10 ways to avoid negativity at work


Us since childhood, drummed into the head of false installation: that the work may be a joy, otherwise it would be called work. You resisted and by his example, wanted to prove the opposite, but lost. Now working in his office and sharpen all teeth 8, 9, 10 hours until you come home and wouldn’t go off on the girl live. Sucks to be you. But remember when it all started. Where went all this negativity? Do you hate to do work and not your own habit thirst for negativity, which you so stubbornly produced lately?

Steven parton, a clever philosopher and not a stupid scientist, found that every complaint leads to negative emotions that can have long-term consequences for the brain. He says: «If you’re always complaining about the debasement of their own strength, then you really don’t think that you have the power to change something. And thus, you never change».

In other words, have a positive attitude at work is important in the context of your life, and not just within one working day. How to keep a positive attitude and how to get rid of the negativity? This will cover a bit below.

1 Avoid office «Game of Thrones» to Take part in the intrigue is fun, bold and low. So you will face any team. Somebody does not like a colleague, someone superior, someone you. People do not know how to live friendly staff. It is human nature, there’s nothing you won’t do. However, if you contribute to the injection process of interpersonal relations, if you contribute to the conflict, then be prepared that the blast would hurt you. So always stay away from all of this.

Notice any problems? Talk about them directly, nothing on the lunch spread rumors. No one hears your fair claims? It’s bad, but try to work better and distance myself from negativity, if you want to stay in his place. Intrigue — the case of low men (not midgets, but you understand).

2 Be positive in the office

I think that advice is stupid and banal? That may be so. But this is one of the most effective tips. And do not need to be a genius in order to imitate him. Just focus on positive emotions, positive dynamics and success. Can at lunchtime to tell jokes, but when jokes are not able, it is better not to say anything. The point is to forget about the negativity that is happening and think only good thoughts. We do not recommend to do this always and everywhere, but in working hours it will be helpful. 3 Stay positive in social networks, Most people add «friends» to his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. When you do that, you should keep in mind that you can regularly evaluate the Supreme court. If you’re one of those people who constantly complain on social networks in the world, injustice, government, and private life, then think about what image is created in the minds of your colleagues. So it is better not to share your social pages, and if I added someone to friends, watch what you write, after you watch.

4 Maintain eye contact during a conversation


When you have a meeting, or you communicate with your colleagues, you should not ignore the subject. This behavior, which resembles the behavior of a stranger listener, you’re showing disrespect to the interlocutor. When this happens, you automatically provoke the release of negative slop on his life. Try to maintain eye contact, be an active listener and participate in the conversation.

5 the praise of colleagues Always congratulate their colleagues for a job well done. If you raised him instead of you, then shake his hand and wished him good luck. Envy is the devil’s plaything, first. Secondly, when you receive the award himself, don’t forget to praise the people who helped you achieve it. It is not servility, but a method by which your body will radiate positive energy — it will be easier to work with.

6 Be a teacher

If there is downtime, use this time productively — to read books, listen to podcasts, that are somehow connected with your work. Find information which will be useful for you and your colleagues. Well all learn and most importantly — share this information with colleagues. Thus you show that you are a step further them, but you can also give good advice on work. You such a guru of the team, to which all will come for advice. 7 resistant to criticism Is important, because criticism is inevitable. And everyone will have to deal with it, if not deliberately, then at least internally. The problem is that the criticism may not always be justified. Terrible shame, when you’re sure work is good, and you say the opposite. But let’s be honest with each other — the most common criticism hits the bull’s-eye. If so, then take it, try to correct the mistakes and move on. This position will save your nerves.

8 Adapt to changes


Safe havens in this world does not exist, everything changes. Your task is to adapt to changes to survive. In a career doing things that way. Your co-workers get fired because they can’t cope with the new conditions? Upgrade your workflow, without archaisms and take adopt things that seemed stupid to you new-fangled and unnecessary, because they usually replace all old and obsolete.

But in order to develop their adaptation skills, you need to follow the trends of their profession. Separately suggest to read the foreign press. Even if you’re a plumber, then you will be useful to know what’s up with the Japanese, and how it will help in your work.

9 Lone wolf is a dead wolf Spend time with colleagues, be outgoing and friendly. We already wrote about the fact that the commandment to «divide the work» in modern conditions is bad. The best option would be to find among colleagues, friends walking together to the bar and to establish trust. This will help to improve the psychological work environment. Besides, you will acquire allies.

10 Only professional correspondence

When social networks, instant messengers and other pleasures of the information society has swallowed your working relationship, then great was the temptation to write something angry about your colleagues, boss or competitor. But you have to be a professional. Only business correspondence — no more, no less. Don’t let emotions cloud your mind and ruin a career. Of course, some things need to Express, but we recommend you wait 24 hours before sending an angry message. With a probability of 99%, soon you will receive a letter straight into the trash.

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