everything is quite simple. If you have dear people, it makes sense to be interested in them; if in your environment there are people who frankly do not pretend that you are sincerely interested in them: let it, and politely but makes no sense. Falsehood can easily be sensed in his voice and actions. Unnecessary people do not need good people, and good people will not dissemble, it is somehow not to face.

3. Live the truth

As much as it resembled the statements of Bodrov «Brother». If you’re a hypocrite with other people, you’re doing them a disservice. It is impossible to get close to some man when you wear the mask of another person, it is difficult to unite with those whom you genuinely don’t know. Try not to lie unnecessarily, but not outright rude in the face. To confuse honesty and rudeness are somehow unworthy of someone sincerely is good. Be honest with yourself and others, because how can they be called friends if you lie to them? Think about it, friend!

4. An inspiration to other people

In our soul, in the cauldron boil a lot of emotions that need to send to someone. So why not send them to your loved ones? I mean the positive, not the various negative emotions which you had at work and in other places. If you have a loved one who is currently a project, support it, only earnestly beseech you, otherwise you’ll be a good man, and will be hypocritical, active, and pain in the right bore.

5. Any incredibly positive

As it so happened, that in General optimists are better than pessimists, even if they are compulsively positive dudes. For this reason, good guys call it those who is an abyss of positivity and fun, even if sometimes they go too far. So positive and generous man to be much better than complex and pessimistic. It once more comes to you.

6. To fulfill their promises in relation to himself in relation to other people

To the dude who keeps his word, even the last goat will be treated with dignity. But keeping your word should not only about others but about ourselves. The fact that your positive manner will be beneficial to your words depending on your actions. If you promised to quit drinking on Saturday or start to lose weight on Thursday, please do it, people do not like empty chatter. Of course, the first few times you forgive — we are all human, really, but when you will once again declare that you marry this woman in a month, and then will immediately begin to quit, then your light image will be tarnished.

A good man keeps his word, given how close and any other people. Take his word back once or twice… in my life. But it was an emergency! Unrestrained promise no matter who: child, family, random guy — not going to make you a positive character. Loved ones can understand (the first couple of times), but «distant» and the child will remember and will not forgive.

7. Have the courage to say what you think

Sometimes we are afraid to offend someone. Sometimes we can say something not like in any society. But a good man can afford to say what he really thinks, trying not to offend the interlocutor. Of course, you should understand what to say and what to remain silent, also do not confuse rudeness and honesty. If you show yourself an honest straight person, the number of people who will think you’re a good guy, will increase noticeably. In fact, to speak directly from the heart is a rare gift brave man.

8. Learn to Express my sincere appreciation to those who deserve it

Of course, every bro there are people that he truly obliged for all the support and life lessons. These Bros deserve your attention and respect, but don’t think that the open statement that these people you are really expensive — girl. There is nothing shameful in what you tell your coach as appreciate it for the program that you made, no. There is nothing shameful in what you say old friend as it is appreciated, also. To Express my gratitude also need to be able to.

9. Apologize when you know you should

If you did something wrong, the man’s act and at the same time sounds like a good man to admit and apologize. For some reason many bro seriously believe that men don’t dance and don’t apologize. This is complete nonsense! Man is the one who has the balls to something to recognize, to realize and to do. To a good man that does too.

10. Take care of yourself first

There is an inverse relationship between a good attitude and respect to people in General. If you do not love yourself, the most important thing for a human being, it is unlikely that you could love anyone else as sincerely and directly. If you can dazzle yourself with pleasant in all respects wide soul the person, then you will have our eternal respect, and if you still love yourself, then others will be nice. Magic live!

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