10 ways to be a gentleman in the gym

the gym

Many men, crossing the threshold of the gym, forget about good manners. May be to blame testosterone or awareness of their own physical strength, which covers you during a workout. However, in those moments when you nurture your original nature, it is not necessary to behave like an animal. Good gyms should be for beginners introductory lesson on etiquette, but no one does. Today we will tell you about the rules of etiquette in the gym that may and must know every self-respecting bro. To follow them, there is nothing difficult: you see this when you try it yourself.

1. Was the weight in place. Imagine that you ate and left the dirty dishes on the table. Do you do that? Well, maybe you do, but trust me: it’s absolutely not like those with whom you live. In the gym, like at home, there’s a simple rule: get over yourself. Out of respect for the dudes that will carry weight after you put it on the stand and do it right. Most dudes hate when a 10-pound pancake is among 20-pound. Already tensed up a bit and put the shell back where he belongs.

2. Don’t take the car for a long time. Came — do what you need — go to the next trainer. The gym is a public place, nothing here you don’t belong, all use the machines in turn. And no, you can take a trainer, just placing it on the towel. The only time it’s hard not to take the machine for too long — if you do some sort of challenging course. But from this situation there is a solution: just tell the dude that came after you for the vacant trainer that you’ll be back soon to take another approach.

3. Don’t be shy to ask bro you need a spot. If you push a lot of weight, you just will need insurance. First, it is a safety issue. Secondly, you’ll look like an idiot, trying to cope with huge weights alone if you’re going to be very difficult.

safety net rod

4. Do not stand over the soul. All annoyed when someone takes too long to the trainer, but that annoying bro even more is when some dude stands over him, when he had finished his set. These passive-aggressive assholes like a sign that they want you to leave. If you want to do on any car, wait till the dude that uses it, finishes their set and then come and ask for available simulator.

5. Wipe the simulator after you used it. All bro if you think that this request is not one of them, and in fact in many venues even have special signs-reminder! If you train hard, you sweat — this is normal. But if you please, wipe the simulator with a towel, it’s quite simple. Think about it: you would hate to sit after someone with sweaty the exerciser.

6. Don’t drop the weight. When you’re done, for example, squat with weight, just put him as a normal person, and don’t drop with all the dope. First, it is dangerous: it can land on someone’s leg or arm. Secondly, it is harmful also to the equipment and floor. Let your gym rubber flooring though, if you’re constantly just dumping the weight, you can damage them. And last, it’s distracting. Dropping weight is booming, and it interferes with other dudes.

7. Stay away from the girls. The gym not a bar. You’re here to do — exactly the same as girls. It is not necessary sticking to them. Most girls do not feel attractive during a workout: sweat, blush, they can deteriorate hair, but because they are not configured in a romantic mood. And if the girl looks sweaty and tired, and besides, she has beautiful hairstyle and perfect make-up, still stay away from the dude: why do you have a friend who is looking for adventure in the gym?

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8. Do not go with advice when nobody asked. Even if you wrote a doctorate about sports nutrition and exercise, who cares? Nobody cares what you personally think about how to pump up the banks. Only if you ask for advice or if anyone is really threatened by the danger of injury, you can intervene and to demonstrate in all its glory the knowledge that is stored in your skull.

9. Leave your cell phone in the car. One of the most unpleasant spectacles is to see a man shouting into a mobile phone while walking on the treadmill. Usually this sin of women, but trust me, I’ve seen doing this and men. I’ll tell you that they don’t look very manly: not very nice to see on the simulator the guy with a missing eye that is not focused on how to strengthen and develop your body (and why on earth did he come here? to talk on the phone?).

10. Don’t have on girls ‘ simulators. Never and for that you can’t be seen with the trainer, it activates the internal and external part of thighs!